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DIY Shed Makeover – The Ultimate Man Cave

Man Cave DIY

Even if your home didn’t come with its own purpose-built man cave like our current million-dollar Glasshouse Mountains Prize Home, it can be an inexpensive and appealing addition to your property. Simply reclaim a section of the garage or get ready to revamp the unused garden shed. It’s time to get your DIY on and stock up on your tools, because before you know it, you’ll have somewhere to store them!

In the classic Aussie film, The Castle it was simply “the pool room” – a hangout for recreational pursuits and a place to store dad’s treasures. It’s also been known as the “retreat”, “studio”, “den”, or even “mantuary” if you please. Whatever you call it, if you have one, you’re sure to be the envy of all your mates. And if they’re lucky, they might even get an invite. Of course, they’ll probably have to lend a hand on the tools if they want their names on the door list. So, come on lads! Channel your inner Scotty Cam and put on the tool belt, we’ve got work to do!

Man Cave - Be your own publicanBe your own publican

Kit Out Your Man Cave

Our prize home, built on 3000m2, has plenty of space for the dedicated man-arena. By custom fitting out the onsite double shed, we’ve created the ultimate escape complete with sports bar, dart board, pool table, and even space for the ride on mower!

When planning your own man cave, here’s a few essentials you’ll want to build into your budget:

  1. Noise – If your mantuary doesn’t have reasonable closing hours, invest in some insulation batts to reduce the chance of angry neighbours or a rather annoyed better half
  2. Space – You may be limited on space depending on the size of your shed or garage so maximise the area in your design with shelving and wall-mounted recreational tools such as the essential 75ft TV
  3. Utilities – plumbing and electrical are essential for powering the fridge and filling the ice cube trays
  4. Facilities – when choosing your man cave location, consider if there is a nearby loo that you and your guests can access without traipsing through the house
  5. Comfort – It’s important to have a good couch or at least a couple of comfy chairs for your chill pad, and they don’t even need to match the décor of the rest of the house, go full tartan if you are so inclined!
  6. Temperature – If your man cave is in an old tin shed with an old tin roof, it doesn’t matter how big your TV is, you won’t step foot inside in the peak of summer if you don’t have insulation, fans or (if you really want to go all out) air-con.

From the moment you first put on the footy and crack a coldie with your feet up on the couch and no-one in ear shot to tell you not to, it will all have been worth it! But if it all sounds like too much work, just buy yourself a ticket and cross your fingers for the big prize home win in time for Christmas.

Give yourself the star treatmentGive yourself the star treatment

Make the Most of Your Man Cave

You may be surprised to learn the modern day ‘man cave’ is not only desirable to the man of the house. In fact, many real estate agents will tell you it’s the missus who is often most keen on the idea of somewhere to stash hubby’s projects and trophies, golf clubs, tools and collector’s items. Or, perhaps claim it for themselves as a dedicated space for their own hobbies.

DIY Man caveEscapism at its best

One thing’s for sure, if you are lucky enough to have a “cave” – man, woman or otherwise – there are plenty of ways to make the most of this coveted home feature.

  1. Get moving on those DIY projects – pick up the tools and build that chook house or do up that old sideboard you’ve been promising the wife
  2. Get crafty – unleash your creativity and get into screen-printing, pottery, horticulture, beer brewing (now you’re talkin’), without having to worry about the mess.
  3. The ultimate hangout – keep the beers chilled, the sports pay-per-view at the ready, the poker chips stacked, pool cues chalked, and the darts sharp.
  4. A place for your tools and treasures – Keep your tools and favourite things in one place, because let’s face it, you can’t leave your model trains set up on the dining table forever.
  5. Put the band back together – Pick up the guitar, microphone or drum sticks and go for broke! Better yet, invite the mates around and turn it up to eleven.
  6. Take up a new hobby – build model aeroplanes and hang them from the ceiling, take sitar lessons, tinker with vintage motorcycles, get woodworking, whatever floats your boat.

Man Cave IdeaDoesn’t get much better than this

If you have a pulse, you should be champing at the bit to get started and bring the ultimate retreat to life! But if you haven’t the budget, the know-how, or are just not the DIY type, shout yourself and a mate a ticket in our million-dollar prize home draw. Between the two of you, that’s double the chance of winning and you both get to spend all summer long pinching each other, saying “how good is this!”

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