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Couple’s $60 Deposit Turns into Million-Dollar First Home

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For one young Sydney couple, all it took to own their first home in the skyrocketing Gold Coast property market was a $60 ‘deposit’.

Having seen an ad for Endeavour Foundation’s $1.4 million New Year Prize Home on the GC, Harry and his partner Lara had a feeling that it was meant for them.               

“It was the house and a car – it was the complete package. I thought this would be a great start if we get lucky enough,” Harry said.

“It was the first house I ever bought a ticket for. I just had this crazy thing telling me to buy it. I was going to buy a lotto ticket, but I thought why not support people with a disability if we’re getting a ticket anyway, rather than just going for the lotto,” he explained.

“So that’s what I did and it worked out pretty good for me! I only bought two lots of tickets for the house – all up, it was maybe $60.”

Soon after making that small investment, Harry received the life-changing call from Endeavour Foundation, to say that he would soon be receiving the keys to his first home and a brand-new Range Rover Evoque.

Thursday, 8 August 2024

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“It was hard to believe. I hung up the phone from Endeavour and then rang back half an hour later and said, “Are you guys sure you’ve got the right person?”

‘We have a baby coming in about a month, so it has come at the perfect time for us. We were looking at saving up and buying a house, but you guys beat us to it!” Harry laughed.

“And it’s a lot of stress off our shoulders because we don’t have to pay a mortgage.”

Just by chance, the first person Harry told about the win was his brother.

“He was on the other line, and I had to put him on hold to take the call from Endeavour.” Harry said.

When he ended the call, his brother, who was still on the line, had no idea what had just happened.

“All I was doing was screaming, so my brother was asking what was wrong!” Harry laughed.

“So, I told him, “I won a house! I’m a millionaire!”

Wisely, Harry was a little more cautious telling his partner.

“I didn’t want her to get too excited because of the pregnancy, so I wanted to tell her face to face.”

Fortunately, even though Lara was shocked, there was no early labour, and just a few weeks later, the couple flew to Queensland to receive the keys to their new million-dollar home.

“We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw how big the house was and how it was all set out.”

“The pool and the backyard are my favourite spots. The whole thing is amazing, but the back area is where we are mostly at.”

The couple had always imagined that fate may one day lead them to the Sunshine State.

“We used to come up here for holidays to Surfers, every second year or so, but we did always like the idea of moving to Queensland, so when it happened it was like a dream come true,” Harry said.

The home is a fresh start for the couple in more ways than one.

“We actually haven’t brought any furniture from Sydney, so we are using everything that was supplied. It’s perfect.”

With their family of two soon to be a family of three, there’s just one addition they’d like to make (other than setting up a baby’s room, that is).

“The only extra thing we want to do is put in a kids’ playground,” Harry smiled.

Now that they’ve moved into their dream home, the couple are gradually wrapping their heads around the idea that they now call the Gold Coast home.

“It’s still crazy, but we are slowly starting to believe it now. It’s feeling good. We’re fitting in,” Harry said.

Now Lara and Harry can kick back and enjoy Queensland’s laid-back lifestyle while continuing to support Endeavour Foundation.

“We’ve actually become Star Supporters with Endeavour – it’s our way of saying thank you.”

And for anyone considering buying a ticket, Harry’s message is simple:

“Don’t think about it, just do it. Your life could change in a day,” he said.

“We see it as a blessing. Having a baby, getting married, and now we own a house – life’s complete. It’s great.”

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