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The KingStones: Rock Stars with A Powerful Message

Band Hero Full Colour

When Evangel takes to the stage, she has a feeling that many people with intellectual disability seldom experience in their lives. She feels powerful.

The Logan teenager is one of the lead singers of the KingStones, a new band out of the Kingston Learning and Lifestyle Hub, already living their dream and discovering what’s possible with a bit of passion and determination.

Photo of Evangel
Evangel: “When I sing I feel powerful… I feel confident. It shows people who I am and not what they want me to be.”

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The KingStones’ first live performance was at Endeavour Foundation’s Battle of the Bands concert. The culmination of months of rehearsals with their support workers Aaron and Kelvin, they took the stage on the Sunshine Coast and were a huge hit with the crowd.

However, their big break came when Endeavour Foundation gave them a once in a lifetime experience to be rock stars for a day.

To make the KingStones’ dream come true, Endeavour Foundation worked with generous partners in the community and arranged time in a recording studio to lay down their original tracks.

But, before they got behind the mic to do what they do best, the band had to attend to their rock star duties and make time for their fans, and of course, a press conference.

At the start of the day the KingStones were whisked to Endeavour Foundation’s Head Office to hear the screams and cheers of their fans chanting, “KingStones, KingStones, KingStones…”

When band member, Bede, found out what was instore for the group, he said, “At first, I was like, no… shut up, no! Then I realised what was happening and I started to cry of happiness because my dreams are just coming true already.”

After the meet and greet with the fans, the pumped KingStones moved inside to face the waiting media pack. Handling their questions like true rock stars, you would think that KingStones had done this before

With no time to waste on their hectic schedule, the band was soon back on the road and headed for So Soap studio in West End, Brisbane

Band member Aiga described the ‘rock star for a day’ experience as, “The best day of my life… It was a miracle, man. I haven’t been this happy most of my life.”

Photo of Aiga
Aiga: “It feels amazing that we’re singing together. That makes us show you that we are family and no matter what happens, we always have each other’s back.”

Fellow band member Bede couldn’t agree more.

Photo of Bede
“I felt free. This is my moment, just to let it out,” said Bede.

The KingStones see their music as a voice for people with disability. They write all their own original material with all songs written together as a band.

Support worker Kelvin, who has been behind the band from the beginning, explains, “There’s a message in all of them and they’re dying for the world to hear what they have to say.

Photo of Kelvin
Kelvin: “What the KingStones represents, you know, is hope, it’s hope to the community. It speaks love.”

The group’s studio session was a big step toward the KingStones realising their dreams. With serious ambitions for their music, the band has a business plan and a list of goals they are working toward, including performing regularly and recording a single.

“Just seeing these kids come as far as they have, that’s the best. I can’t even describe to you how it feels to be doing this,” said Kelvin.

Endeavour Foundation Support Worker, Aaron, has also been instrumental in the band’s success. Explaining what being in the band has meant to the KingStones, he said, “It doesn’t matter what life has thrown at you – if you have a disability, if you don’t have a disability, if you’re from a lower socio-economic area – we’re not going to let our situation hold us back.

“A lot of them have said that they can’t believe how many people believe in them and support them.

Photo of Aaron
Aaron: “They’ve come miles from where they started. So that makes me really proud.”

Ultimately, KingStones member Nick summed up what being part of the band means to him:

Photo of Nick
“If you’re a guy with a disability, it will make your dreams come true.” said Nick

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