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Real Winner Story: Meet the Lady of the Manor

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As the winner of Endeavour Foundation’s grandest and most expensive Prize Home ever, Erin, a nurse from Melbourne, is now officially the new ‘lady of the manor’.

That manor is ‘Treehaven’, a sprawling $2.8 million Georgian-inspired home set on a picturesque hillside plot just five minutes from the main street of Maleny village in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

“It’s the most beautiful home I have ever been in…it’s like walking into a dream really,” Erin said.

“The pictures and video just don’t do the home justice. It’ just so massive and so gorgeous – it’s unreal.”

While this stately home is very much a new build, designed by renowned Sunshine Coast building design firm Taylor’d Distinction and Kate Cooper Interiors, the classic contemporary styling definitely gives those family heirloom vibes.

So, it’s fitting that for now at least, Erin is keeping it in the family.  

“When I bought the ticket, I remember thinking that it would be a beautiful home for mum and dad to come and visit and spend some time there.”

Fast forward a couple of months and Erin was able to turn that dream into a reality and offer her Mum and Dad an extended stay in her very own country estate.

“It was very timely because the handover happened just a few days after my Dad retired, so it was a very exciting retirement gift.” Erin laughed.

“My parents are loving it. They’re still up there and enjoying it so I am very happy for that to be happening.”

In the not-too-distant future, Erin and her partner, along with her extended family, will join them for a festive season to remember.

“We’ve got plans for our family to come and have Christmas and a holiday up there this year so we’re very much looking forward to that.” she said.

And where better to gather than this very special family home.

“The fact that it’s open for entertaining and the way that it leads out to the pool area just gives it a really welcoming feel where we can be together, and all enjoy,” Erin said.

But like most family gatherings, everyone is sure to end up congregating in the kitchen.

Luckily, the spectacularly large kitchen at Treehaven can more than handle it.

“At the moment we’re living in an apartment and we’re struggling for space for anything. So having a huge kitchen, then a butler’s kitchen, and then that amazing oven and gas cooktop – I am very, very happy to cook and bake in that!” Erin laughed.

The sense of belonging that Erin feels in her new home away from home, goes well beyond the four walls of the house itself.

“It was such a pleasant surprise to arrive in Maleny – I just loved it instantly. The community feel of the place and what the main street has to offer. We were just so pleasantly surprised how amazing it is.”

“I’m from a rural little town and Maleny has the same feeling with the rolling hills and the farmland and the trees. It kind of feels a little bit like where I grew up which is nice.”

Having only spent a week there so far, Erin is excited to go back and get properly acquainted with her new neighbourhood.

“We really didn’t feel like we got to explore much so we have a long list of things we want to do and see.”

“I have been to Mooloolaba and Noosa a few years ago, but I really didn’t know the hinterland and inland areas at all.”

“It’s a great location for accessing the coast but a quieter area which really suits me.”

Through supporting Endeavour Foundation and buying Prize Home tickets, Erin has helped people with disability to imagine what’s possible.

“I have been buying tickets for a few years now. I think it’s a good way of donating money – knowing it’s being used for a very good cause, and it also gives you hope of possibly winning.” 

While Erin and her partner are still mulling over what they will do with their $2.8 million country estate in the long term, they are more than happy to take their time and savour the luxury and gorgeous location while they are figuring it out.

“It has made us re-evaluate our lives and what we want to do moving forward. It’s given us a lot of financial security whatever we decide.”

One thing is for sure, they are not ready to relinquish their Maleny manor just yet. Especially not while they have an epic family Christmas to plan.

So, for now, Erin will continue to be the happiest, most grateful, ‘lady of the manor’ you’ll ever meet.

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