Past Draw
Drawn 26/10/2023
Lottery #203 - Win a $200K Pay Day!

Win a $200K Pay Day!

No. 203
Drawn: 26 October 2023

Final Hours. Limited Tickets. Great Odds.

Choose between TWO prize options in our $200K Pay Day Lottery #203, which one will you choose?

Option 1: $200,000 in cashable Gold Bullion. It is life-changing! Imagine the possibilities; a deposit on a new home, paying off your debt, buying your dream car - it's your pay day, your way.

Option 2: A BMW i4 M50 - fully-electric M Model Car + $47,630 in Gold Bullion! In a class of its very own with its sporty performance, impressive large range, luxurious amount of space, intelligent connectivity, and a remarkable level of everyday practicality.

With only 200,000 tickets available, your chance of winning has never looked better. Turn one $5 ticket into $200,000 Pay Day.

Pay Day Lottery #203 Closes: 10 pm AEST Thursday 19 October 2023
Pay Day Lottery #203 Drawn: 11 am AEST Thursday 26 October 2023

With limited tickets available, at only $5 each, these are our best odds ever!

If you would like further information or wish to purchase tickets over the phone, please call our friendly support team on 1800 63 40 40.

WIN $200,000 IN GOLD BULLION | No matter what your dreams are, $200,000 in cashable Gold Bullion will definitely contribute towards making your possibilities a reality! How would you spend your life-changing $200K? Would you:

  • Put it towards your mortgage or as a deposit on a home
  • Live the nomad life and travel around Australia
  • Enjoy the freedom and pay off your debt
  • Invest to grow your wealth
  • Start your own business
  • The choice is yours!
$200,000 in cashable gold bullion to spend as you choose!

WIN A BMW i4 M50 ELECTRIC CAR | Experience the adrenaline charged electric driving dynamics complimented with all-round everyday practicality. Produced with 100% Green Energy, this first fully-electric M Model is THE ULIMATE DRIVING MACHINE.

Experience the M Technology Package: 19" M light alloy wheels double-sport style 861 M Sport tyres, and brakes on the front reinforced axle.

  • Experience 795Nm of torque
  • Experience 400kW of performance, with 0 - 100km/h in 3.9 sec
  • Experience charging at home, on the road or even at work (from 10% - 80% in just 31min at a high-power charging station)
  • Experience the impressive charging performance, recharge 140km of range in only 10 minutes
  • Experience two BMW M eDrive engines with intelligent all-wheel drive BMW xDrive technology
  • Experience up to 465km of range with zero local CO2 emissions
  • Experience Adaptive M Suspension, variable Sport Steering and M Sport Brakes
  • Experience the expressive sound powered by BMW IconicSounds Electric
  • Experience the joy of electric driving
Includes $47,630 in Gold Bullion

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