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From AC/DC to The Wiggles – Eden’s repertoire ready for show

Edens Repertoire Ready for Show

Eden may be one of our newest Prize Home ambassadors, but he’s already got his sights set on becoming a children’s performer like his idols, The Wiggles. 

Growing up in Cobar, New South Wales, Eden and his family traded in the bustling mining town for the sun, surf and sand that the Sunshine Coast has to offer. 

“I love living here. You can go to the beach, go to fancy restaurants and the people are all really nice,” Eden said. 

Making friends in a new city might be unnerving to many, but for Eden, all it took was sharing his Spotify playlist with Endeavour Foundation’s Bokarina Learning and Lifestyle Hub. 

“I really enjoy listening to music because it’s a great way to connect with other people,” Eden said. 

“That’s how I became best friends with Luca at Bokarina (Learning and Lifestyle Hub). We both like listening to the same type of music – Rock ‘N’ Roll.” 

It was Eden’s father who introduced him to the world of Rock ‘N’ Roll, falling in love with classics like AC/DC, Metallica, Queen, and Genesis. Given his taste in music you wouldn’t believe that Eden is only 25 years old, which also explains his love for the original Wiggles.

“I’ve seen The Wiggles live a few times, and loved them,” Eden said reminiscently. 

Eden can be seen rocking out with his mates before starting the day at Endeavour Foundation’s Learning and Lifestyle Hub to work on achieving his goals for 2023. 

“Getting and staying fit is important to me so that I can live for a very long time, like Queen Elizabeth II did,” Eden said. 

Eden started small by going on 5-minute walks around his neighbourhood, and then progressed to participating in the gymnastics program at the Learning and Lifestyle Hub, to learning how to cook healthy meals using the produce grown by the site. 

But it’s not just about becoming a Centenarian, Eden is working towards two big life goals.

“Learning healthy habits is important to me so that I can live independently, cook and look after myself,” Eden said. 

Part of Eden’s goals to become more independent is to also have a job that he loves. And the taste of being on camera for our Prize Home Lottery in Palmwoods was all Eden needed to decide where his passion lies.

“Having a job is very busy, but if I get a job that I love, then it won’t feel like a job.”

“I loved being on camera, and if I could have one job it would be to sing songs to children that teach them how to stay safe, feel confident, and be respectful,” Eden said. 

“Becoming a children’s singer would make me feel so happy, and give me that warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that I’m making the world better.” 

As for parting words, Eden had one piece of advice: “I try to be nice. People need to be nice to others. Because being respectful is acceptable and being mean is unacceptable.” 

Well said Eden! 

If you want to see Eden make his debut with Endeavour Foundation Lotteries, then scroll down and watch him take you for a tour of Prize Home Lottery #448 at 22 Vine Forrest Crescent, Palmwoods. 

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