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Prize Home winner needs to cross the border before she can cross the threshold

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The excited winner of Endeavour Foundation’s stunning Prize Home at Peregian Springs doesn’t quite know when she will be able to step over the threshold of her new, million-dollar home.

As a resident of New South Wales, under Queensland’s current border restrictions, Amanda* is not permitted to enter the state until she is ready to move into her new home. And even then, she will still be required to quarantine for 14 days in government arranged accommodation before she can make her way to her new neighbourhood of Peregian Springs.

With just the Prize Home brochure photos to look at while she waits, Amanda admits that it still hasn’t really sunk in that she’s won.

“I don’t think it will until I get up there,” she said. “For weeks I thought it was a hoax.

But none the less, Amanda is already working toward making the move to Queensland and the prospect of moving into her unseen home is becoming very real. Amanda is currently in the process of selling her home south of Sydney and can’t wait until she can soak up the Sunshine Coast lifestyle.

“I’m going to move into it for six months and see how I go and if I want to live there, and then I’ll decide what I am going to do.”
Amanda has lived in Queensland before, having spent much of her childhood in Brisbane before moving south to make a life in New South Wales. While she knows the Sunshine Coast well, the new suburb of Peregian Springs didn’t exist back then so returning will be a new adventure.

Amanda’s new life as a Sunny Coast local will be a world away from her current life in country New South Wales.
“I’m looking forward to getting out of the cold. Where I’m living now it gets down to minus three,” she said.
“I live in a village. There’s coffee shops, a post office, petrol station and a pub but that’s it. I have to drive 25 minutes to get my shopping.”
At Peregian Springs, Amanda will be closer to everything, including the beach.

Once she’s made the move, her current one-hour-plus drive to the beach will be slashed to just seven minutes, which means she and her dog will be able to jump in the car every chance they get for the quick trip to Peregian Beach.

“I love the beach. I really love the water and I’ve got a Labrador and she adores swimming.”

For Amanda, beach life is something she’s prepared to get used to.

“It’s going to be so difficult, seriously,” she laughed with her tongue planted firmly in her cheek.
Amanda is hoping that the Queensland border will open by the time her home sells to make the transition easier.
“Every now and again I get onto the Queensland government website and check,” she said.

But while she waits, she’s already imagining life in her luxurious new home overlooking Peregian Golf Course.
“Every night I look at the photos before I go to bed,” Amanda said.
“Having a new home that requires no maintenance is fantastic, and there’s enough space for all of my family when they come to visit.
“I love the idea that there’s a butler’s pantry, and the swimming pool looks outstanding.”

And just like looking at real estate photos, Amanda has been poring over the images trying to work out details of the home.
“I go looking for something and I can’t really see it on the photos, so I think, ‘you’re going to have to wait till you get there!’”

Hopefully for Amanda’s sake, the wait won’t be much longer. And when she arrives she will be able to show off her new Queensland address with family already living north of the border.
Amanda is also looking forward to reuniting with her childhood best friend that she has known since she was just three years old.

And where better to do it than her spectacular new home?

It’s amazing to think that Amanda’s journey back to Queensland all started with a $10 ticket in an Endeavour Prize Home lottery.
When asked why she chose to support Endeavour Foundation, Amanda’s answer was simple:
“I wanted to give back,” she said.
Fortunately for Amanda, it’s a win/win situation.
“I’m so lucky to have been given this gift and opportunity and I want to share it. I encourage people to buy tickets because real people really do win.
“It does change your whole life. It has enabled me to do things I wasn’t thinking I was going to be able to do, so, thank you.”

Your winner’s journey could start with one $10 ticket.

As they say, you have to be in it to win it! Purchasing a ticket in an Endeavour Foundation Prize Home lottery can really turn out to be a win/win situation.
Not only will you go in the draw to win a million-dollar home and potentially be on the road to financial freedom; you will also be helping to provide opportunities for people with an intellectual disability.

Find out more about how Endeavour Foundation supports people with intellectual disability.

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