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How to Have It All With A Knockdown Rebuild

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Imagine moving into a new, ultra-modern home nestled in a much-loved, established, leafy suburb.

Sounds too good to be true, right? After all, you can’t have it both ways, can you?

It’s true that most new homes spring up like mushrooms on bare blocks of land in modern, master-planned housing estates.

Conversely, the tree-lined streets of those established suburbs are filled with older homes, not fresh and shiny new builds… aren’t they?

Buderim tree lined streets Sunshine Coast
Tree-lined streets like this aren’t the usual habitat of a new build.

While that is most typically the case, like everything in life, there are, of course, exceptions to the rule.

Our $1.3 million Buderim Prize Home is a perfect example of how it really is possible to have it both ways.

This stunning, contemporary home is enviably positioned in one of the Sunshine Coast’s most picturesque and sought-after established suburbs.

From its prized elevated vantage point on Buderim Mountain, it also enjoys rare-as-hen’s-teeth ocean views through the floor-to-ceiling windows that wrap around two walls of the Master Bedroom. You know, the kind of views that were quickly snapped up decades ago when the area was first developed.

View from Endeavour Prize Home 423 Buderim House Rennovation Sunshine Coast
Views like this in Buderim were snapped up decades ago.

How is it possible? Two words: Knockdown Rebuild.

It’s a term coined by building companies to describe the process of starting fresh by knocking down the existing home on a block of land to enable a new home to be constructed on the site.

In the case of Endeavour Foundation’s Buderim Prize home, it has enabled an outstanding modern home to be built in one of those prime locations that had previously been ‘spoken for’.

The result is a perfect storm of design, modern convenience and dream location.

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The four-bedroom, three-bathroom home boasts all of the design features you’d expect in today’s new builds. A modern design aesthetic with cool, smooth surfaces and square edges. Thoroughly modern ‘necessities’ like the well-appointed media room. Open-plan, integrated indoor-outdoor living courtesy of the impressive bank of stacking sliding doors leading directly to the pool. And sleek contemporary finishes like marble, waterfall kitchen benchtops and monochromatic designer fittings.

Exterior of Endeavour Prize Home 423 Buderim House Rennovation Sunshine Coast
You wouldn’t normally find a modern lines like this in an older, established suburb.

This piece of carefully-constructed sophistication sits on a leafy Buderim street that’s long been home to families that are blissfully aware of how lucky they are to live there. With the boutique shopping and café culture of Buderim village just up the road and your choice of beaches (maybe Alexandra Headlands or Mooloolaba?) under 15 minutes away, it’s a very appealing package indeed.

4 times a Knockdown Rebuild is a good option

Just like in the case of our Buderim Prize Home, there are times when taking the ‘Knockdown Rebuild’ path makes good sense. Here are a few examples of when it could be a good idea to call in the ‘demo’ crew:

  1. You find the perfect site for your dream home, problem is, there’s a house already on it.Imagine trying to find a block with killer views (like our Buderim Prize Home’s location) to build on, but all of the good ones are ‘taken’ so to speak. You can either compromise by buying an existing home and renovating. Or you can try to snap up a bargain and clear the slate for your dream home. If you can find a block with an older home that’s in need of renovation, the purchase price may not be much more than the land value anyway.
  2. You want a modern inner-city lifestyle but not an apartment.If it feels like the only way to have a new home in the city is to buy an off-the-plan apartment, think again. While it’s true that vacant land is scarcer than a hippy in a high rise, you could consider the option of ‘making’ your own vacant block to build on.
  3. You love where you live, just not your old house.Perhaps you really love the area you live in and while you’d also dearly love a new home, you’re not ready to leave. If this is you, your options are to embark on an extensive renovation or bite the bullet and start fresh.A knockdown rebuild gives you the opportunity to build the home of your dreams while still staying in the suburb and community that has your heart.
  4. You always planned to renovate, until you got the quote. You’ve patiently waited until the day you can afford to renovate. You’ve been dreaming about your shiny new kitchen and bathroom for years, not to mention knocking down a few walls, ‘opening it up’ to the deck and a few other things that sends your wish list onto a second page.But then, you send your wish list to the builder and then he sends back the quote. Eek.Major renovations to an existing home have the ability to devour a healthy budget in only a manner of weeks. Making over an older house can open a pricey can of worms and lead to unexpected expenses along the way. You also often need to make compromises, seeing as you literally have to work with what you’ve got.

    A new build on the other hand can be quoted up front, particularly if you choose a fixed price builder. It will also give you that clean slate we were talking about, so you can pretty much build what you want (within reason, and budget of course).

    Once you crunch the numbers you might find that the cost difference between renovating or building from scratch is much less than you think. And considering the creative freedom a new build affords, it may be well worth the difference in price.

What to consider before you call the demo team

If you are considering a knockdown rebuild project, there are a few things to think about before book the bulldozer.

It’s worth looking for a builder with experience doing these sorts of projects. A Knockdown Rebuild comes with a whole set of very specific challenges (which can become problems if you don’t know what you are doing.)

    1. Get a builder’s advice Before you buy the block of your dreams (complete with the home of your nightmares) make sure that your vision is achievable and within your budget. Talk to a reputable builder with knock-down-rebuild experience about your vision and find out as much as you can about the process and potential costs.
    2. Call the council Get in touch with the local council about your plans. Make sure to find out if there is any red tape that could stop or delay your project and what council or permit costs are involved.
    3. Get a quote Once you’ve decided to go for it, get your plans drawn up and get a quote including the cost of demolishing the existing dwelling. If possible, get a fixed quote so you know what you will be up for.
    4. Warn the neighbours Make sure you talk to the neighbours about your plans. They may be sad to see the original home go or be wary of the disturbance the demolition and construction may cause. Hopefully they will be happy that a new home will help in adding value to the area. Remember that once you move in, they could potentially be your neighbours for a very long time, so it’s best to try and keep them on side.

Buderim Neighbours
It’s a good idea to get the neighbours on side before you start your project.

  1. Arrange accommodation for your family and your stuff. If you’re planning on knocking down your existing home, you’re obviously going to need to find some alternative accommodation. You may be able to hit up some relatives for a place to stay or find a short-term rental. Either way you may not be able to take all of your stuff with you so consider your options for storing your belongings.
  2. Let the games begin. All that’s left to do is load Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball into your playlist and hold on for the ride (preferably with your clothes on). The end result will be more than worth it.

Come and see how good a Knockdown Rebuild can be

Endeavour Foundation’s Buderim Prize Home is now open to explore. Come and see how modern design and a prime location come together for domestic bliss. The home is open from 10am – 5pm daily. Find directions or virtual tour here.

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