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$26K ‘Fun Money’ sees winner way out in front

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‘Fun Money Friday’ winner, Lee, has done the math, and even after having been an Endeavour Foundation Star Supporter for a couple of years now, he’s well and truly ahead with his $26,000 prize.

“I’m 23 years in front,” the Tasmanian laughed. 

“I could keep buying tickets for another 23 years and I won’t have lost a cent, so yeah, another 23 years of support,” Lee smiled. 

Putting the ‘yay’ into ‘Fri-yay’, Fun Money Friday, gives Star Supporters, like Lee, the chance of having $500 deposited into their bank account, every Friday, for an entire year.

For Lee, the weekly windfall has proven to be the perfect prize.

“You can look at it both ways – if you get 26 grand in a lump sum, you’d probably blow it a bit quicker,” Lee said.

“But with the 500 dollars coming in each week, you tend not to think, “Let’s go on a holiday”, so I’ve probably found it better this way because I haven’t wasted it.

“It’s been a great little security blanket.

“The credit card is gone, and we’ve paid off a few extra renovations we wanted done around the house, so it has come in really, really handy,” he said. 

“I’m pretty tight with money, so I spend it all on renovations. We’ve been renovating for about four years, and I’ve got a couple of properties as well, so I’ve been doing them up too.

“It’s been good because I haven’t had to put things off for a month or two until we have the money. 

“I know I’ve got a thousand bucks coming in over the next fortnight so there’s your materials paid for – I’ve caught up on the reno a fair bit, so it’s been bloody brilliant.

“The only thing I’m dreading is when it runs out!” Lee laughed.

A former lotto lover, Lee made the switch to supporting Endeavour Foundation a couple of years ago after deciding the odds of winning were better.

“I was spending $25 a week on other Lottos and that was only for a million-dollar first prize.  

Then I saw Endeavour Foundation on TV and I thought that might be a bit easier to win rather than being one in ten million in lotto,” he said.

“So, I decided to try this and at least if I don’t win, I know it’s going to a good cause.” 

Keen to give himself as many chances as possible to win, Lee has also been known to ‘supplement’ his Star Supporter tickets with a bundle or two of extra tickets when he’s feeling lucky. 

“If I’ve got a bit of extra money in the bank, sometimes I’ll get an extra $150 worth. I don’t gamble so this is my little bit of fun,” he said.

“I’m all about charities so I like doing it.”

While Lee is delighted to have $500 of Fun Money rolling in every week, he still wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to win a Prize Home.   

“I think to myself, if I won the house, what would I do? I might keep it for twelve months then sell it off. 

“You might go up there and spend a bit of time and say to your friends if you want to go on holiday get in now before I sell it.” 

Given that he’s already seen a very substantial return on his investment, Lee reckons trying his luck with Endeavour Foundation was a good decision.

He’s just hoping that not too many others cotton on so he can keep the odds in his favour. 

“I don’t want too many Star Supporters to compete with,” he joked.

“No, I’d say don’t hesitate because you know it’s going to go to a good cause… 

“But maybe just donate your money and say you don’t want any tickets,” he said with a wink.

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