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Sustainable Solar Power for A Bright Future

Prize Home Lottery With Redback Solar Installed

Imagine what could be possible if we all start moving toward a more sustainable future? That’s why, as we celebrate our 70th year, Endeavour Foundation has partnered with Redback Technologies and Connect Energy to fit-out our Anniversary Prize Home with a state-of-the-art, sustainable solar power system.

With 9.6kW of battery storage, the Smart 3-Phase Hybrid System installed in the home will provide energy stability and reduced electricity bills for the lucky winner and shows what’s now possible in home, solar energy systems.

Smart 3-Phase Hybrid boasts 9.6kW of battery storage

The future is now: Redback’s Smart 3-Phase Hybrid boasts 9.6kW of battery storage.

Why Installing Solar Power Battery Storage Is A Smart Choice

Make hay while the sun shines. That’s the old saying, isn’t it? Sure, it’s smart to make the most of your opportunities while things are looking bright. But what about the rest of the time? Wouldn’t it be even smarter to hang onto a bit of that hay for times that aren’t so sunny?

For most of us with a home solar power system mounted on our rooftop, we’re letting valuable ‘hay’ slip through our pitchfork every, single, sunshiny day.

As you’d well know, with most home solar power set ups, you can only use the power they generate right then and there when the sun is out. And if you don’t manage to use it all up that instant, your hard-earned power will disappear off into the grid for less than it costs to buy it back.

But if you can squirrel away a few bales of ‘solar hay’, you can keep your place powering when the sun goes down or the rain clouds roll in.

And that’s where solar battery storage comes into its own. With a solar power system that includes battery storage, you’ll be able to make use of all the power you generate and reduce your energy bills.

The Australian-designed, Redback Technologies system installed at Endeavour’s Anniversary Prize Home includes a large 12.6kW array of high efficiency solar panels connected to an all-in-one unit including a smart hybrid inverter and sleek battery cabinet ensuring continuous supply, day and night. (The system’s built-in UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply* – will even help keep the lights on in a power outage.)

With an appropriately-sized system and enough battery storage, you can become self-sufficient in terms of your energy usage and for the most part, be independent from the grid.

Solar sustainability here we come.

The key is knowing how much energy you use now and will use in the future so you can set yourself up with enough battery storage to do the job for the long term.

REDBACK solar ipad tracking app

With today’s smart solar you can even track your system’s power generation and storage data from the comfort of your armchair.

Smarter Systems in More Ways Than One

Today’s smart solar systems are not just a smart choice for a more sustainable future. Kitted out with the latest intuitive software, advanced options like Redback’s Smart Hybrid Systems are even smarter than those geniuses at the Apple shop.

These smart solar systems enable you to manage your energy usage from your armchair or even when you’re away from home. Check into Redback’s easy-to-use app, and you’ll see a dashboard that shows you your system’s analytical solar and storage data.

Redback’s system also comes with on-going technical support from the Brisbane-based customer support team, which means you’ll never be left in the dark.

Solar Installation: Aspect Is Everything

Just like in the real estate world, for your solar installation, aspect is everything.

When you’re aiming for energy sustainability, it’s important that your system is working as efficiently as possible for maximum power production. And that’s where the direction you face your panels is all important.

If you can only place your panels in one direction, facing them north has traditionally been considered the ideal for maximum solar output.

However, if you’re aiming for a more constant energy supply throughout the day, a split east and west orientation, like on our Anniversary Prize Home, can be a great option, ensuring optimal solar output from early morning through to late afternoon.

In a household that consumes most power early in the morning and then again later in the day, an east/west orientation can be a great way to go.

Home pool at dusk

The future could be very bright.

Imagine A Bright Future

It’s not hard to visualise an amazing, new, sustainable lifestyle when you visit Endeavour Foundation’s spectacular Anniversary Prize Home in Maleny. It’s the stuff dreams are made of and it could all be yours.

To run your eye over Redback’s Smart Hybrid Solar System in person and explore this luxurious Queenslander home, head to Maleny in the Sunshine Coast hinterland for a daytrip and follow the directions.

Or if you can’t make it to the home in person, you can take an armchair virtual tour right now.

You can buy your tickets in our 70th Anniversary Prize Home online or when you visit the home and then start dreaming about a new, bright, sustainable future.

*UPS circuits are installed separately and require a battery. Operates as EPS in SA.

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