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The Big Decision: Tree-Change, Sea-Change, Or Both?

Tree Change Sea Change

Apparently, there’s never been a better time to say ‘goodbye’ to the big smoke and ‘hello’ to fresh air and wide-open spaces. 

In fact, regional migration has reached a new high, according to the Regional Movers Index developed by the Commonwealth Bank and the Regional Institute of Australia.1

Up 16% in the March quarter of 2022, the migration from our capital cities is showing that many of us believe that the tufty, uncut grass of the country really can be greener.

And while it would be easy to assume that the mass exodus is all due to the pandemic and the desire to escape urban isolation, the trend actually began well before any of us had even heard of the term ‘social distancing’.

“A lot of the migration trends we’re seeing now are actually longer trends that precede the start of COVID-19 – the pandemic has just amplified existing trends,” said Dr Aude Bernard, from UQ’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.2

Now that so many of us are wanting to up sticks and escape city life, the big question is, ‘Where are we all going?’

The answer? The same places we like to holiday.

Queensland’s Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are the hot destinations for not only holidaymakers, but also those with a one-way ticket. These two holiday havens are the two most migrated to LGAs (Local Government Areas), collectively attracting 16% of Australia’s regional migrants in the twelve months up until March 2022.2

But if you think it’s all about the beach, you’d be wrong.

Take the Sunshine Coast for example. Hinterland towns like Maleny and leafy rural pockets like Eumundi (just 20 minutes inland from Noosa) are proof that you don’t have to agonise over the decision between making a tree-change or a sea-change.

Just five minutes from the township of Eumundi, you’ll find the ultimate tree-change/sea-change in Endeavour Foundation’s $2.4 million Private Paradise Prize Home. With untouched bushland and even its own creek, this 2.5-acre luxury escape is also an easy drive from a smorgasbord of beaches including the famous Noosa Main Beach, Sunshine Beach and Peregian.

Looks like you can have your trees, and sandy toes too.

5 Reasons Why a Tree-Change/Sea-Change Could Be the Change You’re Looking For

1 Quality of life

It might seem like we’re stating the obvious, but trading city pollution for fresh, clean air is a definite win for your health. Getting out into nature has also been proven to reduce stress levels and improve your well-being, so, leaving the grey urban sprawl for greener pastures could be just what the doctor ordered.

2 Less traffic

One word: hallelujah. Play your cards right and long commutes could be a thing of the past. There is definitely more to life than sitting in traffic, so look forward having more time for the things that matter.

3 Get more home for less

Of course, if you choose to relocate to a touristy coastal area, prices may be as high or even higher than the city equivalents. But if you choose to make the move to a quieter country town, you’ll be able to buy a bigger home and a whole lot more land for less money than a property in the city.

4 Cost of living

Generally, moving away from capital cities will see your cost of living reduce with expenses for school fees, transportation, groceries, and insurance lower than the city. That’s great news for your wallet.

5 Community

With smaller towns come smaller, closer-knit communities. Country people are known for coming together, supporting one another and, most importantly, making their own fun. Coastal areas are also known to have strong community vibes with the outdoorsy lifestyle encouraging locals to get out and participate in sport, activities and ultimately get to know one another.

Win the Ultimate Tree-Change/Sea-Change

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1 Regional Movers Index: March 2022 Quarter Report, Commonwealth Bank and Regional Australia Institute.

2 Contact Magazine, Rachel Westbury, The University of Queensland

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