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Staying Home Has Never Been More Appealing

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Peacefully tucked away in the heritage township of Flaxton on the Blackall Range, this charming Queenslander home is all about enjoying the simpler things in life. Devonshire tea of freshly-baked scones on the verandah. Hand-picked herbs from the garden. Marshmallows toasted over an open fire. The sweet smell of strawberry jam simmering on the stove. An icy-cold jug of homemade lemonade to sip by the pool.

It might sound like the stuff Julie Andrews would sing about, but pretty soon, these could become some of your favourite things.

Endeavour Foundation’s $1.16 million Anniversary Prize Home – ‘homestead’ is possibly a more appropriate description – transports you to a place where the pace is slower, the days are longer, and everything is just… easier.

If you’re going to have to bunker down for a while until the world is a nicer place, this is the spot to do it. Here, you could all but disappear from the world as we know it and blissfully settle in for the long haul.

Celebrating Endeavour Foundation’s 69 years of service to the community, this newly-built Queenslander home, with panoramic views of the Sunshine Coast, blends the charm of a bygone era with the luxuries of modern life.

It also totally nails the ‘just stay home’ vibe.

Our ancestors must have known a thing or two about the art of staying home. Take the quintessential Queenslander if you need proof. With the basic design consisting of rooms opening out to verandahs that wrap around two or more sides of the house, the Queenslander is all about creating spaces that feel open and airy not closed in and cooped up. The design also ensures that from sun up to sun down, you’ll always be able to find a spot to hang out that’s just right – cool in summer and sheltered in winter.

Endeavour Foundation’s Anniversary Prize Home shows how Queenslander-inspired design still cuts the mustard. Crisp white weatherboards, wide sweeping verandahs and character features like ornate timber fretwork, create the perfect setting for taking the time to enjoy a simpler life.

Fancy a scone and a cuppa on the verandah?
Fancy a scone and a cuppa on the verandah?

Even the homestead kitchen is true to the era from the white shaker-style cabinets to the holy grail – a coveted ceramic farmhouse sink. And then there’s the huge island bench that’s just made for kneading dough or spreading out your baking trays (now that you’ll be cooking everything from scratch).

Another heritage feature worth clinging onto with dear life is the walk-in pantry. Here it’s a thing of beauty with more white cabinetry, built-in drawers, and open shelves just waiting to be lined with jars of staples and freshly bottled preserves.

Beneath the surface of this farmhouse kitchen, a few mod cons have been snuck in – shhhh – to make life even easier. A smoke-stained ceiling is nothing more than an old wives’ tale with an integrated extraction fan installed above the 900mm gas/electric cooker.

And if you listen carefully, the integrated dishwasher can be heard (only just) but definitely not seen. Kinda the opposite of what they used to say about children back in the good ol’ days.

When you feel like giving the stove a test run and baking up a storm, fling open the servery window (another mod con) and enjoy the breeze and the views while the scent of fresh-baked goodies wafts out into the garden.

Could there be a better place to get your bake on?
Could there be a better place to get your bake on?

While life might be a little more hands-on by choice, it’s not all about work. One benefit of living at a slower pace is that there is also plenty of time to relax. From cool autumn evenings spent by the firepit under the stars to summer days spent lazing around the pool, there’s plenty of ways to do not very much at all.

As peaceful as it is in this neck of the woods, it’s the views from this home that give you a sense of connection with the world below. This grand lady gazes east to the coast, and if you look out from the kitchen or master bedroom windows on a clear day you’ll see slithers of Coral Sea along the horizon line.

At a time when we’re all stepping back and taking stock of what’s really important, ‘home’ is so much more than just four walls, a place to eat and sleep. Home is where we feel safe and nurtured, and where we can rest, recharge and be inspired.

Endeavour Foundation’s Anniversary Queenslander at Flaxton is all of this and more. It’s proof of how your home environment can genuinely make staying in the only thing you want to do.

And if you’re lucky, it could soon be yours.

Then all you’ll need to do is stock up the pantry, dust off the board games and settle in to just stay home, sweet home.

Just stay home, sweet, home.
Just stay home, sweet, home.

Take a virtual tour of this stunning Queenslander

Endeavour Foundation’s $1.16 million Anniversary Prize Home may not be open for you to visit in person at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still explore all its nooks and crannies.

Take a virtual tour from the comfort of your lounge and you’ll be able to ‘walk through’ the home and check out every room as if you’re really there. If you haven’t taken one of our virtual tours before, make sure you check it out. You’ll even be able to see the stunning views the home offers from inside and out (although they are obviously are even more breathtaking in person).

Tip: check out the vantage points from the kitchen and the Master Bedroom for amazing views all the way to the Sunshine Coast.

Why wait? To see what’s so special about this home, take a virtual tour now.

qart paintings

Boredom Buster 1 – ‘Spot the Painting’

If you or the kids have a bit of extra time on your hands, take the virtual tour and see if you can spot the two beautiful original paintings hanging in the home by Endeavour Foundation QArt artists: ‘Feathers’ by Lisa Hine and ‘Flowers’ by Reeve King. Good luck!

Boredom Buster 2 – Travel to Flaxton

While you’re online, you can also do a bit of virtual travel and check out the beautiful Flaxton area. It’s always good to know what’s around just in case you’ll be making the move to the area. With a beautiful village and lots of places to explore in the surrounding region, it’s an easy way to while away a couple of hours at home. Plus, you can store up ideas for when we’re all out and about again.

Endeavour Foundation
The home where it all began for the Endeavour Foundation.

Celebrating 69 years of serving Queenslanders with intellectual disability.

Each year, Endeavour Foundation builds a Queenslander-style Prize Home to celebrate our humble beginnings on the verandahs of a grand old Queenslander in the suburbs Brisbane. It was here that a group of children with an intellectual disability were given the opportunity to imagine what’s possible.

Their parents believed that children with an intellectual disability deserved to live a fulfilling life and have the same right to education as everyone else.

Their work toward creating more educational opportunities for children with intellectual disability was the beginnings of what would become the Endeavour Foundation.

This year with our Anniversary Prize Home at Flaxton, we celebrate 69 years of the Endeavour Foundation. That’s almost seven decades of helping some of the most vulnerable in our community discover what’s possible.

Buying your tickets online is easy

Tickets are now available to purchase online with just a couple of clicks. For just $10 you could be in the draw to win this very special Queenslander Home. Every ticket you buy goes toward helping people with intellectual disability you are extremely vulnerable during this difficult time.

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