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Beach games that’ll create lasting memories

Beach Games That Will Create Lasting Memories

Heading to the beach this summer? With a few fun, family beach games up your sleeve, you’ll be able to make most of your beach day while keeping everyone entertained and having fun. Best of all, you’ll also be making memories that will last a lifetime.

Of course, there are the usual suspects like beach cricket or soccer, but no doubt you’ve already thought of those. So, here’s our top ten summer beach games and activities to add to your list:

Top Ten Summer Beach Games and Activities

1. Create a beach agility course

Bring a few cones down to the beach (or substitute with sticks) and set up a fun agility course for the whole family. Add in a couple of extra elements like a low strung rope for a sand crawl and you’ll have everyone puffing and laughing all at the same time. 

2. Build a sandy snow man

What’s the perfect way to celebrate Christmas in Queensland? By building a ‘Sand man’ of course! (Why should the kids in the southern hemisphere miss out on all the fun?)

If you’ve never built a sandy snow man before, this is the year to begin the tradition. It’s sure to be something the kids will always remember.

3. Flex with beach tug of war

Here’s an easy way for the kids to burn up some energy. And all you need is a piece of rope. And the best thing about beach tug of war? The soft landings! Winning.

4. Create some beautiful beach art

It’s amazing what you can create when you have such a huge and spectacular canvas.  And with treasures like seaweed and shells to adorn your art, your work is sure to be a beautiful, albeit temporary, masterpiece.

5. Play never-ending beach hopscotch

Get the kids to grab a stick and draw up a hopscotch grid for some hopping beach fun.

Best of all, if you’re on a long stretch of surf beach, the length of the grid is only limited to the number of squares they want to draw, which means they can technically hop till they drop.

6. Go on a dinosaur dig

Here’s a fun one for the little people in your family. Collect up a few sticks and stones and recreate a dinosaur skeleton.

Then once you’ve made the skeleton, gently cover it over with sand so that it can be ‘discovered’ for the first time.

You could always bring along a couple of paint brushes for the delicate task of unearthing the fossils.

7. Challenge the crew to beach limbo

Find a long stick or bring along a broom handle, rake, or whatever you might have lying around, and challenge your friends or family to a fun beach limbo challenge.

Crank up the tunes (if there aren’t too many other beachgoers around to bother) to add a fun party vibe.

8. Play Cornhole (bag toss)

Pick up a portable bag toss game (you can get one from a popular major retailer starting with K) to take on your next beach holiday for some added family fun.

And why is it called Cornhole? Because the bags that you toss were originally filled with corn kernels.

9. Make a DIY Pebble toss

If you don’t feel like lugging your bag toss kit down to the beach, you can create a very similar game with just a few stones.

Simply mark out a target shape on the sand, gather up a few pebbles or shells, then step back a few paces and try your luck.

To make the fun last longer, create some friendly competition and assign points to each of the rings and the bullseye.

Draw up a big tally board (in the sand, of course) and have some fun. 

10. Create an imaginary playscape

When it’s time to wind down a little for some quiet play, have a stash of figurines for the kids to create an imaginary sandy world.

With sandy dunes, rock crevices, seaweed and seashells, there’s more than enough inspiration to transport your kids to place far, far away and keep them busy for hours.

The perfect place for fun & games.

The perfect place to create lasting memories

After your fun day at the beach, why not head over to Endeavour Foundation’s $2.2 million Christmas Prize Home, at Little Mountain on the Sunshine Coast, that’s around the corner from Caloundra’s spectacular beaches.

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Either way, it’s the perfect location for creating a lifetime of lasting memories for you and your family.

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