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How To Create Your Own Garden Sanctuary

Own Garden Sanctuary

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine you are relaxing in a beautiful garden oasis surrounded by spectacular mountain vistas, with acres of green stretching before you. It sounds like a dream doesn’t it? For one lucky person with a ticket in our latest million-dollar Glass House Mountains Prize Home this dream will become a reality just in time for lazing away the summer. But for the rest of us, creating a sanctuary in your very own garden is easily achievable with some of our low budget makeover ideas.

Fun for All the Family

Family time Create fun-filled memories

Rally the kids and embrace your inner child or channel Bear Grills to add some “outdoorsyness” (the ability to stay outside without the internet or civilized comforts) to your world. Adventure awaits people! Be limited only by your imagination (and perhaps the physio bills) and build a treehouse, mow a cricket pitch or putting green, or put in a gold fish pond. Or go next level and pitch a circle of teepees for the ultimate sleepover, build your own bmx track or even a quidditch stadium! Not only will the garden suddenly be way more popular than the Nintendo Switch this summer, but guess what mum ‘n dad, you will be super popular too! And word of warning, it’s likely this popularity may extend to most of the kids in the neighbourhood, so stock up on zooper-doopers and get ready to host a summer holiday extravaganza at your place!

Create Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor room in Garden Relax and unwind at home in your favorite room

There’s plenty of ways for the grown-ups to have some fun under the sun too. There’s no denying many of us adults do like our creature comforts, so creating an outdoor space that screams alfresco might be more your scene. Take advantage of our enviable climate and get your entertaining mojo on. If you’ve ever watched The Block or Backyard Blitz (some of us will remember), there are many ways to enhance your environ with well-placed furniture, shelter under an umbrella or a feature tree, and maybe a few cushions and a planter box or two to define your chosen area.

For more inexpensive, low-effort ways to turn your garden into a sanctuary, why not add a firepit for toasting marshmallows with family and friends during chilly winter evenings, or a water feature to sit by on balmy summer days? Or just reclaim a corner of decking and add an outdoor rug, a hanging chair, and terracotta pots adorned with your favourite blooms to create an inviting place to relax with a good book, a cup of tea, or perhaps you’ll even need a “G” with your “T” to help you unwind at the end of your day. Just think of an outdoor room as the cheapest way to turn your humble house into a sprawling estate. You’ll seriously wonder what took you so long!

Dine Under the Stars

Dine Under the Stars Why go out when you can linger over a meal in your very own garden

Ways to bring the outdoors in are popular features of any home. But why not take the indoors out! Grab those dining chairs and drag the table outside to a level patch of grass or paved area, hang some fairy lights, set the table with your best linen and candles to create a magical garden party any night of the week! Our spectacular Glasshouse Mountains prize home has comes equipped with numerous fully decked out alfresco areas for you to take your pick – and with over 3000m2 to choose from, you’ll be able to dine in a different section of the garden for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

barbecue Everyone loves a barbie!

And let’s not forget the great Aussie pastime – the barbecue. Gathering for a meal right there in the backyard is our birthright and there simply is nothing better than chewing on a lamb chop (or a vegie kebab if that’s your thing) while the grill sizzles, the salad is tossed, the kids are playing in the sprinkler, and the weather is fine.


backyard cricket play So much to do before bedtime!

It’s fair game today for anyone under 75 to get their lawn game on. Think croquet (complete with Alice in Wonderland costumes if you like), lawn bowls, badminton, bocce or even finska and you’ve got a fun afternoon ahead! Everyone from Aunty Bev to the kindy mob will be entertained at the next family event. So go all out and transform your backyard into an arena, fill the esky (just in case anyone get’s thirsty), and make a day of it. Or go all out and grab a sheet of plastic, some shampoo and the hose, and you’ve got yourself a slip and slide! Aunty Bev may need to sit this one out, but be warned Uncle Sean may have a few moves up his sleeve. Whatever your pace, whatever your space, there’s plenty to do in your own backyard.

Grow Your Own Food

Graw your own food in garden A highly rewarding pastime that’s good for you

This backyard kingdom of yours also offers self-sufficiency for all, green thumbs or not. Digging in the dirt, planting a few herbs or vegies is more satisfying than you can imagine, and with plenty of DIY tips available online or from your friendly local hardware store employee, easy to achieve. Not only that, it will save you some dollars at the supermarket, taste better than anything you’ve ever eaten before, and turn you into a more eco-friendly consumer. Happy days!

lottery 432 prize home backyard Buy tickets for our prize draw 432 and all this could be yours!

With nearly an acre of cultivated gardens, our Glass House Mountains Prize Home has all the space you could want. Best of all, the gardens are well established and low maintenance, so even though it comes with a you-beaut ride-on mower and Stihl gardening package, you’re bound to spend more time in the hammock and less time on the tools.

No matter how big or small your garden is, there are plenty of ways you can transform your outdoor space into a haven for relaxation, entertainment and recreation. As the weather gets warmer and the days grow longer, now is the perfect time to plan a backyard blitz and create a sanctuary your friends and neighbours will envy. Or just buy a ticket in the draw, and fingers crossed, you might win the home and garden of your dreams.

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