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Sydneysider Bags $1.4 Million Sunshine Coast Property

Endeavour Foundation Prize Home Lottery Winner

Lucky Star Supporter Glenn, from south Sydney has won what everyone else seems to want right now – real estate on the Sunshine Coast.

The Sydneysider is the winner of Endeavour Foundation’s purpose-built Anniversary Prize Home at Maleny in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

“It’s absolutely perfect. It’s the most picturesque location and furnished to my taste,” Glenn said about the $1.4 million-dollar Queenslander home.

But with his life based in Sydney, Glenn has decided to make the most of the booming Sunshine Coast property scene and put his new hinterland home on the market.

It seems Glenn’s timing couldn’t be better.

Property prices on the Sunshine Coast have risen over 23% in the last 12 months and are still on the way up.

“The agents have said it’s really hot up there at the moment,” he said.

“I am going to sell it and buy something here. I always wanted to buy in those inner-city areas which is almost unachievable for a guy on a single income.”

Glen’s decision to support Endeavour Foundation and become a Star Supporter was made with his heart and his head.

“I have a cousin who is severely disabled, so it has always appealed to me.”

“And not only are you supporting a really great cause, but you also have the opportunity to win awesome prizes.”

“Like I’ve said to my mates, compared with other lotteries, the odds for Endeavour are so much better so why would you go in other lotteries like Lotto when the odds are really poor?” Glenn said.

For anyone thinking about buying tickets, his message is simple:

“You’d be mad not to. It’s just a win/win. You support a great cause, have the opportunity to win great prizes and the odds are good.”

While Glenn is now looking forward to a bright future thanks to his million-dollar win, the sun wasn’t shining the day he discovered his life was about to change.

“It was a miserable, really cold, rainy day in Sydney, and I was having a pretty bad morning to be honest,” he said.

With his head down, slogging away behind his desk at work, Glenn was oblivious to the fact that his ticket number had just been randomly drawn at Endeavour Foundation headquarters in Brisbane.

“I go in all of the lotteries as a Star Supporter, so I had no idea it was being drawn that day at all,” he said.

Then, out of the blue – or should that be grey? – Glenn received the call from Lotteries Manager, Kirsty Moore, to say he had won Endeavour Foundation’s Anniversary Prize Home in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast hinterland valued at over $1.4 million.

“To be honest I thought it was a stitch up initially, so I was very sceptical,” Glenn said.

But used to winners’ disbelief, Kirsty was thrilled to assure him that he had in fact won.

“She said, ‘I’m the head of lotteries, so when you get a call from me it’s going to be something good.’

Deep down, Glenn had always had a feeling that he might win one day.

“For years I have told my mates, ‘I am going to win one of these houses’,” he said.

Of course, when Glenn tried to tell his mates that he had actually won a prize home, at first, they didn’t believe him.

“They said, bull@$#&, you’ve been talking about these houses for so long… but now they’re buying tickets as well!” he laughed.

As the idea of being over a million dollars richer sinks in, Glenn is beginning to imagine what may now be possible.

“It just opens up so many doors and gives you the flexibility to change careers and do something you really enjoy that maybe doesn’t pay as much.”

“It has happened at a great time when I can really enjoy it and make it last.”

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