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Segment 1:

Tim: Good morning gang, lovely to be here with you, yes I do work during the weeks, just to surprise it’s not just the weekends that you call me in but, this morning I’m in Montville a very pretty part of the world, we’re up high in the Hinterland here at the Sunshine Coast, around half an hour back from the beach, only around an hour north of Brisbane.

Today, take a look at this beautiful brand-new Queenslander style property, isn’t it gorgeous? It’s 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, set on just over an acre of prime real estate here. This morning, I’m putting my real estate cap on, and I’m going to tell you how this house could be all yours for just $10, yeah I’m not kidding 10 bucks and this joint will toss you the keys. It’s incredible and tell you how to get in the running to win this place right after we take a look at what the weather’s doing around Australia for you on this Wednesday.

Tim: Well the Endeavour Foundation is celebrating with their anniversary lottery home and, this is it. It is spectacular this morning, they have tossed me the keys and they want me to take you inside for open-house to show you around, but, as I mentioned $10 is all it takes if you want to buy a ticket in the lottery, potentially you could call this home. Now as I said $10, for the details, all you need to do is head to endeavourlotteries.com.au or call 1800 63 40 40 we’re going to have all those details for you right throughout the morning as we head inside and checkout this home.

Segment 2:

Tim: Oh well Deb they call it the Sunshine Coast for a reason and what a sunrise we have just had out here on the back deck of a very beautiful home in Montville we are this morning, in the Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast around half an hour inland from the beach and just taking in all those beautiful bird sounds, and getting back to nature here this morning, but this home as I told you half an hour ago, could be yours for just $10. This property worth 1.3 million dollars on over an acre of land, it’s a beautiful home and it’s being auctioned off essentially to anyone who wants to buy a ticket for this competition to help a very, very worthy cause. We’re going to find out a little bit more about the Endeavour Foundation.

Segment 3:

Tim: Alright well Kirsty Moore is the Head of Lotteries for the Endeavour Foundation and joins me this morning, as we take in this beautiful home which you’ve thrown me the keys to today to show off Australia basically, what is on offer here, and tell me about the home, it’s brand new yeah?

Kirsty: It’s brand new and ready to give the keys to a lucky winner it’s a traditional style Queenslander, wrap around verandahs, open plan living, beautiful ready for a family or a couple to enjoy.

Tim: And tell me about the Endeavour Foundation for people that aren’t familiar with that as well.

Kirsty: Yeah Endeavour started back in 1951 with parents who were supporting children with a disability to be educated as they weren’t allowed to be educated in schools, and from there we now support thousands of people with a disability and through living, accommodation, supported employment, life skills and every ticket that we sell goes to supporting those people on those services.

Segment 4:

Tim: Team a very good morning to you all from the Sunshine Coast Hinterland we’re in beautiful Montville this morning celebrating with the Endeavour Foundation’s anniversary lottery home to check this out, brand new Queenslander worth more than 1.3 million dollars let’s take a look at it from above and take in exactly, how much house you could potentially win for just $10. You can buy a ticket in the lottery here and scoop up over an acre of land with this brand new home 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, it has everything you need including an outdoor cinema, it is only half an hour back from the beautiful Sunny Coast from the beaches that you can see there in the distance, and it is a very special part of the world lots of wineries, restaurants, cafés, and I’m going to tell you a little bit more about, how you can buy your $10 ticket to be in the running for this.

Segment 5:

Tim: Well as we know the Endeavour Foundation has been supporting intellectually disabled Australians for many many years now and I’m proud to say that Alex Baker is one of those Aussies and, Alex you’ve been supported for over a decade by the Foundation and now you work for them, how has it changed your life?

Alex: It’s changed my life from the point of view of you know belonging to a team, obviously having a career for 10 years and that’s been really beneficial to me from the friends point of view, throughout my 10 year career I’ve also learnt a lot of new skills, I’ve had some really rich opportunities particularly in the videos and presentation department, and I’m now supporting myself living semi independently.

Tim: And you just love it don’t you, you love life?

