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Everything You Want to Know About the New Endeavour Lotteries Website

Lotteries Website FAQ 02

If you thought this was going to be another boring Frequently Asked Questions article, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. We are throwing out the FAQ’s and changing it to FAF. What is that you ask? Fun Awesome Features of the new Endeavour Lotteries website.

We now have a cart!

Got your eye on more than one prize? Well now you can purchase a ticket in multiple lotteries all in one easy transaction.

Hover over Buy Tickets, select the lottery you want to buy in, scroll down to click the red Buy Tickets button, select the number of tickets you would like, and voilà! It will add to your cart.

Now we know you have your eye on more than one prize so you’ll notice in your cart, below your chosen tickets, you can quickly add tickets from one of our other lotteries by clicking Buy tickets and choosing how many tickets you would like again. Follow the steps to check out and next minute, you are in the draw to win homes, cars, cash and more.

Updating your details has never been easier

Have you just moved to a new house, changed your email or have a new phone number? No worries! You can now update your details in just a few clicks. Simply go to My Account, log in, click My Settings and update details.

And this leads nicely into the next feature…

Update and add multiple payment options

There are so many things to remember these days and your card details doesn’t need to be one of them. Go to My Account, log in and click Cards and Accounts.

Now you can select Add new credit or debit card, type in the details and Add card. Then simply rinse and repeat the last three steps to save additional card details.

If you have more than one card on your account, you can set your favourite as the default so next time you buy it’s quick and easy.

But wait there is more.

Instant ticket

Refreshing your inbox is a now a thing of the past! Your tickets will show instantly in your online account.

You can log into your account and check the My Account section to see them listed right there. You’ll easily be able to see Upcoming tickets and Drawn tickets.

You’ll also hear the familiar *ding* to notify you your ticket confirmation is waiting for you in your inbox.

And if you are one of those people that likes to put it on the fridge, it’s nice and simple to print it out and start manifesting your dreams. You log in to your account, find the ticket you want to print, click View then Print.

Your security is sexy

No need to worry this message will not self-destruct in 5 seconds because your security is our highest priority. All personal information you enter is received via a secure, industry best-practice, SSL internet connection.

Transaction details

It’s now easy-peasy to keep track of your transactions. In your account you can now see the last time you purchased a ticket, how many tickets and in what lottery.

Now you are update to date on the FAF, we hope you are just as excited about the new Endeavour Lotteries as us.

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