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The New V8 Mustang GT: Who’s Ready to Rumble?

Win Mastang Gt V8

Hear that? The unmistakable, deep, powerful ‘bup-bup-bup’ rumble as you strap yourself in for the ride of your life.

That sweet, sweet Mustang sound is now even sweeter with the release of the new Ford Mustang GT Fastback (which just so happens to be the Star Supporter bonus prize in our Tropical Paradise Prize Home lottery).

You can literally hear – and feel – the power of the impressive 5.0L V8 engine as soon as you push the start button. That’s 339 kW of power and 556 Nm torque travelling straight through your ears and your chest.

As Ford simply puts it, “Mustang GT’s engine roar and wide-eyed performance is the stuff of legends”.

It’s a big call, but it’s true.

Since the first Mustang was launched at the World’s Fair in 1964, over 10 million have sold worldwide. In 1964, the price of a Ford Mustang was under $2,400 in the US. Today, the Ford Mustang price in Australia sits well north of $70,000 when you throw in a few of the ‘must have’ optional extras. However, it appears that buyers keen to get their hands on one are clearly not deterred by the price. In fact, the Mustang was Australia’s best-selling sports car of 2019.

65 mustang

Back where it all began: the 1965 model, just a year after the Mustang’s debut.

The truth is, Mustangs have always been a crowd-pleaser. With classic sports lines and just the right amount of ’tude, Mustangs sit in that sweet spot of being aspirational while also still affordable. Just the sound of the engine rumbling to life is enough to put a smile on the most hardened motoring critic. And it’s that signature sound that helps to assert Mustang’s legendary status.

Even casual muscle car fans know they’re in the presence of a Mustang long before they clap eyes on it. You can pick that throaty growl a mile off.

And, of course, there’s the ‘Mustang rumble’ competitions at car meets. Yep, they exist. (But if you’re reading this, you probably already knew that, right?)

So how does the sound of an engine become ‘the stuff of legends’?

All the way down the line from the engine, to the muffler, to the size and shape of the actual exhaust pipe (or pipes), the design of an exhaust system can have a huge effect on the sound. Just like a brass instrument, the bigger the pipes, the bigger the sound.

Late 1960's Mustang Muscle Car exhaust system

The Mustang’s sound, thanks to it’s carefully composed exhaust system, is the stuff of legends.

But for the Ford Mustang, it’s not a case of bigger is better. There’s so much more to it than that.

At the Ford Motor Company, based in Dearborn Michigan, they take the Mustang’s trademark sound very seriously. A team of automotive audio engineers or ‘exhaust development engineers’ are employed to work out how to create the kind of sound that makes your heart skip a beat.

With modern technology reducing the need for audible grunt, Ford’s engineering team have their work cut out. But somehow, they’ve managed to maintain, and some would say even improve, Mustang’s trademark sound.

Like the Netflix ‘ta-dum’ or the Apple start-up chime, the rumble is like a logo for the Mustang and Ford brands. A bankable, if not tangible, feature with an almost priceless value.

If Harley Davidson can trademark the iconic sound of their motorcycles, perhaps trademarking the Mustang’s iconic sound is the next step for Ford as well?

It could be a good investment because Ford is clearly planning for a long future for the Mustang with each new model better than the last. The latest model is packed with new high-tech features like first all-LCD instrument display ever offered in a Mustang. A huge 12-inches wide, the display is easy to view and customisable, enabling you to choose your preferred layout – Normal, Sport or Track – set your favourite drive settings and monitor performance at a glance.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is another modern perk. Gone are the days when your cruise control is redundant the minute you hit a bit of traffic on the highway. Instead, the Mustang’s ACC uses radar sensors to read the traffic ahead and manage your speed and distance accordingly.

And just to prove that those exhaust development engineers at Ford really are earning their paycheque, they’ve even developed an ‘Active Exhaust Mode’ for the Mustang with four settings: Normal, Quiet, Active and Sport. This means that you can pump up the volume or pull it back depending on your situation. So, you can choose to shake the earth to impress your mates, or keep the peace with your neighbours, all at the flick of a switch.

The new Mustang GT Fastback

The new Mustang GT Fastback is enough to make your heart skip a beat.

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