Alex: I love life, life’s a beautiful thing and it’s really rich, you know you have a really lovely career, you have a lovely out of work life and you get to gel with lots of really wonderful people.

Tim: You do, you are a good man he’s got a smile from ear to ear every second that you see him Alex thank you, and this morning as we’ve been saying $10 a ticket is all it takes for you to get into the running to win this house. Everything you see here there’s, big BBQ’s on the front deck and cutlery in the kitchen bench you just can’t believe that they’ve completely stocked this place, now if you would like to buy a ticket in the Endeavour Foundation Lotteries, all you need to do is call 1800 63 40 40 or head to endeavourlotteries.com.au.

Now as you can see there this morning as well from our eye in the sky there, beautiful shots of Lake Baroon there in the distance, of course we are here at Montville in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland this morning so Alex feel free give everyone a wave at home good morning Australia welcome to a beautiful part of the world, this could all be yours.

Segment 6:

Tim: I am indeed Georgie, I am, I’m having breakfast in your new home yeah that’s right this could be yours this morning we’re shacking the can for the Endeavour Foundation, they’re of course running a lottery at the moment giving away or giving you the chance I should say, the chance to win a 1.3 million dollar home here at Montville in the Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast and, Georgie you asked me this morning what comes with the house, well of course there’s all the furniture and everything you see the table is set over here, there’s stuff in the fridge, there’s stuff in the drawers I was going through because I know that you like me to be very thorough when I do my job, this morning even the cookie jar has ANZAC biscuits inside so I’m going to tuck into those this morning.

Tim: Well as I said just having breakfast here in your new home this morning with Alex and Kirsty and now Kirsty with the lotteries situation, all this as I’ve been saying could literally be yours for $10 what happens if you win this place?

Kirsty: If you win you get a call from me and….

Tim: You’re the magic phone call.

Kirsty: I am so I get the privilege of making someone’s life change in an instant, so very lucky.

Tim: Wow that must be pretty exciting people must completely be in disbelief.

Kirsty: Yeah they often don’t believe me and they often hang up and I have to ring back.

Tim: Alright, now what been saying this morning of course $10 is all it takes to get in the running to buy a ticket.

Segment 7:

Tim: Just had a lovely breakfast in the kitchen of this brand new home in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland this morning sorry just, standing in front of the girls here as they watch the outdoor cinema here and one of the problems I suppose on the Sunshine Coast is it can be very sunny an absolutely beautiful day here up at Montville but, you see if you’re trying to watch your outdoor cinema and it’s too sunny, don’t worry this house has got everything come inside because there’s another cinema in here. Can take plenty of people and you can watch exactly the same movie so you know what, if you wanted to set the kids up outside for the night and then have a movie night inside your brand new home, well you could do that this could all be yours for just $10, it is of course part of the Endeavour Foundation Lotteries anniversary home giveaway and I’ll tell you more about how you can win it and show you that real people do actually win incredible prizes like this worth 1.3 million dollars.

Tim: Louise who’s sitting with me here in the movie room here at this beautiful home at Montville, was actually a winner of the Endeavour Foundation’s lottery prize around 3 years ago. Louise you were living in Hervey Bay and you entered the lottery you bought 4 tickets for $30 there you go and you won.

Louise: I sure did.

Tim: How did that change your life?

Louise: Well it meant that could finally move to Coolum beach where a number of my sisters already lived, and it also meant that Ken and myself could retire and move to Coolum and enjoy everything.

Tim: And you didn’t just win a house, you got a car as well a Range Rover no-less, and for $30.

Louise: Yeah so it’s $15 for the house and $15 for the car.

Tim: Not a bad investment yeah and look I mean Louise is just one of those success stories of someone that’s been very lucky of course to win in this lottery, for this particular home there is just one week left for ticket sales and I can tell you this morning ticket sales are going through the roof, so if you are trying to get in touch to buy a $10 ticket then please be patient but the number that you will need is 1800 63 40 40 or of course head to endeavourlotteries.com.au.

