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From off-the-grid to off-the-chart luxury: One Prize Home winner’s amazing story

Endeavour Lottery 442 Winner

For forty-eight long hours, the winner of Endeavour Foundation’s Anniversary Prize Home had no idea that he had won the $2.1 million prize.

Coopa was taking some time out off-the-grid on a boys fishing adventure when his winning ticket was drawn back at Endeavour Foundation HQ in Brisbane.

“I was on a spear fishing trip and I was out of range so I had no service. I didn’t come back until Saturday and the draw was done on the Thursday,” he said.

When Coopa couldn’t be reached via the contact details he’d provided on his Star Supporter account, Endeavour Foundation Lotteries Manager Kirsty Moore was determined to get the news to him one way or another.

“After Kirsty tried to call me and email me, she ended up getting in contact with my work and then sent an email to the customer care team. Then she got in contact with my wife, Ashleigh, through that.”

But as the lottery rules state, only the actual winner of the prize can be notified, Kirsty – known as ‘the vault’ amongst the Endeavour Lotteries team – still wouldn’t let the cat out of the bag.

“Kirsty said she couldn’t say anything, and they were trying to get something out of her, but there was nothing,” Coopa laughed.

Thursday, 8 August 2024

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After Kirsty’s call, Ashleigh did some detective work of her own and struck gold.

“She managed to log onto my account and did a bit of research and sussed it out a bit first and then when she found out, she said she sweated for the next two nights,” Coopa said.

“I finally came into service at 2.30am on Saturday and just had a bunch of messages and calls.”

“I quickly called my wife and she said, ‘We’ve won!’”

Fast forward to the big handover day at the Prize Home in Maleny and, this time, Coopa was there to share the amazing experience with Ashleigh.

“It was awesome to actually see it in person and see how massive and beautiful it is. The whole experience with Kirsty and the team and the film crew was really surreal – it was amazing.”

As they begin to spend time in their new luxury digs, Coopa and Ashleigh are gradually wrapping their heads around the fact that the custom-built $2.1 million Prize Home is theirs.

“We stayed one night when we got the keys and my family came up and stayed for dinner. And we’re up tonight and the next night, plus we came a few days ago so it’s the second time we’ve been up.”

The more time they spend there, the more the couple appreciate the love, care and dedication that has been put into the home by Endeavour Foundation’s design/build dream team.

“It’s very detailed the whole build. They’ve done an amazing job – it’s crazy.”

“My wife definitely loves the walk-in robe – that’s one of her favourites.”

“I like the kitchen and I like the living area and then walking up to the master bedroom, the open ceiling – I reckon that’s awesome – I haven’t seen that before,” Coopa added.

Already settled on the Gold Coast, the couple may not be making the move to Maleny anytime soon, however, but that doesn’t mean that they’re ready to let the home slip through their fingers.

“We’ve got a few options,” Coopa explained.

“We don’t know if we want to sell or if we’ll Airbnb it, so we’re going to talk to our broker and accountant. We’re leaning toward Airbnb at this stage, but we’ll see.”

Nestled in the picture-perfect hills of Maleny in the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland, and just minutes from the quaint village of Montville, the stunning home is perfectly positioned to attract a steady stream of guests on the popular accommodation platform.

Best of all, the fully-furnished home is already raring to go, kitted out with everything from luxury bed linen to designer dinnerware.

And if the couple do become Airbnb hosts, they’ll still be able to enjoy getaways to this beautiful part of the world. From their home on the Gold Coast, “it’s only two hours on a good run,” Coopa said.

It’s the work that Endeavour Foundation does that drew Coopa to begin his Star Supporter journey nine years ago.

“What you guys do is amazing. It’s the best thing to have the chance to win a house you really love and know that your money is going to people in need,” Coopa said.

And now, after a brief off-grid detour, that incredible journey has led to Coopa winning one of those amazing homes.

“It’s crazy,” Coopa laughed.

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