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From city hustle to country tranquillity

Country Tranquillity Prize Home

Nestled between the stunning surf beaches of the Sunshine Coast and the iconic hinterland ranges, just south of the beautiful Maroochy River, Diddillibah is the ultimate tree-change location. 

This little-known suburb – although ‘suburb’ sounds far too urban for this picturesque semi-rural community – flies peacefully under the radar. And that’s just the way the locals like it. 

Before Endeavour Foundation’s $2.5 million acreage Prize Home put the place on the map, there’s a good chance you’d never even heard of Diddillibah. Chances are though, you’re familiar with its neighbours. 

Follow the Maroochy River to the east and you’ll find Maroochydore – maybe you’ve heard of it? – and your closest surf beach that’s just a 15-minute drive away.  

Maroochydore Beach is just a 15-minute drive away.Maroochydore Beach is just a 15-minute drive away.

Ten minutes to the north there’s Diddillibah’s better known sister, Bli Bli, another semi-rural community with cool indie cafés, a castle, and a vibe all its own.

And ten minutes to the south-east is the tree-lined haven of Buderim. Sitting atop a 180m-high volcanic plateau, and home to the famous Harry’s restaurant, this place rates highly for its café and dining scene. 

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But when you’re back at home in the peace and quiet of Diddillibah, you’d really have no idea that all of that is so close by.

The name Diddillibah comes from the local Aboriginal word ‘dhilla’, meaning ‘coarse grass’ and ‘ba’, meaning ‘place’. 

It would seem the name is apt, because grass is exactly what you get…and plenty of it. 

Sitting on almost two, verdant acres, Endeavour Foundation’s Diddillibah Prize Home is indeed a big slice of paradise. 

Imagine life on this two-acre slice of paradise.Imagine life on this two-acre slice of paradise.

And the green doesn’t stop there. A surprisingly high proportion of the surrounding area is made up of conservation zones and fertile, sub-tropical pastures offering the grazing cattle the definition of ‘the good life’.

Look out over the patchwork of fields from Mount Ninderry, 25-minutes to the north, and you’ll literally get the picture.

Given the level of development that lines the coastline, it’s amazing how quickly things open out as you head inland from the beach.

Sunshine CoastWhen you look at the big picture, a surprising amount of the Sunshine Coast is either protected land or open pasture.

Diddillibah itself is home to a number of conservation reserves which means that this precious natural environment will thankfully be protected for years to come. It also means that you can consider the native wildlife of the area, including countless species of birds, as your neighbours.

The soundtrack to life in this part of the world is mostly made up of their calls and chatter along with the rustle of breeze in the trees, and the occasional clap of thunder from a summer storm.

It’s a far cry from the sounds of traffic and noise pollution that bombard the senses in the city, and that’s exactly why the locals love it.

While the transition to country life can be a challenge for those used to the inherent pace and business of urban living, time and patience is often all that’s needed to settle into a new, slower way of life. Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’ll have. 

You might also just find that smaller communities like Diddillibah and its surrounding neighbours could offer a greater sense of connection and belonging that just feels different than life in the city. Good different that is.

The physical and mental health benefits of spending more time outdoors and in nature are also well documented and can’t be underestimated. 

Who said a tree-change couldn’t come with a dash of luxury?Who said a tree-change couldn’t come with a dash of luxury?

Whether you’re sinking your toes into your lap pool or cushiony lawn, immersing yourself in the surrounding reserves, or taking salt-infused swims in the sea, it’s all going to be doing you the world of good. 

So that tree change, with a side of sea change, could just possibly be a change for the better. 

This is your chance to change your life for just $10

If you’re aching to shake things up and make a change for the better, a $10 investment could see you soon loving life in this Sunshine Coast slice of paradise.

For a taste of that country/coast lifestyle, take a trip to Diddillibah and explore the ins and outs of this amazing $2.5 million acreage property. You’ll find opening times and address details here. 

Or if you can’t get here, stay in and take our virtual tour instead and take some time to dream. 

As well as potentially changing your own future, by purchasing a ticket in an Endeavour Foundation Lottery, you’ll be changing the lives of people with disability, helping them to learn life skills, live independently and imagine what’s possible.  

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