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Life Changed for Retiree and Her Family With $500k Win!

Lottery 825 Winner

Ultimate Life Changer Lottery winner and Star Supporter Jenny* won $500,000 in gold bullion and chose to cash it in.

“I didn’t believe it was true at first, until I checked my bank balance, previously my only win had been a meat tray. Within a couple of days of winning, I had an extra $500,000 in my bank account. I had never seen such a huge bank balance before. Endeavour helped make the transfer simple and easy.” says Jenny.

Initially Jenny’s husband thought it was a scam. “I was very emotional when I was speaking to Kirsty on the phone. I think I was in shock because you dream about these things but never actually expect it to happen. My husband didn’t believe me until we checked the results online, then he realised that it might be true!”

Jenny who is a retiree will use her win to help bring real change for her and her family. “This win allows us to help family members with house deposits and medical treatment. It is lovely to know we can help our family and that we don’t need to worry about finances. This is a big thing when you are no longer working.”

On the impact that her ticket purchase has, Jenny says “we all have dreams and those with a disability need our care and support to realise their dreams. It is such a worthy cause, one that my family and I will be supporting for many years to come. If I can win a prize then anyone can!”

*Name changed for privacy reasons. Actual winner not depicted. 

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