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Lofty goals: the value and versatility of adding self-contained accommodation to your home

Endeavour Foundation’s Anniversary Prize Homes

In recent years, the humble granny flat has seen a renaissance of sorts, not only in Australia but around the world. From backyard tiny homes to above-garage lofts, the addition of self-contained accommodation is now on the bucket list for many Australian homeowners and home builders.

“It's definitely popular for all sorts of reasons,” said award-winning Sunshine Coast interior designer, Kate Cooper.

Case in point is the self-contained loft space above the garage of Endeavour Foundation’s Anniversary Prize Home, designed by Kate and highly regarded building designer, Pete Taylor of Taylor’d Distinction.

Adding significant value to the $3.2 million Prize Home nestled in the hills of Maleny in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, the loft has the versatility to be a teenager’s retreat, grandparent’s studio or utilised as Airbnb accommodation for an additional income stream.

Based on current holiday rental rates in the sought-after Sunshine Coast hinterland area, the self-contained apartment could earn around $5,500 per month as an Airbnb listing.** And if you considered listing the entire home on a platform like Airbnb, you could be earning around $13,100 per month in holiday rental income. Even as a long-term rental, this stunning home has the potential to bring in around $124,000 per year in passive income.*  

Endeavour Lotteries Studio Style Living
Generous windows add a sense of space to a studio style living.

“Because of the cost of living, people like to rent them out and people may have family members coming to stay with them. It's having that flexibility to use the space for whatever you want it to be – that, I think, is the winner,” Kate said.

Having designed many of these self-contained spaces for his clients, Pete Taylor agrees.

“You might have an older child that might need to live back home, so they still maintain a sense of independence, which is good for everybody, but it's still connected,” he said.

Thursday, 8 August 2024

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The charming Maleny loft Pete and Kate have designed, shows how clever design can create a genuinely spacious feel that belies the size of the space.   

Deep windows bathe the studio style living area and bedroom with light and connect it with the outdoors.  

Endeavour Lotteries Bathroom
The huge bathroom/laundry with more than enough room for a month’s worth of washing means that this is a frustration free zone.

“And then the bathroom/laundry is huge – it's so much larger than an ensuite, Kate said.

“You can imagine doing loads of washing and having space to put your piles on the floor and still be able to walk in and around it to go the bathroom. It’s just such a good size.”

And while it’s important for any small space to feel spacious and open, creating moments of separation between the zones can add a sense of homeliness.

Bench and Wall Separate the Kitchen
A bench and wall separate the kitchen from the living and bedroom zones.

“When you walk in the door, you look directly to the right and the kitchen is tucked in there, then there’s a high bench and a wall between the kitchen and the living area and the bed,” explained Kate.

Functionality is also a key design consideration so it’s important to plan for how the space will be used.

“When it comes to the kitchen design, you just have to be really mindful that everything has to have a home. You know, where are the plates going? Where are the cups going? You need that space for all those everyday items so that it’s still a functioning space even though it’s small,” Kate said.

Compact Kitchen
In a compact kitchen, it’s important that everything has a place.

Kate says being smart with your furniture selections also makes a huge difference to the functionality of the space.

“For example, in the living space, instead of having a coffee table, we put an ottoman there because you could put a tray on there and put some things on there to use as a coffee table. But then Ottoman you can also push over and put your feet up on it like it was a chase lounge. You could push it over into the corner and someone could sit on it for an extra seat. So just being mindful of those selections and those choices so that they can be more versatile and used for more than one thing.

Coffee Table
If you’re furnishing a small space, an ottoman can serve as coffee table, extra seat, and footrest, all in one.

“Also, choosing a sofa with legs makes a space feel bigger. With legs, it’s got a little light and air around it which gives the feeling of more space, whereas if it goes to the ground, it feels heavier.

Kate also recommends mapping out the space to ensure that there’s enough space for everything and that the furniture you’re choosing will have good flow around it.

Plenty of separation between the sofa and the bedroom zone allows for easy movement around the bed and a more functional space.

“You need to make sure that there is a path between all of your furniture to make sure you can walk in, and around, everything.

“For example, you don't want your sofa right up against your bed; you need to be able to walk behind the sofa to get to both sides of the bed.”

Endeavour Foundation's 3.2 M Anniversary Prize Home
The self-contained loft above the garage is just one of many surprises in Endeavour Foundation’s $3.2 million Anniversary Prize Home.

If you’re looking for more self-contained accommodation inspiration, take a closer look at this stunning loft at our Anniversary Prize Home in Maleny.

To explore in person, you’ll find address details and directions and here.

Take a cheeky look around right now with our virtual tour.

Or, if you’re already sold on the space, buy your ticket now for your chance to make it yours. Best of all, with each ticket you buy, you’re helping people with disability to imagine what’s possible and live their best lives.

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*Rental estimates are derived from third-party appraisals and are subject to fluctuating market conditions. **Estimated Airbnb rental income sourced from Airbnb as at April 2024.

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