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How to Make Home Your Own Personal Sanctuary

Your Own Personal Sanctuary

Home is more than a place to sleep, eat, and watch Netflix. Your home should be your sanctuary. A place where you can feel calm and at peace. A place where you can rest and recharge so you’re ready to take on the world again.

That’s why, if you’re going to be on the hunt for a new place to call home, you really need to think carefully about what you’re really looking for.

And we don’t just mean how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, or what suburb you’d like to live in. Sure, they’re important. But what about your ‘well-being wish list’? Perhaps that’s the most important list of all?

Maybe, just maybe, your home-hunting criteria should include questions like: Is it a peaceful location? Do you have a leafy outlook? Is nature close by? Are there spaces to relax? Does the home have a good vibe?

One home that ticks those well-being boxes, and then some, is Endeavour Foundation’s Tropical Retreat Prize Home located in the leafy suburb of Palmview, just 20 minutes from the revitalising, salty waves of Caloundra’s beaches.

Tucked away in a peaceful, boutique estate, this truly special place backs onto the soothing sights and sounds of untouched bushland.

Choosing a home in a bushland estate, like our Prize Home, is a great step toward living a calmer life, connected with nature.

Imagine calling this place home

Imagine calling this place home

Smaller, boutique estates are more likely to offer a quieter, more peaceful lifestyle. They’re also often located on the fringe of urban areas, closer to nature reserves, or, in the case of our Prize Home, overlooking them.

The leafy views can be enjoyed from the home’s tropical-themed entertaining pavilion and resort-style pool – the perfect antidote for a busy life.

Incidentally, the home also has four large bedrooms, two well-appointed bathrooms, a media room, and even a triple garage, but honestly, when you step out back into the oasis of calm, none of that matters. Bliss.

Create Day Spa Feels at Home

In an age of self-care and spending more time at home, it’s not surprising that more and more of us are creating spaces dedicated to wellness and well-being.

It can be as simple as assigning a zone in your home where you can truly unwind and pamper yourself. It might be in a spare room, an outside gazebo or you could transform your bathroom into a Zen bathhouse.

If you’re extra lucky, you might even have a willing masseuse at your place. If not, in-home massage service is just a phone call away.

And best of all, when you peel your limp self up from the massage table (complete with squashed face and oily hair) you’ll be able to collapse into the comfort and anonymity of home.

If you’re looking for some day spa inspiration, you may just have to force yourself to sample some of the Sunshine Coasts best luxury spas. You know, purely for research, of course.

day spa

Your research project awaits

An amazing place to start would be Ikatan Balinese Day Spa in Noosa. This multi-award-winning spa, set in lush, tropical gardens, has been voted Australia’s best destination day spa. You won’t find the typical treatments offered in traditional spas here. What you will find is a place where the pace is slower and where you will be able to immerse yourself in transformative ‘experiences’ crafted to improve wellbeing and provide the ultimate in relaxation.

Another incredible day spa you may have to try on your research mission is Spa Anise at Spicers Tamarind Retreat, in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland on the outskirts of Maleny. At this luxurious spa you can treat yourself to a tantalising menu of treatments – from a hot stone massage to a soak in a mineral spa – all in a leafy, green rainforest setting. For a real indulgence, plan to spend the night at the retreat so you can just stay right where you are and wallow in your newfound bliss.

Once you’ve finally gathered enough inspiration (who knows how many treatments that may take?) you’ll be ready to add some spa touches to your place. Here’s our ‘Top 5’ for instant spa vibes:

1. Candles

Whether you choose larger, long-burning candles or twinkling tea lights, candlelight has an almost instant, mesmerising and calming effect on the mind and body. Be mindful though when making your choice as not all candles are created equal. Instead of opting for paraffin-wax candles (which release harmful chemicals when they are burned), look for soy or beeswax candles which are renewable, free of toxins and biodegradable.

Beeswax candles

Choose soy or beeswax candles which are renewable and toxin free.

2. Aromatherapy

Don’t underestimate the power of scent. Adding some beautiful scents to your spa space will genuinely affect how you feel and help to set the mood. If you’re indulging outside, try burning incense for an authentic experience, or for an indoor spa space, aromatherapy diffuser sticks are an easy, long-lasting option.

3. Cushions

Cushions, cushions and more cushions. You don’t have to feel the hard ground under your hip bones to feel grounded. Toss some cushions on the floor or your furniture for total comfort and a nurturing feel.

4. Natural elements

Incorporate natural elements like timber, cane or stone into your décor along with warm, earthy colours to create a peaceful, harmonious space. Small touches like a wooden bowl of shells or smooth stones can really change the mood.

5. Music

Transport your mind with calming music that ‘speaks’ to you. That doesn’t mean you have to dust off your old Enya CD, unless, of course, you want to. Anything slow and soothing is perfect. So, if that hippy rainforest relaxation music winds you up tighter than a cuckoo clock, try something like Ministry of Sound’s Chillout Sessions for some super chill, relaxing vibes.

6. Water

Positioning your spa space near a source of water will go a long way toward floating into a state relaxation (see what we did there?) Whether you’re unwinding by the pool, a pond, or a table-top fountain, the sight and sound of water is soothing for the soul. If that’s all too hard, even listening to a relaxation track with the sound of trickling water can do the trick.

7. Foliage and flowers

If your space is outdoors, this is an easy box to tick. If you’re planning on blissing out inside, introduce a couple of trailing indoor plants or a vase of flowers or foliage cut from your garden.

new oasis of calm

Could this be your new oasis of calm?

Win Your Own Tropical Sanctuary

With a stunning resort-style backyard complete with poolside pavilion, our Tropical Paradise Prize Home could become your oasis of calm… after you get over the excitement of winning.

Take a virtual tour right now or explore this peaceful nook of the world in person. You’ll find directions and opening times here.

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