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Sharon’s Best Day Eveeer!

Endeavour Lotteries Pay Day Lottery 203

Sharon’s amazing story begins one unforgettable Saturday at the 18th hole of her local golf course.

On this chilly winter morning, Sharon had met the girls at the course at the crack of dawn to pick up her golf buggy and set off for their usual 18 holes.

After their last putt on the 18th, the girls headed to the Clubhouse restaurant for their usual post-round brunch.

It was here, basking in the sunshine, after polishing off her usual order of corn fritters with poached eggs and chilli jam, that Sharon made a very lucky – or, some would argue, smart – out-of-the-ordinary decision.

On an impulsive whim, Sharon decided to forgo her usual second soy latte, and instead, spend the $5 on a ticket in Endeavour Foundation’s $200K Pay Day lottery.   

Sharon had recently heard about the new lottery and just that morning, as she’d pulled their buggy up to the edge of the 7th green, she’d been struck with an epiphany about what she would do with 200K of gold bullion.

But first, she needed to win.

This Thursday

Draw 208 closes in:0 Hrs0 Min0 Sec

As the girls ordered their usual second round of coffees, Sharon grabbed her phone and jumped on the Endeavour Lotteries website to snag her $200K Pay Day ticket before the barista had even fired up the machine.

Looking out over the fairways, she started designing her vision while the girls wondered what on earth could be putting that huge smile on her face.

Luckily for Sharon, the odds were stacked in her favour.

That’s because Endeavour’s 200K Pay Day lottery, coincidentally, has a maximum of just 200K of tickets in each draw (and possibly even less if the lottery doesn’t sell out). That’s impressive odds given that the chance of winning first division in lotto sits at over eight million to one.

And even more luckily for Sharon, those odds paid off.

Her inspired, out-of-the-ordinary decision that Saturday morning literally turned to gold a couple of weeks later when she received the call from Endeavour HQ that she’d won.


The best part was knowing that her $5 tickets went towards a good cause, supporting people with disability to live their best life.

As the $200K Pay Day winner, Sharon could choose between a fully-electric BMW i4 M50 in the colour of her choice or $200,000 in cashable gold bullion, but Sharon only had eyes for that shiny gold bullion.

If you’re curious, with current exchange rates, $200,000 in gold bullion equates to around two kilograms of pure gold. Which, as it turns out, is just enough to add some serious bling to a golf buggy, if you’re into that sort of thing.

And now, Sharon may, quite possibly, be the owner of the world’s first ever gold-plated golf buggy.

She may also, quite possibly, be the happiest woman alive.

Just wait till the girls see it next Saturday.

What would you do if you won the 200K Pay Day? The freedom to imagine

While blinging her buggy was the perfect choice for Sharon, it’s likely you may have different ideas on how you’d spend the money if you cashed in $200K of gold.

Of course, there are all the practical options like taking a cool $200,000 off your mortgage, using the money as a home deposit, or doing some serious renovations at your place.

But if you really let your mind wander, just imagine what in the world you could do, or where in the world you could go.

Recall that Bali getaway that imprinted memories?

With a cash infusion, you could drop a slice of Bali in your own back yard. Or head off on your own adventure, declare a year of escapism, and manufacture a collection of “Where’s Wally?” as you wander around the world and rack up passport stamps.

If you have a dream, we have the ticket.

Be like Sharon. Bling your A-Game and grab yourself a $200K Pay Day ticket today.

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