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How to create a modern coastal interior

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Like a fresh sea breeze that drifts through any welcoming door or window, coastal design influences are sweeping into contemporary interiors no matter how near or far you live from the ocean.

With organic, layered textures and calming, natural vibes, modern coastal is definitely a mood. And we’re here for it.

Take Endeavour Foundation’s $1.5 million Noosa Holiday Prize Home for example. Easy, breezy, contemporary coastal style flows from room to room to create a home filled with light, calm and positive energy.

And in every space, you’ll find modern coastal decorating ideas that you can apply at your place.  

In this entry way, natural tones combine with calming blues and cool greys for a modern take on coastal interior design.

Embrace calm

The coastal colour palette is no longer just about sunny days and turquoise seas.

While the classics of aqua and navy will never go out of style, the contemporary coastal decor is grounded in the natural tones of weathered driftwood and sandy tones.

Layer with dusty blues and cool greys evoking the many moods of the ocean, and you’ll capture the fresh, yet calming energy of modern coastal style.

Organic textures and fluid lines contrast with clean, contemporary architecture

Make it organic

Choosing natural materials (like timber, linen, stone, and seagrass) adds a grounding, earth element to your home and is key to the coastal design ethos.

The trick to capturing a contemporary coastal aesthetic is blending crisp, cool lines with softer edges.

Fluid, organic shapes, as seen in the stunning pendant light above this dining space, are an integral part of modern coastal décor.

So, if in doubt, go with the flow.

Light, pastel furnishings and circular coffee tables soften the look.

Capture the essence of coastal living

Anchored with a deep ocean blue, the coastal living area of our Noosa Holiday Prize Home is elevated by the light furnishings, natural fibres and contrasting pastel tones.

Linen covered furniture and circular coffee tables create a soft, relaxed look.

On the walls, watercolour art prints featuring ‘coral gardens’ add the finishing touch of botanical artworks with a coastal twist.

Coastal style never looked so sleek.

Subtle ways to add coastal flavour

The crisp lines of a modern kitchen can be given a coastal flavour with carefully chosen accessories. 

The Scandi timber stools in this beach house kitchen are an inspired choice, with their natural rope detailing adding a subtle dash of nautical style.

Other ways to bring the beach to your kitchen (besides sandy feet) include hanging contemporary artworks in coastal hues or creating a backdrop of tropical plants (whether they be indoors or out).

Blurred lines between indoors and out

Create blurred lines

Blurring the lines between inside and out is a key feature of modern coastal interior design.

One way to achieve this seamless look is to have the same design theme and colour palette flow through your interior and exterior design. 

In our Noosa beach home, neutral coastal furnishings paired with deep ocean blue carry from indoors to out, creating a relaxed, seamless look. 

Light, naturally finished timber furnishings seamlessly connects the interior design aesthetics.

Create a space to find your bliss

Creating a fresh, beachy vibe in your outdoor entertaining area is a must for a coastal inspired home. Comfort is number one, because, after all, there’s a good chance you’ll be spending a large chunk of your spare time out here.

Opt for comfy timber lounges with natural finishes and coffee tables that aren’t too precious to accommodate feet.

The closer you are to the seaside, the more rust, right?

Add interest with texture

While rusty anchors may not be your thing, incorporating design elements with a rusted finish can be an interesting and less expected way to evoke a coastal feel.

In this outdoor entertaining area, rusted metal screens serve a dual purpose of creating privacy and adding visual interest to the space.

Soft furnishings in warm tones add a cosy feel to a bright room

Remember, coastal can still be cosy

Give your coastal bedroom a cosy touch with warm accents and luxurious textures. Choose timber furnishings to contrast with light, neutral walls and then add comforting cushions and throws in rich earth tones.

Explore this stunning modern coastal home that could be yours

For the ultimate modern coastal design inspo, explore Endeavour Foundation’s beautiful $1.5 million Noosa Holiday Prize Home.

You’ll find directions and opening times here or if you just can’t wait, take a virtual tour now.

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