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Real Winner Story: Full circle moment for $2.35 million Prize Home winner

Endeavour Lotteries 456 Sunshine Coast

Thanks to a chance encounter three decades ago, the winner of Endeavour Foundation’s stunning $2.35 million Glass House Mountains Prize Home had always believed that real people like him could win.

“I met some people 30 years ago – friends of friends – that had actually won an Endeavour home up Noosa way, and I thought, wow, people actually do win.” 

Fast forward to December 2023, and Paul was grateful to experience the incredible full circle moment of telling his friends that he had won an Endeavour Foundation Prize Home.

“My friends have been saying that they’ve never met anyone who has won a Prize Home. I’ve told a few people who’ve never bought tickets and now they’re going to go and buy tickets now,” he laughed.

Having bought Endeavour Foundation Prize Home tickets for over 35 years, for Paul, his decision to support isn’t just about the chance of winning. 

“I know that if I win it’s great, but I also know that the money will go to people with disabilities, which Endeavour Foundation does a great job with.”

“I’ve known a few people who’ve used the services so I’ve always wanted to help support when I can.” 

Thursday, 8 August 2024

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Even though Paul had always known that real people do win, it took until the handover day for him to really believe that he was one of them. 

“Handover day was very exciting. We arrived at the house and the team was waiting for us and they showed us around. It was excellent. I suppose I was still in disbelief but when they left, I thought, “Well, ok, it’s my house now”,” Paul smiled. 

“And of course, my family were there, so we decided to try it all out and jump in the pool,” he laughed.

With a house full of people staying, Paul even managed to put the vintage caravan that was part of the prize to good use as the ultimate ‘spare room’ for visitors. 

“One of my nieces and her boyfriend decided to use it as their room, so they’ve tested it all out,” he said.

Paul and his family also found time to start exploring the Glass House Mountains area and the walking paths nearby. 

“My sister and my nieces are into hiking, so they love it. We’ve also discovered the Beerwah community and have been up to the shops there for the groceries and everything else.”

“And one day we drove to Maroochydore and Mooloolaba and that wasn’t far – with the new roads it’s incredible.” 

“We haven’t had a long time there yet, but Easter is coming up, so we’re planning on having that at the house now too.” 

Up until handover day, Paul had only seen his new Sunshine Coast retreat in the pages of the Prize Home brochure, including the images of the Glass House Mountains views from the backyard.

“When I bought the tickets, I hadn’t been up to the house to have a look at it – I’d just looked at the pictures in the brochure,” he said.

But Paul can now attest that the view of Mount Tibrogargan is even better in person. 

“It’s probably one of the best views up there. It’s nice to wake up to because the main bedroom directly faces that way.”  

As he spends more time at the home, Paul is appreciating more and more all the extra gems the Endeavour team build into the prize package. 

“The workshop is excellent. The guys have really equipped it out with the tool trolleys, etcetera. I’ve already started transfer it into my tool shop.”

The only thing he might not be putting to good use is the amazing skate ramp in the backyard. And while Paul can appreciate just how epic it is, he’s not sure if he’ll be pulling any ‘ollies’ anytime soon. 

“What I would like to do, if possible, is donate it to any organisation like the PCYC so that it can be put to good use. Otherwise, I have a few friends with younger kids that would love it,” he said.

With or without the skate ramp, Paul’s new Sunshine Coast base is going to become the family hang out for the foreseeable future. 

“I just want to keep it for ourselves at the moment,” he said.

“I work and volunteer down in Brisbane, so at this stage, I think we’ll keep it as our family holiday home and then I might retire up there eventually.”

“You have that disbelief that it’s yours, but it’s beginning to sink in now,” he said.  

It just goes to show – real people like Paul really do win.

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