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The secret to happiness: family, friends, and a wonderful job

Heather   Endeavour Foundation Lottery Latest Prize Home Ambassador

What’s the secret to happiness? Just ask our latest Prize Home Ambassador, Heather.

At the age of 27, Heather has unlocked what many of us are always in search of: happiness.

“I’m always happy because I love my family, my friends, and my job,” Heather said with a radiant smile.

And as the face of Lottery #450 at 30 Bayonne Close, Little Mountain, Heather has more reason to smile.

“And as a Prize Home Ambassador, I can spread happiness to our supporters and make a difference in the lives of people with disability.”

Heather has worked at Endeavour Foundation’s Wacol Social Enterprise for nine years, and it has been a significant part of her life ever since.

One of the many reasons Heather enjoys coming to work is because it gives her a sense of purpose, belonging, and – you guessed it – because she gets to spend time with her friends.

“I can’t imagine working anywhere else. Without Endeavour [Foundation] I wouldn’t have a job,” Heather said. “It’s the reason I jump out of bed in the mornings.”

Endeavour Foundation has helped Heather a lot.

Thursday, 8 August 2024

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"They have helped me do more than I ever dreamed of, and I think I've thrived a lot, and I feel a lot happier," Heather says.

Heather is among 1,700 people with disability across Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales who are offered supported employment opportunities by Endeavour Foundation.

Supported employment gives people with disability the opportunity to earn a wage, contribute to their community, work in a safe and supportive environment, and build skills in a job that they love.

"It's important for me to have a job because it keeps me from being bored at home, it also helps me make friends, and earn some money," Heather said.

Before securing employment with Endeavour Foundation, Heather tried multiple work placements, however found it difficult to find an employer who adjusted to her disability.

Remembering her own experiences, Heather is determined to create a friendly work environment for everyone.

“I think people with disability can provide a lot of value to the workplace, and we’re an example of that; I am always willing to try new things, lend a hand where I can, and become friends with new people,” Heather said.

Echoing the same sentiment, Heather’s parents are among many families who have seen the impact that Endeavour Foundation can have on the lives of people with disabilities, “Endeavour Foundation has been a game-changer for our daughter Heather.”

“We’ve got a beautiful daughter and she’s lucky to have a truly great community around her. We want to see her, and others like her, getting the opportunities to grow with this community and in their careers.”

Aside from her job, Heather also enjoys volunteering at a local horse-riding school learning how to look after horses and is hoping to eventually complete a Certificate in Animal Care.

“I like horses because they teach me a lot.”

And if being the National Champion for dressage wasn’t enough, Heather is training to herd cattle competitively. The sky is the limit to what Heather can achieve.

With her future looking bright, Heather is setting the bar on her next employment goal to train to become a Line Assistant.

Heather is focused on having a fulfilling future; with the support of her loving parents, she is working towards independent living, so that she can eventually live out of home just like her brothers.

For Heather, learning how to live independently involves mastering several skills, "I'm doing the ironing, washing, putting groceries away, sorting out my lunches, and cleaning.”

“When I live out of home, I am most excited to meet new people and make new friends," Heather said.

With each lottery ticket, you enable people with disabilities to find meaningful employment, learn valuable life skills, live independently, and actively participate in our communities.

It's an incredible impact that goes far beyond the Prize Home itself.

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