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Which Would You Choose as The Ultimate Home Cinema?


Indoors or outdoors? That’s the million-dollar question.

It’s a tough one to answer.

Do you opt for a dedicated media room with wall-to-wall carpet, built-in sound and plush seating for an amazing ‘cinema-like’ experience?

Or do you choose to unwind outside in your very own outdoor cinema?

It’s not an easy decision and really, if you’re honest with yourself, you kind of want both, don’t you?

It’s ok, it’s not greedy, but maybe just a little needy.

Well the great news is, if you win our $1.3 million Montville Anniversary Prize Home, you won’t need to decide.

That’s because you will indeed have the absolute best of both worlds.

In a first for Endeavour Foundation Prize Homes, in our Montville home we’ve included not only an indulgent indoor cinema room, but also a dedicated outdoor cinema space for watching the big screen alfresco.

After all, when it comes to screen time, “Go big or go home.” That’s our motto. (Or perhaps “Go big and stay home” is more apt?)

Home theatre Endeavour Prize Home Montville Sunshine Coast
If you’re lucky, this home theatre could be yours.

With not one but two cinemas to kit out, we brought in the experts from Todds Hi-Fi to help us choose the right systems and install them in the home.

“For Endeavour Foundation we realised the designers wanted to keep a certain aesthetic about the media room, so we opted for a simple 5.1 in-ceiling system using high quality Yamaha ceiling speakers and AVR (AV receiver/amplifier),” said Todds Hi-Fi Store Manager, Bradd Kelly.

“The AVR is capable of running 7 speakers (plus the powered subwoofer) so we were also able to run a pair of Yamaha outdoor speakers for the outside component of the system.”

The Yamaha AVR has the capability to play back sound from a set top box, Blu ray player or streaming device. It also has Bluetooth and wi-fi built in giving you complete control via Yamaha’s MusicCast app and the ability to use other platforms including Spotify and Airplay.

Of course, a home theatre wouldn’t be complete without a projector.

“We chose an amazing unit by BenQ which outputs an Ultra HD 4K picture so that the very latest formats in Blu-ray and video streaming technology could be taken advantage of,” said Bradd.

So, what does that actually mean?

In the world of digital TV and home cinema, 4K is the current bees knees in image resolution.

At present, most Aussie homes would have an SD (Standard Definition) or HD (High Definition) TV or projector.

But just when you thought you were living the high life with High Def, along comes 4K which is literally four times the resolution of HD.

With 4K definition, the image you’re looking at has a horizontal screen resolution of almost 4000 pixels and with all those pixels comes an incredible amount of detail meaning that your image quality is going to be super sharp.

HD screen sizes
The evolution of digital and home cinema image quality.

However, there’s no point having an amazing picture if there’s a gigantic noggin in the way.

That’s why we’ve included the luxury of stepped seating in the media room to make sure that everyone gets a clear view of the action.

Who needs Gold Class?

Equally as much thought went into creating the versatile outdoor cinema space.

The aim was to create an area that was perfect for movie nights or watching the footy but could also be utilised for other outdoor activities at different times.

In the viewing wall, a high-quality white roller-blind serves as a nifty retractable screen and Yamaha wall-mounted speakers have been installed for incredible sound.

Another amazing BenQ projector was selected for the undercover, outdoor environment.

“We opted for a Full HD BenQ projector in the outdoor setting which will look great on those cool winter nights when the footy games start to heat up!” said home-theatre expert, Bradd.

If you’d like to check out these amazing cinema set-ups in more detail (and choose your favourite), take a virtual tour of our Anniversary Prize Home in Montville right now.

If you’re lucky, this outdoor cinema could be yours too.

Setting up your own outdoor cinema

While you’re waiting to find out if you’ve won our amazing Montville Prize Home, why not try creating your own outdoor cinema at your place. To help out, we’ve included a list of things you’ll need to pull it together. Once you’ve gathered everything, have a test run one night to check all of your equipment before you invite everyone around. That way you can be sure your movie night is a blockbuster and not a bomb.

You will need:

A projector

If you can’t quite swing the amazing new BenQ 4K projector in our prize, try picking up a second-hand projector on Gumtree or ask around your friends to see if someone has one you can borrow. You’ll also need to make sure you have an extension cord long enough to get you to the nearest power point.

A screen

This could be a legitimate pull up projector screen, a plain white wall or even a sheet. All you have to do is stretch a rope between two trees or posts and peg up a crisp white sheet. Get onto the job early so you have time to iron out any kinks or at least iron the sheet! Friends don’t let friends watch wrinkly movies.

A movie

‘Duh’ we here you say. But, while this may seem obvious, it’s a really good idea to plan what movie you want to watch before your guests arrive. Make sure you have a working version already downloaded on your laptop, or other device, so you can just hit play on the night. You don’t want Wi-Fi troubles ruining your night.

If, in the end, you decide not to heed this sound advice and wing it, make sure you have enough snacks on hand to calm the angry mob while they’re waiting.


This one is easy to overlook, but we’re sorry to say that your laptop speaker is probably not going to cut it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a set of dusty old speakers you can hook up the old-fashioned way (yes Millennials, things once had cables) or a booming Bluetooth speaker, so long as you can hear it easily from where your audience will be sitting, you’ll be good to go.

Comfy stuff

Here the options are endless. Think warm blankets, comfy chairs, bean bags and big cushions. Make sure you have enough seating (or lounging) space for all of your guests to be really comfortable. If your audience is going to be a swarm of kids, they might think it’s fun to snuggle in and watch the movie with a sleeping bag and a pillow.


Some beautiful, twinkly lighting is the perfect way create a gorgeous atmosphere for your movie night. It can be as simple as a couple of strings of fairy lights or you could invest in some Festoon lights (once you have them, you’re sure to want to use them for parties and gatherings again and again).

Another option is positioning a few blazing bamboo torches around the perimeter to add a bit of drama. If you go this route, it’s a good idea to opt for citronella oil as the fuel so your torches will help to keep the mozzies at bay as well as look amazing. Most importantly, whatever you do, make sure they are safely secured and far enough away from your guests and the movie screen!

Movie Munchies

Did someone say ‘Snacks’? Oh yeah we did. You could be obvious and go for popcorn (which is never a bad idea) but why not go crazy and serve something a little different? For a healthy twist on fries you could opt for some veggie sticks served with a yummy dip. On a summer’s night, fresh fruit kebabs would be a delicious option or mini hot dogs would be great for filling up a hungry crowd.

You could even try making your own version of the famous movie choc top. All you will need are some of those short cones with the flat bottom (sometimes called ice cream cups), some delicious ice-cream (in any flavour you like) and some melted chocolate for dipping. They are quick and easy to put together and your guests will be so impressed. Make them beforehand and store them in the freezer ready to whip out as the movie starts. After all, you don’t want to miss a minute of the action.

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