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Instant $10K home deposit boost for lucky Star Supporter

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While winning a Prize Home is most definitely the ultimate reward for our amazing Star Supporters, winning a big chunk of cash to put toward a home deposit is the next best thing.

For long-time Star Supporter, Gloria, that’s exactly what she intends to do with the chunk of cash she won in an exclusive Endeavour Foundation Star Supporter bonus draw.

As the lucky winner of Endeavour Foundation Lotteries’ $10K Money Machine, Gloria won $10,000 in cash to spend however her heart desires.

And what heart wants most is to buy her very own home.

“I want to buy a house,” Gloria said without an ounce indecision.

“I’m saving, so I have put all of the money aside to buy a house.”

Having come to Australia from Croatia over 20 years ago, Gloria is very much an Aussie now.  And hopefully she will soon be able to live out the great Australian dream of buying her own home.

Thursday, 8 August 2024

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With her roots firmly planted in rural New South Wales, Gloria has decided it’s time for a fresh beginning and is planning to buy her new home in the Sunshine State.

“I’m a very cold person and I want to live somewhere that’s warm,” she laughed, “And it’s much warmer there.”

“I have always wanted to go to Queensland, and I have a few friends there.”

But there were no friends on hand to share the news with the day Gloria found out she had won.

She was at home alone when the call came through from the team at Endeavour Foundation HQ, and on hearing the news, she was shocked to say the least.

“It was unbelievable! I couldn’t believe it myself,” she said.

And even when Gloria saw a sizable deposit go into her savings account a couple of weeks later, she still struggled to accept that it was real.

“I still couldn’t believe it!” she laughed.

Now that the cash is safe in her bank account, it’s not going anywhere… at least for now… while she saves up the rest of her home deposit.

While Gloria is immensely grateful that she’s now $10K closer to her wish of buying a home in sunny Queensland, snagging a Prize Home is still the ultimate goal.

Considering that all of Endeavour Foundation’s Prize Homes are in Queensland – most often on the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast – winning one would truly be a dream come true for Gloria.  

“I have been a Star Supporter for a few years,” she said.

With guaranteed tickets in every Prize Home draw throughout the year, Gloria is giving it her best shot to win the big one.

“I look at each of the Prize Homes, but, then all I can do is hope.”

Luckily, while she’s crossing her fingers and toes, there’s a long list of exclusive Star Supporter bonus prizes drawn throughout the year to keep life interesting.

From the $5K Instant Pay Rise (which includes a year of monthly $5,000 cash injections straight into your bank account) to Fun Money Friday (where $500 is deposited into your account every Friday for a year), there are lots of exciting ways to win big while you’re still holding out for a Prize Home.

Whichever way you look at it, being a Star Supporter can really pay off.

It certainly did for Gloria.

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