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Amazing Real Stories from Real Winners

Real People Win Lottery

One of the most common questions we get asked about Endeavour Foundation Lotteries is, “Do real people really win?”

Of course, the answer is, “Absolutely”.

At Endeavour Foundation, we’re proud to say we’re in the business of changing lives. In more ways than one.

We see the life-changing opportunities that funds raised from our lotteries create for people with intellectual disability. And we are also lucky enough to hear the stories of our lottery winners, whose lives are changed forever with one phone call from Kirsty, our Lotteries Manager.

Every winner’s story is different, but they are all amazing. Here are just a few:

Win that keeps on giving

Winning an Endeavour Lotteries prize home is life-changing, and for Marjory Carter, being the lucky winner of a home at Little Mountain on the Sunshine Coast had a profound impact on her entire family.

Not only did it mean that Marjory and her husband, who had been renting in Brisbane, could finally have a home of their own. It also meant that she could use the equity to purchase a home for her daughter, a single mum to four kids, including three with special needs.

Thursday, 8 August 2024

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More than a year after moving into her incredible prize home with ocean and hinterland views, Marjorie is still pinching herself.

“The view is beautiful – I still feel like I’m staying at a resort sometimes. It’s taken me a while to believe it, and that someone isn’t going to ring me and say, ‘we’ve made a mistake’,” she said.

Because of her grandchildren, Marjory has a strong connection to the cause of the Endeavour Foundation, an organisation she encourages others to support. 

“When you buy a ticket, regardless of whether you win or not, you are helping so many people.”

Impulse purchase pays off

When Craig Dennison won Endeavour Lotteries’ Christmas prize home at Woombye on the Sunshine Coast in 2020, it “changed everything completely.”

“Like most people, I never expected to win. It was more about the thrill of it, and donating to a good cause,” he said.

At the time he had been working as a Corrections officer at Maryborough, which made it difficult to see his two daughters who were living on the Sunshine Coast.

Winning the home at Woombye, which is well-suited to a large family, meant he could spend more time with his girls.

While Craig had been supporting Endeavour Lotteries for a year, it was a ticket he bought on impulse that won him the prize, much to his disbelief.

“I bought a second set of tickets for the draw and one of those was the winning ticket.”

The only issue he has now is convincing his 18-year-old daughter to move into her own place.

“She has told me she doesn’t want to leave!”

Lifechanging gift for 40th birthday

A beautiful home in Maroochy River with glorious views of the ocean was an unbelievable 40th birthday present for Marilyn, a married mum of two kids from Brisbane.

“2019 was the biggest year ever – I turned 40, went on an overseas trip, and came back and won a house!”

Marilyn says winning her Endeavour Foundation Lotteries Prize Home has dramatically changed her family’s life. They are now enjoying the incredible lifestyle that the Sunshine Coast offers and have plenty of more free time to do the things they enjoy.

“We are now debt free and don’t have to work full-time, we spend a lot of time visiting my parents who live closer to us and spend more time with the kids. Time is something you can’t buy.

“We spend a lot of time exploring the Sunshine Coast. We bought a boat and are often out on the rivers and waterways.”

Incredibly, Marilyn only bought her tickets a few hours before the draw closed, and it had been a few years since she had entered.

“Since we have won and told people, a lot of them have said ‘we didn’t think people won those things’. It is legitimate and even if you don’t win, your money is going to such a good cause,” she said.

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