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Highway to the Adventure Zone: Exploring the ultimate off-road caravan

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A little like a movie sequel whose name we won’t mention, the crew at Zone RV is utilising advanced aeronautical technology to redefine the boundaries and push the limits. The result? Lighter, stronger and safer off-road caravans.

The next generation of beefed-up, yet streamlined Zone RV caravans has just been released to the adventure-hungry Australian audience, and the Zone team have pulled off the seemingly impossible: improving what was already a five-star product.

“We’ve got new design, we’ve got new materials, we’ve got new technology, new electronics. This is the last couple of years of work all bundled together and we are super excited,” said Dave Biggar, Managing Director of Zone RV.

“We’ve actually increased the volume and size of the caravan, we have got far better weight distribution and we’ve reduced the weight, which in combination for towing big caravans around this country is a lot more enjoyable and a lot safer for you and your family.”

To achieve this, Zone painstakingly went over their RVs with a fine-tooth comb to find any possible areas for improvement.

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The fully redesigned toolbox at the front of the van is the perfect example of just how hard Zone has pushed the design of every detail. Now made from ultra-tough advance composite materials, the toolbox is a whopping 33% lighter, while being 35% larger.

Through these sorts of refinements, Zone’s already comparatively light caravans have managed to shed even more weight.

“The result is a caravan that is over 100kg lighter than its predecessors, easily making us the lightest in the market, and the weight distribution of this thing is incredible,” said Dave.

Another focus for Zone’s next gen caravans was to up the Aussie content.

Partnering with South Australia-based Redarc, Zone caravans now come standard with Australian made lithium batteries, solar and digital switching.

Ultimately though, Zone understands that, for customers, functionality and enjoyability are paramount.

“One of the best things we love about travelling in Australia, is enjoying the outdoors. With that in mind, we’ve reinvented how we think an outdoor kitchen should be,” Dave said.

First of all, the kitchen has been moved into the centre of the van so that it is fully undercover when the electric awning is extended (at the push of the button). This also centres the weight over the axles and further removes weight from the front of the van.

But it’s the minimalistic design and clever inclusions that make this outdoor kitchen the perfect entertainment zone to host family and friends. This kitchen comes with a portable induction stove, collapsible sink, plus a hot and cold water outlet for washing purposes. The team have also included an extra-large storage compartment directly below the open window creating a handy multipurpose area that is literally life-changing for those living on the road.

Overall, the outdoor kitchen really delivers on what we love about caravanning and camping, while ticking a lot of boxes for how we Aussies like to travel.

“It really works well for quick lunchtime stopovers or late-night arrivals,” Dave added.

Inside the Sojourn, Zone’s roomiest model (which even comes with a queen size bed), what really stands out is the sense of space and minimalist clean interior. What may be harder to spot are the improvements Zone has made to the functionality of the van, but they are still significant.

Zone has focused on making the cabinets lighter and stronger, and incorporating extra storage. And at the rear of the caravan, you’ll also find the most spacious bathroom zones the brand has ever offered.

Another new addition is the US made Nature’s Head composting toilet – a robust, eco-friendly toilet designed to withstand the harshest conditions.

“Let me tell you, it’s the way to go for off-grid caravanning,” Dave said.

It’s this sort of attention to detail (and real-life experience) the team bring to their business that makes it easy to understand why Zone RV is becoming the way to go for off-road adventures.

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