Segment 8:

Tim: I am Tommy I reckon, I reckon this room’s got your name on it Tom I reckon, there’s 4 bedrooms in this beautiful home here and we’re at Montville of course on the Sunshine Coast in the Hinterland, another bedroom here yep that one’s ready to go basically there’s only a week left to buy a lottery ticket, just $10 is all it takes to get in the running to win this place have a look at this beautiful main bathroom here big double bathroom, this place is modelled on a Queenslander style home so it’s absolutely huge and room for the whole family, check out that laundry there plenty of room there if you’ve got lots of kids great big tub in there as well to do laundry if you’ve got your towels and all that sort of stuff if you want to head down to the beach it’s only half an hour away from there. Going to tell you more about how you can win this place.

Tim: Well Jess Ruskin is a local Property Agent here around the Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast region, and I wanted to ask a Property Agent from the perspective of if you get that phone call from Kirsty to tell you in 2 week’s time that you have won this place, a lot goes through people’s minds right, people would be thinking do I keep it? Do I sell it? What advice from a Property Agent perspective do you have for a potential winner?

Jess: I guess the exciting thing for a winner

Tim:, is that we can make it really easy for them so together with Endeavour Foundation and Amber Werchon property we do have contacts which will allow the lucky winner to either sell the property, which as we all know is in excess of 1.3 million dollars of value and that would allow them to fund their lifestyle or it is a very active market here and a popular choice for short term rentals, and the estimate for that is in excess of $62,000 a year so.

Tim: There’s a lot of wineries and things around this area as well so no doubt you would have lots of people coming and visiting for weddings and things like that so for short term rentals as well it could be really popular in that regard too.

Jess: It’s a great lifestyle here I mean why wouldn’t you want to either rent here or live here so, we can make it easy for you.

Tim: Exactly, so plenty of options available if you did happen to win this place, you don’t need to worry too much. I find it a little hard to think that someone might find it a burden to win a house that’s worth 1.3 million dollars. If you would like to be in the running to win this property all you need to do is head to endeavourlotteries.com.au or call 1800 63 40 40, $10 a ticket you’d be mad not to buy a few, and I can tell you there’s only around 100,000 tickets left, there is still a week to go for ticket sales, but given how many we have sold this morning since we have been here, I wouldn’t be surprised if by maybe the end of the day, there’s not going to be any tickets left, so make sure you jump online and have a look at the website or give them a call, and buy a ticket.

Segment 9:

Tim: Tommy and team thank you very much we have had an amazing morning here at Montville in the Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast taking in, this spectacular prize the Endeavour Foundation of course, as part of their Lottery this entire home, 1.3 million dollars worth could be all yours for just $10 those tickets are available 1800 63 40 40 or head to endeavourlotteries.com.au if you would like to jump on and buy maybe 1, maybe 2, maybe 10 tickets up to you, but you’d be mad not to get in the running for something like this. But in true giveaway style, there’s more, take a look at these cars I am going to tell you how you could win one of these, either the Mustang or the Mini, whatever floats your boat.

Tim: If you’re a Star Supporter for the Foundation which of course is doing amazing things for people with intellectual disabilities, Star Supporters they’re eligible to win one of these cars, tell us more about being a Star Supporter Kirsty.

Kirsty: Yeah if you become a Star Supporter you guarantee your tickets in all of our prize homes, but you also get extra exclusive draws that allow you to win luxury vehicles like these 2 beauties.

Tim: And they are absolute beauties aren’t they, alright so you guys are going to have the Mini, I’m going to take the Mustang if that’s alright thank you for an amazing morning here, good luck with the giveaway it is very very worthy cause of course the Endeavour Foundation so, by all means jump on that website, buy a ticket it’s only $10 I’m sure everyone on the Today Show team is going to be buying tickets, I know I am because…have a listen to that…oh yeah, this is my style…seatbelt safety first guys thanks for having me, drop by today of course, I’ll see you Weekend Today Show on Saturday and Sunday, but Stevie back with you tomorrow. Have a great day!

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