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$60K Instant Pay Rise surprise for this hopeful Star Supporter

Endeavour Lotteries Star Supporter

Star Supporter, Sonia, from Brisbane, got the surprise of her life when she found out she’d won an Endeavour Foundation lottery bonus draw she hadn’t known she was entered into. 

“I didn't realise that being a Star Supporter gave you extra benefits like going into the draw for these bonus prizes,” Sonia said.

The bonus prize draw Sonia won was a $60,000 ‘Instant Pay Rise’ – exclusively for Endeavour Foundation Star Supporters – which sees $5,000 deposited into the winner’s bank account every month for an entire year. 

“It's not until that first $5,000 hits your account that you just think, “Oh my God, it's real!” Sonia laughed.

“I've been a subscriber for quite a while and it's one of those things where you just set and forget, and you hope at some point that you're going to get the magic phone call that you've won the big prize.” 

While Sonia’s phone call wasn’t to tell her that she’d won the big one – a Prize Home – she was over the moon with the news she received from the lotteries team at Endeavour HQ.  

“I remember getting the phone call – quite vividly, because I didn't quite believe it.” 

“I was working from home that day and I rushed upstairs, and put the phone on speaker and said, “Do you mind saying that again in front of my husband just so I know I'm not dreaming.” 

“He was just looking at me – he couldn't believe it either – and I think we both started tearing up,” she laughed.  

Having the $60,000 prize delivered in monthly $5K instalments has been a blessing for Sonia’s family, giving them time to work out the best way to spend it to really make it count. 

“It's been absolutely a godsend to have that additional amount coming into the house every month, which has enabled us to do a lot of things,” she said. 

“It's definitely been something that we've been trying to do something extra with. 

“We've got two teenage boys and one graduated school last year, so it just gave us the freedom to do the things that we would want to do for him as he was graduating, like helping buy his first car. 

“There’s also been a few things around the house that we've been chipping away at since we've been here, but we've been able to finally finish them off.

“And we've been able to help my mum and dad out with a few things too without putting any extra pressure on us financially.

“We also wanted a few luxuries like a long weekend away, and if we didn't have this money coming in, we wouldn't have been able to do it. 

“So, it helps you plan and get excited and gives you something to look forward to,” she said. 

And to make sure not a cent of their amazing windfall has been wasted, Sonya has kept track of every dollar coming in…and going out.

“I'm a bit of a planner so I’ve been tracking the money coming in and I've also been taking a note of what we've spent it on because I wanted to be able to go, “Oh yeah, that's right, we wouldn't have had this if it wasn't for the win”,” she said.

“I like the satisfaction of knowing this is what this money has enabled us to do, and it makes me feel like we haven't wasted it.” 

And while Sonia and her family carefully consider how to spend each installment, the prize money is doing double-duty helping to reduce their mortgage. 

“I've put it into a separate account with its own balance, but it still offsets our home loan so we're getting the benefit of that as well while we're figuring out what we want to do with it. 

“We’ve had about $45,000 so far and I'm pleased because I think we've done everything that we've really wanted to do. 

“Now, everything that comes through we're going to put in an emergency fund and keep offsetting the mortgage to reduce the interest. 

“Then if we have any unexpected bills come in, we've got a little bit of a buffer. 

“We've been the sort of family that work hard and we're great at paying things off, but we're not great at having much in reserve,” she said.  

But thanks to Sonia’s pay rise, all of that has changed. 

“It’s certainly given us some much-needed breathing space when it comes to the cost of living, and the mortgage, and all that fun stuff,” she laughed. 

“We haven't been in the position to have that before so it's great.” 

Sonia has been a longtime believer in the role Endeavour Foundation plays in the community and understands firsthand the need for more services for people with disability.

“I have two nephews who have special needs and will likely need some sort of assistance in the future into adulthood, and I know places like Endeavor Foundation make a difference,” she said.

“I think, if nothing else, my money is going towards a good cause and hopefully the gods will shine down on me one day and I might win a house!

“I remember jokingly saying to somebody at work that I'm destined to win one,” Sonia laughed.

“I usually take note of when the draw is happening so I can make sure I'm keeping an eye on my phone and putting positive vibes out into the universe.” 

Sonia also knows that one of the many advantages of being a Star Supporter, is that she’s providing support that Endeavour Foundation can count on. 

“I think it's about giving a commitment to the charity plus, for me, it keeps the hope alive,” she laughed. 

“And, of course, you have these surprise draws that you don't even realise you're eligible for!” she added smiling. 

“When you look at the ‘in between’ draws besides the major ones, there’s quite a few!” 

“Whether it's $5000, or the $60,000 we were lucky enough to get, it all makes a difference.” 

“Winning just takes a bit of pressure off the family budget, and it's a small investment every month to have that hope. 

“You’ve got to have hope about something, don't you?” 

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