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New Year Inspiration from Our Crew to You

New Year Resolution of Our Supported Employees

The magic of a truly fresh start comes but once a year. As the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve, we have an amazing opportunity to put the past behind us and begin a whole new chapter.

As Roald Dahl so aptly puts it:

“It is extraordinary how this tremendous change takes place in the space of a fraction of a second. As the clock approaches midnight on the thirty-first of December you are still in the old year, but then all at once, one millionth of a second after midnight, you are in the new.”

So, when that magical moment strikes and the clock ticks over to January 1, are you planning on taking advantage of the gift that is a fresh start, a new beginning? What will your New Year’s resolutions be for 2022?

Whether you’re keen to try something new, start a business, get fit, work on your relationships, or even just go to bed earlier, the New Year is a wonderful chance to put the past behind you, wipe the slate clean, and begin again.

If we take the time to look ahead to what could be, we can imagine what’s really possible.

After all, you won’t get another moment like this for another 31,536,000 seconds, give or take a few (but then, who’s counting?).

New Year’s Resolutions from our Endeavour Foundation crew

For a bit of inspiration, we asked three of our wonderful, supported employees what New Year’s resolutions they are making for 2022:


“My New Year’s resolution is to be early to activities, be more fit, do more dancing, and have more fun in 2022!”


“I’m very happy where I’m living and all that, I’ve got a good support worker who takes care of me when I need help. In 2022, I want to learn how to cook. I have been doing cooking lunches here at the Learning and Lifestyle hub on Fridays. I’d love to become a better cook for sure. I’ve already got a lot of hobbies like bowling. If there’s a good movie on, I’d like to see more movies.”


“My New Year’s resolution to become more fit and healthy. I also want to learn how to communicate better with people. Someone’s been helping me get better at communicating. I’m slowly getting there. Slowly but surely. I just want to keep doing the things I’m doing now like coming here to Endeavour and doing my exercise class and doing everything else. Just have fun in 2022!”

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