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7 Ways to Smash Your Exercise Goals at Home

Exercise Goals at Home

So, if you clicked the link and you’re reading this, congrats, you’ve taken the first step. Not only have you burned a calorie but by the looks of it you’re interested in burning more.

If you’re keen to set up an exercise regime at home, but not sure where to start, we’ve put together a few suggestions for how you can work up a sweat on your home turf without having to head to the gym.

But first, what’s so good about working out at home?

A sweaty gym isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun place to hang out. Depending on the set up at your place, home might be a more appealing option (and a lot less smelly). If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space like our Buderim Prize Home, you’ll have the perfect location to start working out in paradise. Plus, when you’re living in the heart of the Sunshine Coast – just 15 minutes from the beach – you can’t help but be inspired by the healthy, outdoorsy vibe.

Imagine having an outdoor space like this for working out.
Imagine having an outdoor space like this for working out.

Training at home will also mean that you’ll be able to make the most of every minute you have available (rather than wasting time in the car driving from A to B). You could use the time to hit snooze one more time before dragging yourself out of bed, or you could add those extra minutes to your exercise time for an even better workout.

For those with young kids, training at home might be the only practical option. You’ll have the freedom to squeeze in a workout when the kids are asleep, or you could even include them in your training (although you’ll need a sense of humour and patience for this option.) Your kids will love seeing you ‘working it’, and you can feel good knowing you’re helping to set them up with healthy habits for life.

You’ll also save money. Training at home is a low-cost way to get fit and that means no more donations to the local gym. Woohoo!

Last but not least, if you’re just starting out and looking for a bit of privacy while you’re sweating bullets, home makes the perfect exercise haven.

The good news is, it’s never been easier to take control of your own fitness journey. With an endless array of training apps available online and activity trackers like the Fitbit, you can do your own thing while still enjoying some structure and accountability.

“But I don’t have any exercise equipment at home?” we hear you say.

The truth is, you don’t actually need specific exercise equipment to train at home. Damn, there goes that excuse.

You can either work out with nothing more than your bodyweight and a few household items, or you can invest in a few inexpensive pieces of equipment that will enhance your workouts. We don’t mean a full home gym that will end up on Gumtree in a few months’ time. We’re talking more along the lines of some hand weights, a kettle bell, or a couple of exercise bands that will help to up the intensity and keep things interesting.

Remember, what matters most is that you move your body every day and have fun doing it. Choose activities that you enjoy and you’re much more likely to stick with it. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Start a daily yoga practice

Needing nothing more than a yoga mat, this ancient movement is the perfect exercise to do at home. What better way to start your day than to spread out your mat and salute the sun each morning. The spectacular deck of our Buderim Prize Home is the perfect place to start your practice. And if you’re the winner of this amazing home, it will be impossible not to have a heart filled with gratitude.

Begin a daily yoga ritual and you will feel the benefits in your body and mind. To help get you started, you could subscribe to a yoga channel for daily videos, download an app, or simply pick up a second-hand book that will take you through the basic postures.

What better way to start the day than to salute the sun each morning?
What better way to start the day than to salute the sun each morning?

2. Get functionally fit

Championed by the CrossFit phenomenon, functional fitness is a type of training that prepares the body for real-life movements like squatting, reaching, pulling, jumping and lifting. It sounds pretty easy but after a few rounds of box jumps you might be thinking otherwise.

Look online for workouts you can do at home incorporating things you can easily find around the house like a stool or a rope.

3. Jump into fitness

Not just for kids, the humble backyard trampoline is a fantastic tool for getting fit. Regular jumping offers a long list of health benefits including improved cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle strength (particularly in your legs and core), improved balance and coordination, better circulation, and even improved bone density. It’s also lots of fun which means it’s great for your mood as well. While some people worry about the risks of being injured on a trampoline, this can be greatly reduced if the trampoline is set into the ground like the one at our Buderim Prize Home.

Jumping on an in-ground trampoline like the one at our Buderim Prize Home is a fun way to get fit.

