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Chelsea and Bryony discover the power of friendship

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When you encounter certain friendships, their palpable energy fills the room. This is true of Chelsea and Bryony.

When you see Chelsea and Bryony at the local library, beach or out and about, you can see the bond of friendship. The two sit together, giggling and sharing an inside joke or talking about their favourite TV shows. 

Their friendship blossomed on Bryony’s first day at the local Endeavour Foundation Learning and Lifestyle hub

“When Bryony had her first day, I followed her around. She was sassy,” Chelsea said. 

“I wasn’t sassy,” countered Bryony. The two friends giggle as they remember how they met.

“She was nice,” said Chelsea. “We started talking about our favourite TV shows. My favourite show is Stranger Things and Bryony’s is Vampire Diaries.” 

The two young women realised quickly that their friendship was special. “I came here to work on my people skills,” Bryony explains. “My friendship values are honesty, loyalty and kindness. I share those with Chelsea.”

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“Your best friend stands by you, you spend quality time together.” Chelsea said.

Like most best friends, Chelsea is a self-proclaimed introvert while Bryony is an extrovert. While the two young women balance each other out and share the bonds of sisterhood, they are both achieving their individual goals. 

Chelsea is developing her reading and cooking skills with frequent trips to the library and cooking classes. “I attend the Learning and Lifestyle hub from Monday to Friday. I have been coming here for three years.” 

“Each week is different. I like to go out to the library and to the park. I really like walking and enjoying the quiet,” Chelsea said. “I like the library the most.”

While one of Bryony goals is to improve her social skills, she is also working on reading and independent skills, like cooking. 

“I really like going to the library because I get to read fantasy books. My favourite books are Harry Potter. I have read the first four books,” Bryony said. 

When looking into the future, Chelsea and Bryony shared that they have talked a lot about living together. “One day, I want to live out of home.” Chelsea said. “I would live with Bryony. I want to have dogs.” 

“And I want to have a cuddly cat,” Bryony proclaims.

It’s thanks to your support that Chelsea and Bryony continue to work towards their goals and achieve their dreams. 

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