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Waterfront Living: Escape to Home

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At a time when international travel is all but off the cards (with the exception of visiting our neighbours in New Zealand) and even making interstate travel plans is potentially a little risky, we’re looking for new ways to escape from it all in our own backyard.

With our passports parked for a while, and international holidays put on hold, many cashed up Aussies are looking to waterfront real estate to fill the void.

You only have to look at where we choose to go on holidays – whether it be a tropical island, a cabin by the lake, or a creek-side camp site – to see that our idea of ‘escaping’ often has something to do with the water.

There’s something about spending time by, or on, the water that is medicine for the soul. Yes, this magical elixir called water can help you reduce stress, relax and feel more content – just by looking at the stuff.

But what if you didn’t have to get away to get your dose? What if the ultimate escape was simply coming home?

With a stunning waterfront location and sparkling water views, Endeavour Foundation’s $1.2 million Prize Home on the Sunshine Coast is the ultimate escape.

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Could the ultimate escape be coming home?

Right in the heart of holiday heaven at Birtinya, the home captures that ‘permanently on holiday’ vibe.

Boasting a prime position overlooking a vast stretch of Lake Kawana, and just a five-minute drive from the surf, it’s the kind of place you’d be thrilled to find on Airbnb. Book in a stay, even for a couple of nights, and you’d think you’d scored the jackpot.

But allow yourself to imagine, even just for a minute, if you were lucky enough to call a place like this home and enjoy life by the water every day of the year.

Wake early to the sun rising over glistening water. Take a morning walk along the shoreline before heading off for the day, only to come home to your sanctuary as the sun goes down. And as the stars twinkle over the lake, drift off to sleep to the sounds of the gentle lapping of the water below.

Just your average day in paradise.

But living in the ultimate ‘escape’ doesn’t mean being disconnected. Quite the opposite. Just like we all flock to our favourite holiday spots, the lake has a way of bringing people together. From the rowers or kayakers out on the water, to the walkers and bike riders on the trails, to the yogis in the park, there’s a buzz about life by the water that’s infectious. Whatever you’re into, you’ll want to dive in.

What’s So Great About Waterfront Living?

We all know waterfront real estate typically commands a premium, but is it worth it? As well as being a great investment (if you can afford it) owning a waterfront property can actually be excellent for your health. How can you put a price on that?

Most of us would agree that spending time by the water is restorative and good for the soul. But is it all in our heads? Or is there some actual science or fact behind it?

Here are three ways that living by the water can actually be good for you:

Gazing at water

Admit it – even looking at this photo of water is relaxing

1 Reduced Stress

Gazing at water is considered to be relaxing and help reduce stress. But why? The answer is biological.

Seeing moving water (or even just hearing the calming sounds) triggers an automatic response in our brain that releases a flood of neurochemicals. These chemicals increase blood flow to the brain and heart, which brings on a state of relaxation.

breathing fresh air

Breathe that fresh air

2 Fresher Air

Have you ever pulled up at the beach and wound your window down so you can smell the sea air?

There’s a reason you can’t wait to breathe in that beautiful, salty air.

Air pollution is a part of life in busy cities and urban areas, and can genuinely affect our lungs and our health, but air quality generally improves the closer you get to the water.

So, if the air seems fresher and cleaner – you’re not imagining things – it probably is.

And luckily, there’s usually no shortage of that fresh, clean air. Waterfront properties also often attract more breeze helping you to fill your lungs while also keeping your cooler in summer.

Active lifestyle Kataking

Getting active is easier when you live by the water

3 Active lifestyle

People who live by the water tend to lead more active lifestyles. It could be because they really value the great outdoors (after all they’ve paid a premium for it) or it could be that living near the water, gives you so many enjoyable options for getting outside and getting active.

Live in a waterfront location like Birtinya, and you’re spoilt for choice with still water sports on offer (like rowing on the lake) as well as open water options (like bodyboarding and kitesurfing).

Even the more usual forms of exercise like walking, jogging or bike riding are more enjoyable by the water.

And if you really want to up your game, working out on the beach and you will also increase the intensity of your work outs. Walking or jogging on the beach will burn more calories than the same activities done on a hard surface.

Whatever you like to do to stay active, it’s usually more fun on or near the water.

Save A Fortune on Holidays

For just $10, you could have your name in the draw for Endeavour Foundations ultimate waterfront escape at Birtinya. You’ll not only save a fortune on holidays if you’re the winner, but you will also be helping people with intellectual disability to imagine what’s possible.

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