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Get more than you give: Why support Endeavour Foundation in 2022

Support Endeavour Foundation 2022

If you’re considering how you’d like to make a difference in 2022, becoming an Endeavour Foundation Star Supporter could be just the ticket.

You’ll automatically be entered into every Endeavour Foundation lottery throughout the year (including seven Prize Home Lotteries) and become part of our treasured community of supporters, helping people with intellectual disability live their best lives.

We may be a little biased, but we think it would be an amazing way to make a difference to so many in the year ahead. If you need more convincing, here’s a few more reasons to choose Endeavour Foundation in 2022.

Five reasons to make Endeavour Foundation your charity of choice for 2022

1. Help people with intellectual disability imagine what’s possible

Together with Endeavour Foundation, you can help support people with an intellectual disability to live, learn, work, and imagine what’s possible in 2022.

We are dedicated to helping people with disability to live fulfilling lives and be valued in our community.

Whether it’s learning new skills, living independently, socialising and making new friends, finding a job or exploring interests and trying new things, we work to turn possibilities into reality.

We work in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria at the heart of local communities – offering choice, opportunities and personalised support.

2. Provide a safe place to call home

There are over 4000 more reasons to consider supporting Endeavour Foundation in the year ahead, because that’s the number of people with disability under 65 living in aged care in Australia.

We believe this is unacceptable, which is why we launched the My Home, My Life initiative to create much needed housing for Australians with disability.

My Home, My Life gives people with disability a place to truly call home and the independence to live life in a way that they choose.

When Endeavour Foundation launched My Home, My Life in 2020, we committed to spending $35 million over three years to build brand new accessible homes and renovate existing homes to bring them to the highest standards.

We have now increased that figure to $45 million, making it the biggest investment in purpose-built accessible housing in Endeavour Foundation’s 70-year history.

Where will the money go? Through the My Home, My Life initiative, Endeavour Foundation will build 70 brand new homes and renovate 26 more homes, providing a safe, secure home for 600 people with disability.

3. Help create jobs for people that want to work

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to gain new skills, feel part of a team and earn an income.

That’s why we provide supported employment opportunities so that people with intellectual disability can find a job they love with Endeavour Foundation.

As an Australian Disability Enterprise, we employ people with a disability, throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, in a wide variety of industries from machinery operation and food services to recycling and administration.

4. Choose a charity that gives back

We love giving and that’s why we like to give back to our supporters through our amazing lotteries throughout the year.

In 2022, Endeavour Foundation will give away no less than seven stunning Prize Homes, five Ultimate Life Changer prizes (each valued at over $500,000), not to mention four luxury cars plus a pile of bonus cash prizes.

When you buy a ticket in an Endeavour Foundation lottery you have the chance to win one of these amazing prizes while also enabling people with disability to imagine what’s possible.

That’s a win/win right there.

5. It feels good to give

Whether we’re giving a friend a lift to the train station or sharing a batch of brownies with the neighbours, it genuinely feels good to give.

In fact, there’s a reason you might enjoy giving more than receiving.

Studies have shown that, when we are able, giving money makes us happier than keeping it for ourselves.

Researchers have found that giving may even be good for our health. One reason may be that giving helps to reduce stress (which has been associated with a myriad of health problems).

So, whether you’re giving your time, money, or even your love, make sure you make giving a part of your 2022.

How to support Endeavour Foundation in 2022

If you’d like to help people with intellectual disability live their best lives in 2022, become an Endeavour Foundation Star Supporter. Join now and you’ll be able to ‘set and forget’, knowing that you’ll be receiving tickets in every Endeavour Foundation lottery throughout the year while helping our community of people with disability live their best lives.

As a Star Supporter in 2022, you will automatically be entered into 31 draws each year, including:

  • 7 x Prize Home lotteries
  • 5 x Ultimate Life Changer lotteries
  • 12 x Early Bird Cash draws

Plus exclusive access to:

  • 4 x luxury car draws
  • 3 x $10,000 Bonus Cash draws

All while you are supporting people with intellectual disability to learn life skills, live independently, find a job they love and be actively involved in their local communities.

There’s that win/win we mentioned.

Find out more about becoming a Star Supporter for 2022 here.

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