4. Create your own ninja course

This is one for the whole family. Set up a course around the yard inspired by the Ninja Warriors you’ve seen on TV. It could be as simple as jumping from hoop to hoop or tyre to tyre, commando crawling under ropes or balancing along a log or slackline. If you have a tree with a high branch or even a high-set house you could set up a rope climb too.

Installing a set of monkey bars or even a chin up bar could be a fantastic investment in your family’s health. You could even check out the ninja slackline kits that are available where outdoor play equipment is sold. The options are endless, but the main thing is that you’re outside and getting active. You’ll be having so much fun you won’t even realise that you’re exercising.

5. Incorporate weight training

It’s widely recognised that weight training can assist with improving bone density and even helping you burn fat for longer after your workout. If you’re exercising at home you can incorporate weights into your training with the use of hand weights, a medicine ball or even a kettle bell. Talk to your local sports store about your options and get ready to flex those muscles.

Training with a kettlebell is a great way to add resistance to your workout.

6. Pilates

A favourite with celebrities around the world looking to tone up and develop killer abs, Pilates is a great option for a home workout. It will help to increase your core strength, improve your flexibility, all while burning calories and building cardiovascular endurance. You can exercise without any equipment at all or set yourself up with a few key items to get the most out of your session.

Here’s what you need to create your own portable Pilates studio:

  • A fitness mat (if you already have a yoga mat that is perfect)
  • An exercise ball (check the packaging for the correct size for your height)
  • A mini Pilates ball
  • Resistance bands

7. Swimming

If you have a sparkling pool in your backyard, swimming is a great option for cardio training and muscle-toning. But if you don’t have one out the back, don’t worry. Enter the draw to win our Buderim Prize Home and you could soon be the owner of a glorious, resort-style pool with a view. For those with joint problems like dodgy knees, swimming is one of the few exercises you can do that is low impact but still high intensity. (Of course, check with your doctor to see if swimming is appropriate for your situation.)

Smashing out a few laps over summer could possibly be one of the nicest and most refreshing ways to exercise. By mixing up your swimming strokes, rather than just sticking to freestyle, you can give yourself an amazing full-body workout. If your pool isn’t big enough to swim laps, no worries. By using a swim training belt, you can swim long and hard in the smallest of pools. If you haven’t seen one of these handy gadgets in action, all you need to do is simply fasten the belt around your waist with velcro and then tie off the bungee cord attached to a fixed object at the end of the pool like the pool fence.

How to stick with your exercise plan

Sign up to a training app

As we have mentioned previously, if you’re planning to work out at home on your own, it could be a good idea to subscribe to a training app that will give you set workouts to follow and help keep you on track.

Train with purpose

Having an end goal you’re working towards can really give you the motivation to keep going and put in the extra effort. So, sign up to that walk or challenge, make it public and then get to work – there’s no excuses now.

Make exercise a habit

Just like eating and sleeping, if you make exercise an essential part of your daily routine, you are more likely to stick to it and turn it into a lifelong habit. The key is to work out when you plan to exercise and then stick to it. Many fitness gurus believe first thing in the morning is a good idea before the day gets in the way and you start to find excuses not to bother. A great tip is to sleep in your workout gear so that you’re ready to leap out of bed and get started.

Get to bed early

Now that you’re getting up with the sparrows to train, it’s important to adjust your bedtime to make sure you are getting enough sleep. Not only will getting a sufficient amount of sleep help with your fitness and health goals, but it will also give you the energy to put that extra 10% into your training.

It’s a lot easier to hit the sheets earlier when you have a bedroom like this one in our Buderim Prize Home.

Exercise with a friend

Finding a training buddy with similar goals can help you to stick with it when the going gets tough. If you make a commitment with someone (other than yourself, that is) you’re much more likely to stick to it. It’s also a lot more fun exercising with someone else and you’ll look forward to the catch ups. So put it out there – you might be surprised who might say yes.

Eat Healthy

Making healthy food choices will help give you more energy for working out and the positive attitude needed to stay focused. You’ll also see results much faster which is always good incentive to keep going.

Hire a personal trainer

If you have the available funds, enlisting a personal trainer can help you train more effectively and push you out of your comfort zone. Most trainers are more than happy to come to you, so you can still enjoy all the benefits of training at home while smashing your health and fitness goals.

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