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Imagine Life on The Water

Lounge Kitchen Dining Butlers Pantry Sunshine Coast

If you’ve ever dreamt of a life lived on the water, our New Year Prize Home is made for you. With sparkling deep water right outside your window and the sounds of water lapping below, it’s about as close as you can get to spending your days on the water while still enjoying your land legs.

This brand new, luxuriously furnished $1.3 million home enjoys a spectacular waterfront position in Birtinya at Oceanside, Stockland’s master-planned beachside community on the Sunshine Coast.

With a stunning pool and outdoor entertaining space overlooking the water and the pristine surf beaches of Bokarina, Wurtulla and Warana just minutes away, this luxury dream home is perfectly positioned to enjoy life on, or near, the water.

The four-bedroom, two-bathroom home has been designed to take full advantage of the vast water outlook. Go from the living room to the master bedroom to the indulgent ensuite and you’ll see huge windows framing a vision of sparkling blue water.

Photo of Sunshine Coast prize home dining room looking out over water
Huge windows frame sparkling blue water

Imagine waking up every morning and looking out the window to see water stretching as far as the eye can see.

Sounds hard to take, doesn’t it?

Well, if you are the lucky winner of this amazing home, that’s exactly how your morning routine may soon begin.

Downstairs, the main living area is all about that view. Whether you’re standing at the huge kitchen island or relaxing on the lounge the view is inescapable. Not that you would want to.

You’d have a hard time finding a home more connected to the water, that doesn’t have to be moored.

The open-plan, indoor/outdoor design really does make the most of this amazing waterside location. When the doors and louvres are opened up, the breeze flows straight in off the water.

Life too flows easily in and out merging the indoors with the outdoor entertaining space and swimming pool outside. It’s hard to distinguish where indoors ends and the outdoors begins.

It’s all about creating a lifestyle that’s as seamless and enjoyable as possible. And it all begins with great design.

For example, not one but two drinks fridges are tucked under-bench at the ‘nearly-outdoors’ end of the kitchen. Just as close to the outdoor lounge as the indoor living area, they’re perfectly positioned for summer entertaining. You’re welcome.

Photo of Sunshine Coast prize home butler's pantry
The galley-style butler’s pantry makes good use of available space.

The design ideas don’t stop there. The high-end kitchen comes complete with a butler’s pantry to make super-smart use of the space. Cooking and entertaining take centre stage in the main kitchen while the dirty dishes take the back seat in the pantry. With a double sink and dishwasher conveniently located in there, cleaning up is easy and out of the way.

The kitchen’s minimal streamlined design continues throughout the home, with clean lines and monochromatic finishes, injected with pops of colour.

If we were to sum up the ‘look’ with a couple of words, ‘Coastal luxe’ seems a fitting description. Decked out from top to bottom with luxurious furnishings and a sophisticated, ocean-inspired colour palette, this home takes its waterside location to a whole other level. Come and explore our New Year Prize Home or take a virtual tour and you’ll see what we mean.

Nailing the ‘luxe coastal’ look

If you fancy the idea of splashing a bit of luxe coastal design style around at your place, here are a few tips to help you nail the look:

1. Reflect the water with shades of blue

Be creative, rather than obvious, with your use of colour. Draw your inspiration from the many moods of the ocean. Sometimes bright and sparkling or moody and deep, the ocean offers a colour palette far beyond the expected aqua hues. Think steely greys and muted blues or glistening silver and sky-blue reflections.

Did you know that including blue in your interior colour palette is good for your health as well as stylish? Much like gazing out at a body of water, using the colour blue causes the body to produce calming neurochemicals, bringing feelings of peace and serenity.

You’ll spot splashes of an ocean-inspired colour palette in every room of our Birtinya Prize Home – from a whirlpool of teal on the living room rug to the steel blue of the velvet ottoman in the master bedroom.

Photo of Sunshine Coast prize home media room
Splashes of an ocean-inspired colour palette feature throughout

2. Add accents of gold for a luxe look

While perhaps not immediately springing to mind when you think of coastal hues, golden sand is right there under your toes (and in your togs) every time you hit the beach. (They don’t call it the Gold Coast for nothing.)

Here on the Sunshine Coast, like our namesake, golden inspiration is found not only under our feet but also overhead. So why not capture some of our sun’s life-giving essence and take it back to your place.

By adding a touch of gold to your interior you can add richness to your home as well as a luxe feel. The key is to use a less is more approach, i.e. less meter maid and more subtle glints of gold.

From a carefully placed cushion to the finish on a key piece (check out the bronzed legs of the master bedroom ottoman) our million-dollar prize home has got the balance just right. Coastal luxe at its best.

But wait, there’s one more golden nugget we can’t forget – and that’s $10,000 of shiny gold bullion. You’d be surprised how small and tasteful a $10k chunk of gold is. But don’t worry, if you’re the lucky winner and you choose not to use it as glamorous paperweight, you can simply sell it for cold, hard cash.

Photo of Sunshine Coast prize home media room
Subtle gold accents create a luxe feel

3. Make mirrors a sparkling feature

If, like our New Year Prize Home, you’re lucky enough to be blessed with water views, using mirrors can really maximise your outlook.

Just like the beautiful reflections we see in water, mirrors can literally double the view we see. A carefully positioned mirror can bring sparkling water views to even more corners of your home.

When deciding on what style of mirror to choose, it’s best to go for large, minimally framed mirrors to let the view speak for itself.

Take the virtual tour and see if you can spot the perfectly positioned mirrors in the living and outdoor areas of our beautiful prize home.

4. Use maritime design principles

In the world of maritime design, it’s all about incorporating luxurious touches into a streamlined and functional design.

Our Prize Home at Birtinya has taken all of this onboard.

Kitchen cabinetry is beautifully streamlined with handle-less drawers and cupboards, under-bench and overhead. Even the microwave is integrated into the cabinetry to save space and maintain the streamlined aesthetic. The galley-style butler’s pantry is another example of form and function, efficiently fitting a double fridge, pantry sink and dishwasher into a compact and beautifully easy-to-use design.

In the bathrooms, this design approach continues with wall-mounted crisp, white vanity units floating above the tiles. The inclusion of under-bench sinks ensures that smooth clean lines carry throughout.

Photo of Sunshine Coast prize home Master ensuite
Smooth streamlined design

5. Go for metal finishes for a modern nautical feel

Step aside driftwood. For a luxe coastal look, think about opting for cool metal finishes on your furnishings and fittings.

When you think of the sparkling chrome on a yacht or the steely grey hull of a navy ship, it’s easy to understand why metal is a fitting choice for coastal design. The hard-edged, industrial feel of metal is also perfect for injecting a contemporary edge into any interior.

At Birtinya, metallic touches have been used throughout the home helping to build the coastal luxe story.

At the core of the design, minimal, steel grey aluminium windows and doors frame the view rather than distracting.

The theme continues throughout the rest of the homes fittings and fixtures with metallic feature lighting, stainless steel appliances and modern, chrome tapware.

To complete the look, many of the furnishings chosen also have a metal edge to their design. Contemporary chairs with bent metal frames and even coffee tables with welded metal legs all come together to create a cool, nautical vibe that’s fitting of the coastal luxe tag.

Photo of Sunshine Coast prize home Master ensuite
Have we whet your appetite for a luxury lifestyle?

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