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The Perfect Holiday Home is Right Under Your Nose.

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Imagine a holiday home where the bed is just how you like it (you know, not too hard and not too soft). Where you’re guaranteed not to wake up with a crook neck from a dodgy pillow. Where the fridge is stocked with your favourite foods. And where you can kick back and savour all the comforts of home.

Sounds perfect right?

But don’t waste your time scouring the holiday homes to rent trying to find such a place.

Truth be told, this holiday home unicorn is actually right in front of your face.

It’s your place.

Imagine if the secret to having the best holiday of your life was staying right where you are, at home?

You won’t even have to endure endless hours in the car or squeeze into cattle class on a long-haul flight to get there.

(Plus, the time and money you save on getting there you can invest straight into spoiling yourself.)

Best of all, you don’t have to plan your life away and book your holiday house rental months in advance. Your lovely, homely holiday haven is always available which means you can ‘getaway’ whenever you like at a moment’s notice.

So now we’ve convinced you on the merits of staying home for the holidays, we’ve put together our top seven tips for how to really do it right. With a tiny bit of planning and a fun sense of adventure, you can capture that true holiday vibe without leaving home.

The Top 7 Tips for Holidaying at Home

1. Disconnect

Before you begin your holiday at home, make sure everyone knows you’re taking a break, especially if you’ve been working from home. Turn on your autoreply, shut down your computer and turn off your phone. Imagine you’re staying in some remote location where the only way to get a message in, or out, is by carrier pigeon. But you still have Netflix. Bliss.

Switch your phone off

Switch your phone off so you can really enjoy your holiday with no distractions

2. Get ready to relax

Stock up the fridge with easy-to-prepare deliciousness or your favourite holiday treats, make sure you have enough clean clothes to last the week and hang some fresh, fluffy towels in the bathroom.

Think of the details you really love when you visit a holiday home. It might be having a couple of new magazines on the coffee table waiting to be flicked through or a scented body scrub ready to be indulged in the bathroom.

You could even sport yourself some crisp, new sheets (for less than the price of one night of accommodation) for some ‘hotel luxury’ you’ll be able to enjoy year-round.

Enjoy ‘hotel luxury

Enjoy ‘hotel luxury’ at home with some crisp new sheets

3. Hide the ‘to-do list’

Nothing ruins the holiday vibe like doing chores or odd jobs. So, stuff the ‘to-do-list’ into the third drawer down, right next to the broken handles and super glue, and don’t you dare open that drawer again until after your break.

4. Create a resort vibe

Set up a spot outside for doing some serious relaxing. If you’re lucky enough to live in a resort-style paradise-like out latest $1.3million Prize Home in Palmview on the Sunshine Coast, you’ll be well and truly sorted. But it could be as simple as investing in a couple of sun lounges or even a hammock. As long as you have somewhere to get outside enjoy the breeze, you’ll be set.

Resort vibe at home

Take some holiday decorating cues from latest Endeavour Foundation’s resort-style prize home

5. Act like you’re on holiday

This may sound obvious, but it really makes a difference. Simply do what you would normally do on holidays. Forget to set the alarm and sleep in. Wear your ‘holiday’ clothes. Spend the whole day reading a book. Organise an in-house massage. Relax with afternoon drinks and a cheese plate. Grab takeaway for dinner and dine under the stars. Whatever it is, try to get away from your usual routine and embrace the holiday vibe.

6. Go someplace new

If your idea of a holiday is to go exploring and try new things, don’t let a staycation stop you. There is guaranteed to be countless places and things right in your own backyard that you’ve never been to or experienced.

Go somewhere you’ve always talked about but never been. Or check out your local travel guides for the ‘touristy’ things to do. But whatever you do, make sure you go somewhere you’ve never been before. Holidays are all about new experiences and making memories. This one doesn’t have to be any different.

Act like a tourist

Act like a tourist and head off to explore your own backyard.

7. Become a backpacker for a day

If you live in or near the city but you usually drive everywhere, try spending a day out using only public transport. Hail a bus. Catch a train. Jump on a ferry. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and experience your hometown from a different perspective. Head off to explore with nothing more than the pack on your back and a map and rediscover your sense of adventure.

draw for the ultimate holiday lotterym house

Don’t miss your chance to be in the draw for the ultimate holiday house

Win the Ultimate Holiday Home

With a stunning resort-style backyard including an insta-worthy poolside pavilion, Endeavour Foundation’s Tropical Paradise Prize Home is the stuff holiday dreams are made off.

Take a virtual tour right now or visit this calming oasis in person. You’ll find directions and opening times here.

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