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River to Sea: Best jet ski spots on the Sunshine Coast

Jet Ski Spots

With pristine river systems and more than 60 kilometres of spectacular coastline, the Sunshine Coast offers some of the best jet ski locations in Australia.

From the immersive mangrove ecosystem of the Maroochy River to the sparkling Pumicestone Passage, to the turquoise waters of the Noosa River, there is so much to explore.

If you’d love to get out there but you don’t already have a jet ski, we might just have a couple ready for the adventure… if you’re lucky.

Endeavour Foundation is giving away two Sea-Doo jet skis with our $1.8 million Sunshine Coast Prize Home at Palmwoods.

The two GTR 230 jet skis, valued at $50,000, boast 230 supercharged horses and pinpoint control. If you’d love for them to be yours, make sure you grab a ticket and then start dreaming about where you’ll take them for your first exciting adventure.

Maroochy River

The calm waters of the Maroochy River mouth is a great place to start.

This place really is the complete package. Calm, sparkling waters, cute islands, mangrove ecosystems, tree-fringed nooks, and mountain views.

Yes, the Maroochy River has it all and is a perfect place to explore while you’re honing your jet ski riding skills.

To get started, launch your jet ski at the Maroochy River Boat Ramp and flip a coin for which direction you go.

Heads? Go east down river toward Cotton Tree and the expansive lagoon at the river mouth. Check out Chambers Island on the way and make sure you do a hot lap around Channel Island and Goat Island. You know you want to. Or tails? Make the journey upriver and weave your way through the twists and turns of the river all the way to Dunethin Rock. Extra points if you can spot Mount Coolum and Mount Ninderry along the way. 

Tip: The river can be a bit shallow at times, particularly at low tide, so make sure you check the tide times before venturing out.

Tip: Always look for the channel markers but still keep an eye out as shifting sand can mean that these aren’t always accurate.

Noosa River

One of the most pristine river systems in Australia, the Noosa River is a jet ski lover’s playground.

If white sandy beaches and sparkling turquoise water is your thing, the Noosa River is a spectacular place to get your jet ski wet and have some fun. The four-kilometre stretch of water from the Noosa Spit up river to the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club is yours to explore. You won’t be disappointed. Tip: The river does get very busy, especially on weekends, so that means the boat ramps can get a little hectic. To avoid the crowds, make sure you’re there ready to launch before 8am. 

Noosa National Park

Exploring the coastline of Noosa National Park is definitely one to put on your bucket list.

If you’ve explored Noosa River and you’re ready to take it to the next level, you can head to the river mouth and cross the Noosa Bar to explore the open waters beyond.

From there you can cruise around for a stop at Noosa Main Beach. Head south and trace the coastline around Noosa National Park. You’ll get a whole new perspective of the stunning turquoise waters of spots like Little Cove and Tea Tree Bay as well as the famous Boiling Point and Hell’s Kitchen.

Tip: The Noosa Bar can get a little gnarly at times, so make sure you check conditions before you attempt to cross.

Pumicestone Passage

Golden beach is the perfect spot to launch your jet ski and start exploring

Protected by the length of Bribie Island, Pumicestone Passage Marine Park is a veritable playground for jet skiers.    

You can launch your jet ski at Caloundra’s Golden Beach and make the 34-kilometre journey down the passage to the Bribie Island Bridge and the southern-most tip of Bribie Island across from Sandstone Point.

At the southern end of Pumicestone Passage you’ll find the Bribie Island Bridge and the popular Bongaree Jetty.

Take the time to enjoy the views of the Glasshouse Mountains and explore the little beaches along the way. You could even stop for lunch at one of Bribie’s cafés.

If you’re lucky, Chris’ Float’n Café might be out on the water too. If you spot him, hail him down for a cold drink or an ice-cream.

Win the Sea Doo jet skis, a Jeep Wrangler to tow them, and a $1.8 million home to park them at.

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