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What could you do with a couple of acres?

What Could You Do With a Couple of Acres

There’s a lot you can do with a couple of acres of land. Especially if it’s a couple of acres of fertile, Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Whether you have your heart set on winning Endeavour Foundation’s 2.5-acre Private Paradise Prize Home at Eumundi, or if you have your own acreage plot, it’s worth thinking about how you can make the most of all that land.

To help get the imagination flowing, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and put together a few ideas for what you could do with two acres of land.

So, mentally pop on your gumboots and let your mind wander through just some of the possibilities.

Our top 6 things to do with 2 acres of land

Befriend some bees

Interested in inviting a few thousand friends to come hang out at your place?

If you love the idea of harvesting your own, fresh, golden honey, a couple of acres is more than enough land to keep a few bee hives.

When most people think of bee-keeping, they think of the kind of honey-making, stinging variety of bees, otherwise known as European bees. And if honey is your jam, European bees are your friends (even if they are slightly feisty friends.)

But there is another option. Why not consider welcoming some stingless native bees to your family? These fascinating, tiny little creatures will do a wonderful job of pollinating your trees and plants and those in your neighbourhood. (Native bees travel up to 500 metres from their hive which might seem like a long way until you realised that European bees travel up to 5km from home before finding their way back to the hive.)

Whichever variety of bees you choose, you’ll be doing your bit to ‘save the bees’ for a happier, healthier planet.  

Just remember, depending on where you live, there may be regulations on how many hives you are able to keep, so make sure you talk to your local council before you buy your hives.

Become a goat farmer

Did someone say goat’s cheese?

While goats may not be the first animal you’d think of farming, there are definitely some pros (and acouple of cons) for choosing to turn your land into a goat farm.

Firstly, they don’t need as much land as many other farm animals. In fact, you can fit six to eight goats on a single acre of land. They’ll keep your grass mowed and even take care of the weeds (and anything else in their way).

Secondly, from a health point of view, goat’s milk is considered a closer match to human milk than cow’s milk so is more easily digested by us humans. It can also be turned into wonderful, healthy products like yoghurt, kefir, soap, and did we mention cheese? Mmmm goat’s cheese. The GOAT of cheeses for sure.

O’ Christmas trees

If you’re the kind of person that really LOVES Christmas, turning your plot into a Christmas tree farm could be a dream come true.

The fast-growing Radiata Pine is the most popular Christmas tree variety in Australia and can grow over two metres tall in 3-4 years.

And given that a one-metre tree sells for about $80 and a two-metre tree goes for about $160, your humble little Christmas tree farm could be the gift that keeps on giving.

Grow a market garden

Imagine growing fresh, organic produce for your family, friends, and possibly even your future customers.

Even just a couple of acres is enough land to start a market garden and turn a passion for growing food into an actual income stream.

You’d be surprised how many crops you can fit in an acre of land and by choosing to plant high yield varieties. And given you have the perfect place to sell you produce just up the road at the Noosa Farmers’ Market, your hobby could, one day, become a genuine, money-making business.

Build an MTB trail

If you or your kids love to hit the trails, imagine being able to carve it up in your own backyard.

Building your own MTB trail is no small commitment, but for many it’s a labour of love that’s just as much fun as the riding itself. And if you have a sloping bush block like our Private Paradise Prize Home, you’re already half way there.

If you need inspiration, there is plenty to be found online. Jump on Youtube and find a few passionate backyard mountain bikers to follow for detailed instructionals on how to create your own flowing single trail, fast berms, and epic obstacles.

Chances are you’re already excited just thinking about it, so what are you waiting for? Grab a shovel and start digging.

Create a yoga retreat

There’s nothing like saluting the sun while breathing in cleansing fresh oxygen, straight from the source.

A beautiful, leafy natural environment is the perfect backdrop for practicing yoga, clearing the mind, and finding that elusive inner peace we are all searching for.

Having your own acreage sanctuary could be the first step toward sharing your passion with others and creating the yoga retreat of your dreams. Or you could simply focus on creating a blissful retreat for one – you.

2.5 acres of possibility could be yours

Endeavour Foundation’s $2.4 million Prize Home at Eumundi comes on a 2.5-acre parcel of fertile Sunshine Coast land. Just imagine the possibilities!

If you’re in the area, why not drop by, walk the property and daydream about what you could do with the place. You’ll find opening times and directions here.

Or, if you can’t make it in person, take a virtual tour right now and allow your mind to wander.

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