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How do I receive my tickets?

When you buy tickets online, a confirmation email of your tickets will be sent to you. Your ticket will also instantly show in your online account, under "My Tickets".

If you sign up to be a Star Supporter, your monthly tickets will be sent via email or mail, depending on preference.

I live overseas; can I buy a lottery ticket?

Generally, yes, if you live overseas you can also buy tickets provided you meet the entry criteria of each draw and you are permitted to do so under your local laws. We're unable to advise on the eligibility of an overseas jurisdiction; we recommend contacting your local gaming regulator for advice.   

Most Prize Home winner packages include $10,000 in the form of gold bullion which would cover most travel and accommodation costs along with any other house-related expenses such as rates and water.

However, we must advise all overseas winners to consult with a solicitor specializing in Australian property law.

Please note all prize and ticket values are listed in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Can I choose my own ticket numbers?

Ticket numbers are automatically generated by our lottery system. Due to this, specific ticket numbers cannot be chosen.

Rest assured, every ticket has the same great odds of winning!


Are prize homes built or purchased by Endeavour Foundation Lotteries?

The majority of Endeavour Foundation Lotteries prize homes are purchased ready-built, with one or two homes newly built each year. Only those ready-built homes that meet our quality criteria are purchased.

What are the opening times of your prize homes?

You are very welcome to visit our prize homes.

Always check the open dates and times on the lottery page as these may vary from time to time, but generally, we're open from 10 am until 5 pm (QLD time) 7 days a week. Please note that we are closed on Christmas Day, Good Friday 3 April and Anzac Day until 1 pm.

If I win, can I move in straight away?


When you come to collect your prize, you will be met by the Endeavour Lotteries team who will take you to your home and officially hand over the keys. You can then move in immediately while we arrange the transfer of the title.

If I win, can I take cash instead of the house?

Unfortunately, we are prohibited from substituting cash for the prize home under the laws of the QLD Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act.

If I win the first prize and do not wish to live in the property, what are my alternatives?

You have a number of options: sell it, add it to your investment portfolio, or rent it out and gain a rental income.

Regardless of which option you choose, winning first prize will change your life! Sound good? Check out our latest Prize Home below.

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What costs are covered in terms of rates, insurance and so on?

For most Prize Homes we run, $5,000 cashable gold is provided to cover rates and charges issued by the local council and the water and sewerage access fee for the first 12 months. An additional $5,000 in gold bullion is included for travel fees.

We advise all winners to organise home and contents insurance from the day of handover and will supply all the necessary information for you to provide to your chosen insurance company.

Why are you no longer doing Ultimate Life Changer Lotteries?

We have retired the Ultimate Life Changer Lottery in favour of the new $200k Pay Day Lottery. After speaking with many supporters, our research highlighted a lottery with great odds was what our supporters were looking for.

So, we’ve introduced the Pay Day Lottery, which offers similar prizes to the Ultimate Life Changer Lottery but with much greater odds - very limited tickets - and even better, it's only $5 to enter.

What is the $200K Pay Day Lottery?

The $200K Pay Day Lottery is held multiple times throughout the year and offers the winner a choice between two prizes worth $200,000. It could be a choice between a car, caravan, luxury holidays or gold bullion.

It's limited to a maximum of 200,000 tickets and tickets are just $5 each. Check it out below!

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