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How to Make A Show-Stopping Christmas Wreath – Easy DIY

How to Make a Christmas Wreath by Jane

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It’s that time of the year where our houses are becoming a little (or a lot) more festive. In this blog, our resident Christmas-lover Jane is going to take you through her steps to make a stunning Christmas wreath.

What you need: 

  • Something round 
  • Florist wires (thin ones work best) 
  • Strong scissors 
  • Foliage (can be fake or real, in a garland or in bunches) 
  • Decorations 
what you need to make wreath

Step 1 – Have a game plan 

Trust us, it’s really easy to walk into the shop, get carried away and walk out with a wallet that’s much, much lighter after going crazy on the decorations.  

We recommend having an idea of what kind of wreath you want to make before you start shopping. Maybe it’s a colour theme, or maybe you want to incorporate a particular kind of flower? Maybe you want to just go all-out Christmas? Whatever it is, it should be something that makes you happy. 

Me? My favourite colour is pink, and with gold everyone’s a winner, so that’s what I chose. 

Step 2 – Find something round

This will be the base of your wreath! What you’re mainly looking for here is something that’s around the size of what you’re wanting to create. You might decide to keep the leaves quite sparse with this one and keep it visible, or you might like to completely hide it behind big and bushy decorations.

It’s important that your round thing is solid and easily holds it’s shape, otherwise it won’t quite be a circle when you hang it up.

Step 3 – Add foliage

This is what makes your wreath nice and bushy. While you can use fresh leaves, artificial ones will last much, much longer.

If you’re using a garland:

Garlands are quite easy. With these, you want to place it on the wreath where you like it, and then go in with your wires, twisting the wires around both the round thing and the stem of the garland so that it’s nice and securely attached.

If you’re using bunches:

This approach may take a little longer, but it’s also quite straightforward. With these, you want to make sure your bunches are tied together in a way that will hold, then you will twist your wires around the base of the bunches and the base of your wreath. Then you add extra bunches in front of the last one until it’s big and bushy.

Step 4 – Decorate!

This is the fun part!

You’ll want to take your beautiful leafy wreath and jazz it up a bit. I found the best way to do this was with the wires, working your way around, attaching your decorations by threading them through the wire and twisting it to keep it secure.

I hope you enjoy your beautiful, dazzling Christmas wreath!

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