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Fun Games Room Ideas

448 Marvel Games

When you’re planning a games room, there’s one thing you need to consider above all else. Fun.

After all, that’s what a games room is all about isn’t it?

But of course, the definition of ‘fun’ is different for everyone.

Maybe it’s opening the bar for a Sunday session and a few games of pool.

Maybe it’s pulling a few bean bags up to the coffee table for an evening of board games with the family.

Or just maybe your idea of fun is to have your very own arcade games to play whenever you want to…without even having to find some loose change. While for most of us that will never be more than a pie-in-the-sky idea, for our next Prize Home winner it could genuinely become a dream come true.

Endeavour Foundation’s $1.8 million Prize Home at Palmwoods on the Sunshine Coast is home to a bright, larger-than-life, superhero-inspired games room including a Marvel arcade machine and Marvel vs DC virtual pinball machine, valued at $10,788.

The superhero theme carries throughout the room, right down to the cushions.

If you’ve been bitten by the Marvel bug (most likely a spider), it doesn’t get better than this.

So, to get you started on creating a super fun zone in your home, check out our tips and let the games begin!

Eight tips for creating a fun-filled games room

1 Consider the space you have available

Do you have enough room for a big feature like a pool table or table tennis table?

There’s certainly no better way to anchor a games room than with a pool table.

And once it’s there, it ain’t going anywhere.

Mostly because you’ll love it. But also, because… have you ever tried to move one of those things?

If the budget and space permits, a pool table is always a winner.

If your space doesn’t allow for something quite as big, you could consider a foosball table.

Otherwise known as table soccer, foosball has seen huge popularity in Europe and America but has been a little bit slower to catch on here in Oz.

But it’s about time that it did because it really can be a whole lot of fun.

Best of all a foosball table doesn’t take up a lot of room, typically measuring around 80 x 140 centimetres, so you can fit one into almost any space.

A foosball table is a fun inclusion and a great option if your space is limited.

2 Think about a theme

Of course, this one is optional, but it can be a fun way to inject some personality into your room.

If you love football, you might create a locker room feel.

Or if your passion is vintage collectibles, a New York City diner might become your inspiration.

Even if themes aren’t usually your thing, you may find that thinking about what you love most, or the feel you’d like to create, will help to guide your design, and give you direction.

What about a casino theme for your games room?

3 Create a mood

Clever use of lighting is a great way to create a mood for your games room. You could consider hanging pendants or wall lights for a moody, nightclub vibe. But really, why stop there? Nothing makes a statement like neon. Check out the Marvel sign in our Prize Home games room for inspo.

Nothing makes a statement like neon.

4 Make it super comfy

Your games room is somewhere you’re going to want to hang out and spend lots of time. So, it’s important to make sure that the furnishing you choose are super comfy. Low, broad sofas are perfect for stretching out and relaxing. Corner lounges can be a great way to seat a lot of people if you have the space and can literally help to bring everyone together for some special family time.

Comfy furnishings are a must

When you’re choosing furniture, try to think outside the box. Ottomans and bean bags can be a great way to create extra seating and you could even install a swing or hanging chair for an extra dash of fun.

The question isn’t ‘Why include a hanging chair?’ It’s “Why not?”

5 Make your games room double as a guest room

Wish you had an extra bedroom for when family come to stay? Choose a lounge that also serves as a sofa bed and your games room can morph into a spare guest bedroom when your guests arrive. Only downside is that they may not want to go home…

A sofa bed is just the ticket when family come to stay.

6 Take advantage of your wall space.

When you’re trying to get the most out of your space, it pays to look up.Including a climbing wall is a great way to add a fun, active element without taking up much real estate in the room. Make sure that the climbing wall is well anchored to the wall behind it then design your own ‘courses’ for the wall using commercial hand holds or homemade grips.

Take advantage of your vertical space with a climbing wall.

7 Showcase your collectibles

If you love to collect things like vintage toys, or records, your games room is the perfect place to show them off in a fun and creative way. Plan ahead, and your collections could even direct the theme of your whole room.

Your collectible treasures can add character to your room and make a great conversation starter when guests come over.

If you’re not already a Lego collector, perhaps this Dr Strange Lego set that comes with our Prize Home could be just the beginning?

8 Don’t forget the games!

Well, it wouldn’t be a games room without them, would it? You can find second hand board games online to add to your collection without spending a fortune.  

A stash of classic board games is a must for any games room.

It’s always great to have some of the classics on hand like Scrabble, Monopoly, and Snakes and Ladders. And of course. You’ve got to have a pack or two of cards.

Check out the ultimate games room

For more great games room inspo, make sure you take a closer look at the amazing Marvel-inspired games room at Endeavour Foundation’s $1.8 million Sunshine Coast Prize Home.

Find directions and opening times here. Or if you just can’t wait, take a virtual tour now!

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