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Three Big Design Features Add The “Wow” Factor to This Prize Home

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Step inside our Prize Home at Yaroomba on the Sunshine Coast, and your first reaction would most likely be “wow”. With breath-taking ocean views, from Point Arkwright, past Mount Coolum down to Maroochydore, this architecturally-designed home is all about making the most of this truly special location.
More space
First things first, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the soaring vaulted ceiling. When you arrive at the main living area at the top of the entry stairs, what immediately hits you is the sheer size of the space. With a void above stretching up through both storeys, the high ceilings create an amazing sense of space and freedom.

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At the centre, an ultra-modern pendant light hanging right from the apex, adds a splash of drama and cleverly draws your eye up to fully appreciate the scale of the room.

Image of living area looking out to view Endeavour Prize Home Sunshine Coast
Soaring vaulted ceilings are one of the big features of the home.

The next big design feature may take you a couple of minutes to register because you’ll be too busy taking in that incredible view. So, we’ll help you out – it’s the windows. The front of the home is essentially a wall of glass. Literally stretching all the way from the floor up to the highest point, and from wall to wall, the spectacular windows are designed to not be noticed, but rather maximise the view at every opportunity. Contemporary black surrounds were chosen to frame the landscape – each window capturing a different but equally beautiful aspect.

Image of living area looking out to view Endeavour Prize Home 420 Sunshine Coast
Contemporary black window surrounds frame the spectacular view.

The dining space – the ultimate breakfast nook – is a perfect example. With just a wall of glass separating you from the outside, it’s impossible not to feel like you’re part of the view. In contrast, on the adjacent wall, a cute picture window frames a living landscape of Mount Coolum.

Image of dining room looking out to the view of Endeavour Prize Home 420 Yaroomba Sunshine Coast
Imagine starting your day here every morning.

More smart window placement can be seen upstairs in the home office. An internal glass window has been cleverly included to open the space to the view while still enabling the room to be sound-proof and private.

And at the top of the void, just beneath the ceiling, louvre windows can be opened to allow the breeze to flow in and air to circulate to cool the home.

But to really feel the sea breeze, all you have to do is open up the stacking sliding doors to the balcony. With everything open the cool salty air – and your guests – can flow from the balcony at the front of the home right through the living room and the media room to the poolside entertaining area at the rear.

And that brings us to our third big design feature, indoor/outdoor flow.

The ultimate in modern living, the home really does blur the lines between indoors and out. Every detail has been considered to make the most of the view from every corner of the home and ensure the greatest possible connection to the outdoors. From the glass balustrade on the front balcony to the glass pool fence at the rear, visually, the flow is seamless. In fact, even when you are out the back in the pool, your eye-line can travel right through the home and out to the view beyond. And just to prove that they thought of everything, the pool is even slightly elevated so when you’re gazing out from your pool lounge, not even the furniture can get in your way.

Image of media room out to pool view of Endeavour Prize Home 420 Yaroomba Sunshine Coast
Stacking sliding doors help to blur the lines between indoors and out.

Next to the pool, the tiled outdoor pavilion really is another room of the house. With a huge table for entertaining and an outdoor kitchen complete with not one but two drinks fridges, it easy to imagine spending a lot of time out here relaxing with family and friends (when you’re not at the beach, that is).

Image of Pavilion and pool area of Endeavour Prize Home 420 Yaroomba Sunshine Coast
The outdoor pavilion is really an extension of the living area.

The huge balcony at the front of the home is also the perfect spot to relax. And when the doors are wide open it becomes a true extension of the main living area, allowing everyone to be part of the action whether they are indoors or out.

Image of the Balcony seat and drinks shot with view in background of Endeavour Prize Home 420 Yaroomba Sunshine Coast

Even the main bathroom meets the indoor/outdoor brief, carefully positioned to enable access from the pool and outdoor pavilion as well as from inside.

With lots more clever design ideas throughout the home, you really do have to explore it in person to really appreciate the detail. You can find out address details and opening times for this amazing $1.2 million Prize Home here.

If you can’t make it to the home in person or you just can’t wait, you can take a video tour now.

Or if you’re already sold, make sure you’re in the draw for this amazing home and buy your tickets now.

So what are the pros of vaulted ceilings?

Dramatic voids and soaring vaulted or cathedral ceilings are popular inclusions in luxury homes like our $1.2 million Yaroomba prize home. Of course, they do cost more to build than a standard ceiling, so, apart from the obvious wow-factor, what are the main advantages of including a vaulted ceiling in your home design?

  1. More space

    A high, vaulted ceiling will create a greater sense of space within the same footprint. While it obviously won’t give you more floor area, higher ceilings will make your home feel much more spacious. If you’re limited with how big you can go on the ground, why not add some extra space overhead instead?

  2. More light

    With more space for big windows, a vaulted ceiling can help you bring more light into your home as well as the view. It also provides a great opportunity to include a skylight or two which is a fantastic way to naturally brighten your rooms instead of switching on a light. A brighter living environment can improve your mood and will help you reduce your electricity bill so that’s two big ticks right there.

  3. A cooler home

    Having higher ceilings in your home literally gives all the hot air a place to go. We all learnt at school that warm air rises, so when your ceilings are higher, the warm air naturally rises up into the void allowing cooler air to take its place closer to the ground. To make this system even more effective, you can include some louvers up the top, just like in our Yaroomba Prize Home, to help the warm air flow up and out while lovely cool air flows in. It’s the definition of natural, environmentally friendly air-conditioning at its best.

  4. Added interest

    A vaulted ceiling can help you break out of the cookie-cutter mould, adding character and interest to your home. You can either go for crisp clean modern lines like our Yaroomba display home or include exposed timber beams for a rustic farmhouse feature. Either way, a vaulted ceiling can be a real standout in your home and add genuine value when it comes time to sell.

If you’d love to have a vaulted ceiling in your dream home, remember that it is certainly much easier to do it at the time of construction than after the fact. That’s not to say it’s not possible to make the change as part of a renovation. In many cases it is possible to retro-fit a vaulted ceiling, but it can be a very expensive exercise so make sure you have wads of cash on hand.

Or, if you’re lucky, just purchasing a $10 ticket could see you become the winner of our $1.2 million Yaroomba Prize Home, complete with spectacular vaulted ceilings, a media room, four bedrooms, and panoramic ocean views. Not a bad investment at all.

Image of the view from the balcony of Endeavour Prize Home 420 Yaroomba Sunshine Coast
The perfect spot to relax

Our $1.2 million Yaroomba Prize Home is now open to explore.

Just south of Coolum and only 90 minutes from Brisbane, the beachside community of Yaroomba is the perfect location for luxury living. Come and explore this spectacular Prize Home and experience the genuine wow-factor in person. For more info including all the address details and opening times, click here.

Or if you’re wishing you were there right now – easy, take a virtual tour!

If you’re the lucky winner of this beautiful home, you will also receive $10,000 in cashable gold bullion. That’s enough to cover the rates and the water bills for a couple of years, or you could put it towards the holiday of a lifetime.

To make sure you’re in the draw to win this modern masterpiece, purchase your tickets online or call our Customer Support team on 1800 63 40 40 (Australia Free Call); 0800 44 22 35 (New Zealand Free Call); +617 3908 7295 (International).

Imagine what’s possible

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