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How much do you need for Best Day Ever?

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If you were going to dream up THE BEST DAY EVER – you know, the kind of day that’s just so amazing and special that you remember it forever – how much would you need to pull it off?

A thousand?

Maybe $10,000?

Well, would $200,000 do the trick?

Because if you buy a ticket in Endeavour Foundation’s $200K Pay Day lottery, one day in the not-too-distant future, you could be waking up with $200,000 in cashable gold bullion under your mattress and a whole world of possibilities before you.

Ok, so the 200K of gold might technically be in safe keeping with our gold supplier, Ainslie Bullion, rather than under your mattress, but you get the point.

Whichever way you look at it, a $200K Pay Day is quite the day indeed.

In fact, for an Endeavour Foundation lottery winner, there’s just so many ‘Best Days’.

There’s the incredible, life-changing, happy-tear-filled day you get the call from Endeavour HQ telling you that you’ve won.

If you choose to cash in the $200K of gold, there’s the ‘pinch-yourself day’ when you see a six-figure balance pop up in your bank account overnight.

And then of course, there could be a myriad of ‘Best Days’ to come as you work out what to do with your newfound fortune.

The day you upgrade the tinny to a 30-foot cruiser.

The day you put down a healthy deposit on your new home.

The day you push the go button on your dream reno.

The day you pull out of the driveway with your off-grid van to begin your family gap year.  

The day you and your fabulously crazy friends board the Coral Princess for the world cruise of a lifetime.

The day you finally get your pilot’s licence and lift off the runway for the first time in your vintage Cessna.

With a $200K Pay Day, the sky really is the limit.

Or you could take a different path and use your windfall in subtle ways to make each and every day the Best Day Ever.

You know, dine out whenever you feel like it… pick the best wine on the menu… buy the shoes… get the massage… pay for a cleaner… get the car detailed… etcetera… etcetera… etcetera.

But of course, there’s no need to rush into deciding what to do with your win. For some, it can even be a bit overwhelming so take all the time you need.

You might even choose to save it for a rainy day… you know, for a time when you really need it.

Just knowing you have it there to fall back on could be the best feeling ever.

If you do decide to ‘sit on it’, you could cash in the gold and keep your ‘back up plan’ safe in your bank account gathering interest.

Or you could not even go that far and, instead, hold onto the gold bullion while you keep one eye on the commodities market.

If you’re interested, with current rates, $200,000 equates to about 2 kilograms of gold bullion.

And if you’re trying to picture what that would look like, a one-kilogram gold bar can easily fit in the palm of your hand, measuring around 8cm long, 4cm wide and just under 2cm thick.

While we wouldn’t recommend keeping it under the mattress or burying it in the backyard, it’s interesting to know you could easily fit it in a shoe box with your other treasures.

Having said that, it would also fit in a safe deposit box which, as the name suggests, might just be a safer option.

Whatever you decide to do with your gold, we highly recommend a visit to Ainslie Bullion, so you can enjoy the opportunity of seeing it in the flesh before you take the money and run.

The feeling of having $200K in your hands and an incredible future at your fingertips could even make that day a contender for the Best Day Ever.

What would you do if you won?

If you really let your mind wander, what in the world would you do with a $200K Pay Day?

Read about what Sharon decided to do with her $200K of golden bling. 

If you have a dream, we have the ticket. Grab yourself a $200K Pay Day ticket today.

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