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Putting the Vuly Thunder Trampoline To The Test

Vuly Thunder Trampolines Car Test

How do you test if the new trampoline you’ve engineered is strong enough to survive in the Aussie backyard?

You drop a car on it, of course.

On a mission to develop the world’s safest outdoor play equipment, Vuly’s quality testing regime is, quite possibly, also the world’s toughest.

The Brisbane-based company’s testing team decided to push the limits and drop a 1989 Toyota Corolla Seca onto the 150-kilogram weight-rated Vuly Thunder trampoline to see how it would hold up.

The results were nothing short of astounding. The Thunder flexed and rebounded the tonne of steel and rubber-like it was a six-year-old fairy at a birthday party.

You can watch the Thunder test with your own eyes here.

Vuly Thunder trampolines

The winner of Endeavour Foundation’s Christmas Prize home will find one of these Vuly Thunder trampolines in their backyard.

This dramatic demonstration illustrates just how far Vuly is willing to go to deliver products that are as tough as they are safe.

Because, when it comes to kids’ outdoor play equipment, it really is a case of survival of the fittest. Only the most fun, hardy, and enduring will survive the minions and avoid the kerbside collection.

Add Australia’s beating sun and harsh conditions and it’s a war zone out there.

Born and grown in Queensland, Vuly knows just how brutal an Aussie backyard, not-to-mention its inhabitants, can be.

From trampolines and swing sets, to monkey bars and bikes, Vuly engineers play equipment designed to not just survive but thrive in Australian conditions.

Vuly’s Thunder trampoline is no exception. Winner of a Good Design Award®, the Thunder doesn’t look like your typical family trampoline. The trampoline’s striking Leaf Spring design is innovatively based on long-haul suspension systems.

Shaped from a single piece of flexible steel, the pre-curved and rivet-less Leaf Springs provide an upright, higher bounce and won’t twist and strain knees like coils or rods can.

But great design is just the beginning.

Like all of Vuly’s product range, to prove its worth the Thunder has endured some of the toughest tests that Vuly could conjure up.

Rigorous doesn’t even begin to describe the pummelling Vuly put the Thunder through.

Vuly Thunder Trampolines tuff test

The Vuly Thunder being put through its paces

To simulate ten years of play, the Thunder was hammered with 2,500,000 test recoils with a 100-kilogram weight.

Then they slammed it with a catapult falling at 100km/hr. Forty. Thousand. Times.

At which point it might be reasonable to surmise that the Vuly team may have gone a bit hard on their toys when they were kids.

And in an effort to replicate the blistering forty-degree summer days and tropical rainstorms the Thunder would face down under, Vuly subjected it to 3000 hours in harsh sun, 1000 hours in 30km/h winds and a further 300 hours in pouring rain.

Vuly Thunder trampolines water test

Vuly takes their product testing seriously.

Not surprisingly, it survived.

Thankfully, they only do that to the test models though. The Vuly Thunder trampoline you’ll find at Endeavour Foundation’s Christmas Prize Home is unpummelled, shiny and new.

With Vuly’s mission to create the world’s safest trampoline, every detail of the easy-to-assemble Thunder has been designed with safety in mind.

The Thunder’s rebound system is completely outside of the bounce area ensuring jumpers inside will never touch the frame. And unlike its competitors, the Vuly’s zero-millimetre gap between mat ensures little fingers and toes are protected from harm.

Throw in a few of Vuly Thunder trampoline’s accessories which include a shade cover, tent, basketball hoop (for epic slam dunks), and even a water mister and you’ll have the ultimate fun package.

All things considered, it’s not surprising that Vuly’s award-winning trampolines are Australia’s number one choice in the category.

Since Vuly was founded by in 2008 by Joe Andon in the River City, the company has been at the forefront of global developments in trampolines and swing sets. For Vuly, play is a serious business.

Like the elite trampolining athletes they sponsor, Vuly’s commitment to outperform and push the limits never wavers.

But if the Thunder is the end result, you’d have to say all the blood, sweat and tears are worth it.

The Aussie backyard and it’s small, but tough, inhabitants may have finally met their match.

Vuly Thunder at Endeavour Foundation’s Christmas Prize Home

Check out the Vuly Thunder at Endeavour Foundation’s Christmas Prize Home.

See the Thunder in the flesh along with the other ‘toys’ you could win with Endeavour Foundation’s Christmas Prize Home including a fully-renovated vintage caravan.

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