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Add extra space to your place with a DIY shed conversion.

Add Extra Space to Your Place With a DIY Shed Conversion. 1

If you’re wishing your place had a little more space, building an extension may not be the only option you could consider.

Another solution could be right under your nose.

If you have a shed out the back of your house, you may just have found yourself with a head start toward creating that extra room or studio you’ve been wishing for.

Think about it. You’ve got a roof, exterior walls and most likely a concrete slab, all ready to go.

Sure, you might also have a few cobwebs, a few years’ worth of dust, a couple of boxes of old DVDs (or maybe even VHS tapes) and a pile of stuff you’ve already forgotten that you owned.

But if you can manage to look past all of that, what you’ll also be able to see is that magical thing real estate agents call “potential”.

With a bit of imagination – ok, maybe a lot of imagination – your humble shed could be transformed into the space you’ve been dreaming about. 

Home office? Art studio? Teenagers’ retreat? Home gym? Games room? The options are almost endless.

And if you are lucky enough to have the Taj Mahal of sheds like the one at Endeavour Foundation’s $2.2 million Christmas Prize Home (which, incidentally, measures an impressive 6 metre wide x 9 metre long x 4 metre high), the bigger you can dream.

You’ll find the Taj Mahal of sheds at Endeavour Foundation’s Christmas Prize Home at Little Mountain on the Sunshine Coast.

So, if your Christmas wish is for a little more space at your place, it’s time to rethink what’s you’ve got out back.

Your shed can be so much more than a place to store your junk or somewhere to go to ‘sharpen the mower blades’.

If you’ve got your vision and you’re excited to make it happen, there are a few things to consider before you get started.

Things to consider before starting your shed conversion:

1. Size

How big is your shed and is it big enough to accommodate what you have in mind?

To check, measure up your shed and sketch up some plans so you can map out what would go into the space.

Or, better still, clear your shed floor and mark out how you plan to utilise the space with masking tape. Make sure you tape in accurate outlines for your furniture so you can see how it all fits.

2. Council approval

Check in with your local council and find out about any requirements or regulations related to what you’re planning to do.

Do you need to have plans drawn up and get council approval?

3. Budget

It’s worth taking the time to crunch some numbers to make sure you have the budget needed to finish the job.

While you may already have the bones of the build in the shed itself, you’ll still need to have a decent budget set aside for things like lining the ceiling and walls, laying floor coverings, electrical work, and decorating your space.

Using recycled materials, and doing as much of the labour yourself as possible, will definitely reduce costs.

But there are some jobs like electrical work that should always be left to the professionals.

4. Alternative storage

Unless your shed is truly a blank canvas (in other words completely empty), you’re going to need to find somewhere to store all the stuff that used to live there. One solution could be to still section off part of your shed for storage while making the most of the rest of the space. 

Obviously, this is a great opportunity to have a ruthless clean out. 

As Marie Kondo would ask: “Does it spark joy?”

If the answer is no, and it doesn’t have a purpose, it’s time to let it go and gather dust in someone else’s shed.

Home Office Shed

Home office shed conversion

If you have your own business or work from home, converting your shed into an office could literally change your life.

No more working from a kitchen table or the corner of the spare bedroom.

Instead, imagine having a spacious, bright and airy office space with garden views, just steps from your back door.

Best of all, having a designated space, outside of your home, will do wonders for your work/life balance.

Turn your shed into the ultimate creative space.

Creative studio shed conversion

Converting your shed into an art studio or craft space could be the ultimate creative release.

Not only can you show off your creativity in the way you fit it out, but having all of that space dedicated to pursuing your passion could see amazing results.

And if you don’t get too precious about it, you can even give yourself permission to make a mess. All in the name of art.

Just think how much you could save on gym fees if you had this set up at your place?

Home gym shed conversion

Ok, so we’re not talking about sticking a treadmill and a weight bench in the garage. Imagine setting up a full gym space to cater to your needs and work out style.

You’ll be able to work out and get all sweaty in the privacy of your own home and you’ll save time on travelling to the gym which means more time for working out.

And just think how much you could save on gym fees over the long-term.

Convert your shed into the ultimate games room

Games room shed conversion

Ask your kids if they think a games room would be a good use of your shed space and chances are the answer will be a resounding “Yes!”

Incorporate a table tennis table or pool table, a TV, and some couches for lounging, and you’ll create the perfect place for family fun.

It would also make the perfect teenagers retreat – far enough from the house to feel like they have some freedom but close enough for you to keep an eye on them.

That’s a win/win for everyone.

The epic shed is the icing on the cake in this ultimate backyard.

Win the ultimate shed in the ultimate backyard.

With the Taj Mahal of sheds, a sparkling inground pool and spectacular poolside pavilion, it’s possible that our $2.2 million Christmas Prize Home really is home to the ultimate backyard.

The winner of this amazing home will be drawn just three days before Christmas – just imagine if it was you!

Of course, you have to be in it to win it, so get in quick and buy your ticket now before the lottery closes on December 15.

Visit in person

You’ll find Endeavour Foundation’s Christmas Prize Home at Little Mountain on the Sunshine Coast, just ten minutes from Caloundra’s spectacular beaches.

For directions and opening times click here.

Take a virtual tour

If you can’t make it to our Christmas Prize Home in person, or you just can’t wait, taking a virtual tour is almost as good. Start exploring now.

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