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How To Nail Modern Farmhouse Style

Modern Farmhouse Style Home

The unexpected love child of country style and contemporary minimalism, the modern farmhouse interior trend captures all of the best bits of the old and the new.

Think of it as a pared back, more streamlined version of the ‘country’ look, or a way to add warmth and character to a modern interior.

If you’ve caught an episode or two of the lifestyle TV show, Fixer Upper, and seen Chip and Joanna transform dusty old interiors into contemporary classics (with lashings of whimsical charm), you’ve seen the modern farmhouse decorating style at its best.

But don’t think y’all have to have a gen-u-ine vintage farmhouse to get on board this train. (Or should that be tractor?) Whether your place is as old as the hills or a brand-spanking new build, you can make this look work for you.

It’s all about casual, contemporary living that’s as warm as it is inviting.

At a time when we’re reusing and upcycling more than ever, it’s no wonder that the modern farmhouse look is one of the hottest interior design trends right now.

white rustic farmhouse kitchen

Country style meets modern minimalism

Six Tips for Modern Farmhouse Style:

1. Go Greige, Gracefully

Whether you’re in Australia, or on the other side of the world, the modern farmhouse look is all about creating an elegant, neutral canvas and building warmth with natural materials and texture. Don’t think it has to be a complete whitewash though. Light, neutral walls in ultra-popular ‘greige’ tones (grey + beige) create the perfect understated backdrop for timeless, casual style.

And when it comes to fixtures and fittings like window trims and tapware, contrasting black is where it’s at. This modern twist on classic black and white brings a contemporary feel to farmhouse living.

On this neutral canvas, a few pops of colour will add the finishing touch and really bring your home to life. Think rich but muted hues in dusty blues, teals, nature-inspired greens, soft pinks and earthy tones like ochre and mustard.

farmhouse living room

‘Greige’ (grey + beige) makes the perfect neutral canvas for a modern yet timeless look

2. Warm Your Cockles with Wood

And no, we don’t mean by tossing a couple of ironbark logs on the fire. (Although, a crackling fire in a cast iron fireplace really is the perfect finishing touch to this look.) What we’re referring to is the warmth that comes from incorporating beautiful timber furnishings and features into your space.

It could be with a rustic timber dining table or by adding textural finishes like natural timber doors and wooden kitchen benchtops. To create a modern farmhouse living room you could even consider adding timber beams (a Fixer Upper favourite) for instant character.

And when you’re decorating with timber pieces, don’t feel limited to keep it all to one type or shade of wood. Mixing up your timbers will give your home a more relaxed, authentic feel that will exude effortless style.

farmhouse with beams

Timber fixtures like wooden beams add texture and warmth

3. Prepare for A Bake Off

A true modern farmhouse kitchen should be able to host a CWA bake off and a MasterChef episode all in one.

A functional, well-equipped kitchen is the soul of every farmhouse. A place where everyone comes together to cook, laugh and, most importantly, eat.

In a perfect world, your modern farmhouse kitchen would have plenty of bench space, lots of cabinets, a generous, old-school walk-in pantry, plus all the bells and whistles you’d expect in a modern kitchen.

Think timeless features like classic tapware, shaker cabinets and vintage-look pendants or wall sconces with a slightly industrial or rustic aesthetic in matte black or tarnished metallics.

If the budget permits, a show-stopping farmhouse sink should be at the top of the ‘must-have’ list. If you’re not already in-the-know (or coveting one), these large, drop-in style sinks sit below the benchtop and have an exposed front-facing side creating an instant vintage look.

Whether you choose ceramic, stone, copper, or classic enamelled cast iron, a farmhouse sink will not only capture the right vibe, but also a tonne of dirty dishes making it extremely practical to boot.

modern kitchen

Invite the CWA ladies around for a bake off

4. Inject Some Modern Energy

The real secret to the modern farmhouse look is blending classic, rustic style with more modern, edgier pieces. There’s no need to stick to just one era or style when making your furniture choices. Instead, mix things up with fun combinations like a rustic timber dining table with mid-century modern chairs.

Prize home dining area

Team mid-century modern chairs with a rustic table for a modern twist on the farmhouse look.

5. Make It as Cosy As Your Nan’s Granny Square Blanket

Soft, textural elements made from natural fibres will add warmth and charm to your modern farmhouse. Generous woollen rugs will soften hardwood timber floors and fluffy, knitted throws are an open invitation for cosy nights in.

Use rugs and throws to create a cosy atmosphere

Use rugs and throws to create a cosy atmosphere

6. Keep It Fuss-Free, Just Like Aunt Beryl

While modern farmhouse decorating can be a lot of fun, the trick is to keep it simple and not get too carried away or you’ll end up with a fussy, cluttered home that’s more country than modern.

It’s a case of less, is definitely, more.

Don’t get caught frittering away your hard-earned cash on mass-manufactured trendy homewares to create the right look. Instead, carefully select the things you need, that serve a purpose in your home, to match your farmhouse modern aesthetic. Beautifully functional things will always trump lovely but useless things. They will also stand the test of time.

Aunt Beryl will be proud.

modern farmhouse living

Get a taste of modern farmhouse living at Endeavour Foundation’s $1.4million Anniversary Prize Home in Maleny

See the Ultimate In Modern Farmhouse Style

For more design inspiration, look no further than Endeavour Foundation’s custom-built $1.4 million Anniversary Prize Home in Maleny.

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