01 March 2019, By Endeavour Lotteries

It’s A Dream Come True and We Are So Grateful – Lottery 419 Prize Home Winner

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Being retirees with a mortgage, Deborah and Garry weren’t able to move to the Sunshine Coast and be closer to their family. Now being the proud new owners of this $1.3 million waterfront home they can!

“It’s a dream come true and we are so grateful,” says Deborah.

“Ten years ago we moved away from the Sunshine Coast. Since then of course more grandchildren have arrived,” says Garry.

“We just sold our home with the view in moving back here but the market on the Sunshine Coast has changed dramatically. We couldn’t afford to buy but then we got the phone call.”

Deborah is a strong supporter of Endeavour Foundation saying, “We know the beautiful work you do with people with disability.

“We never cared if we won. We know we are giving to help other people.”

Grateful to be back with their family, they are proof that “if you don’t buy a ticket, you can’t possibly win”.

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